LH’s Unique Weapons & Armor Remaster UHD

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I wanted to have special graphics for all these special items (weapons, helmets, staffs, etc) of the game – you surely crossed some of them already. But, they are not covered all from other mods or the available mods simply have improved graphics in the vanilla resolution (2K)…


…So, I decided to make a big collection of my graphics. I spend a couple months to cover the entire game, but I haven’t finished yet the DLCs – I hope soon.

Therefore, I re-textured all the unique weapons & armors (actually they are helmets and shields, not body armors) in 4K resolution (the large objects) and in 2K (the small ones, like daggers). Like I wrote, soon I’ll cover all the rest stuff from both DLCs.





I made all the rest Unique Weapons from the DLCs. Now, only the Ivory Armor (Ancient Elven) and the Auriel shield are left to cover them too.

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I’m loving the woven shaft textures on Volundrung


Thxs. Soon I’ll cover the other two DLCs.


As always, these Textures are fine work indeed.

However, I found out that you missed some textures, namely Ebony Blade and Grimsever.

Other than those, loving every Retextures you did, the Rustic Weathering on these gears are a joy to look at. Makes them feel more awesome to use as well!


No, I haven’t missed them. They simply using COMMON MODEL meshes. For example, the Grimsever is using a common GLASS sword mesh.


oh my bad, when I said Grimsever, I actually meant Chillrend. I always mistook both of them because they both have that “Icy Glass Sword” theme running around, sorry.

The Ebony Blade that I meant is the one you get from “The Whispering Door Quest”, it’s a Daedric Artifact, an Ebony styled 2Handed Katana with a Unique Model and Texture Set to it, not to be confused with the regular Ebony Greatsword.


Do you have a mesh of it?
I can’t recall it. I tried to covered all and I thought I did.

If you have located the mesh of that sword, inform me (and I’ll have a hotfix update file for it).


I can show the model in the Forums, I’ll post it soon.
As for the Weapons I mentioned before, their Texture Files are here:
1. Ebony Blade:
2. Chillrend:
In the Game’s Files, Chillrend is basically a Glass Sword with a Unique Recolor to it, hence that’s why it has its own special texture file within the “Glass Weapons” Folder.


I already uploaded the Ebony Blade Katana.
As for the other Glass special sword, I already made it in the other mod I released – the Glass Arsenal! It’s there, check it!


Every Time when i Land on this Site i know im about to download Quality ! Keep it up


Thxs for your kind words.


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    Thanks for your amazing work

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs. Enjoy!

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