LH’s SMIM Retexture Project


I’ve changed some things, like the embosed wooden poles in the Dragonsreach (I made much better one, to match/blend with the rest woodwork), the barrels (much better planks and way too better metallic rings), the rabbit’s textures (totally new), the tomato & apples (quite edited/fixed), etc. I think it won’t be more updates, since I was working this re-texture for years and I just found these (few) textures to change. Please, update with the ver. 2 file.

I was always wanted to re-texture the entire SMIM mod, because it contains superb meshes but not so equal good textures. Also, it changes other textures (elsewhere from “Smim” folder) and its “destroying” my immersion.

So, here it is, a re-texture project to replace the entire SMIM’s textures! You can install it after you install the SMIM mod and simply let overwrite everything! The textures are mostly in the same SMIM’s mod resolution, some I reduced the resolution (2K for a… ring?) and some I made them much higher.

I’ll uploading pics from time to time, when I’m locating the textures in the game – they are so many and so spread in the game, so I need to find them first.


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Hey, is this included in Skyrim Vanilla Overhaul Textures PROJECT ? if not I would need to install smim over Skyrim Vanilla Overhaul Textures PROJECT and than this mod right ?


Obviously NOT included. This here is a SMIM MOD re-texture project. You need to install that mod (SMIM) first and then mine here.
If you like to have the SMIM meshes. Many are not using it or other mods they changing/editing/adding meshes in the game – they want the vanilla stuff but with better visuals (textures).

The Skyrim VANILLA OVerhaul Textures Project, is exactly what the name says: “VANILLA” Textures.


Hi, Links don’t work or am I doing something wrong?


I know, I’m trying to solve it with the web-developer.


Keen to try more of your work yet as mentioned below the links are still broken


They must be fixed.



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