Generally, this portal/site here is been designed to be free for all of you fellas, that you like and following my work about Skyrim mods. Regardless that, there are some rules to be followed, otherwise I will be unhappy to ban you from here.

If you fail to follow rules or you not behave nice, you’ll get a FIRST WARNING… a “Yellow Card” (like Soccer)… and finally the “Red Card” and you’ll be gone.
Please, don’t try to make fake accounts because I have links with the Greek Police Digital & Network Crime Dep. and if I want I can track you easily.

The Terms & Conditions are the following:

  1. You hereby represent that you are aged 18 or older, or that you are aged 13 or older and do so with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. A lot mods of mine having adult parts, nudity or so. Therefore, this term is needed.
  2. Polite behavior. That doesn’t mean you need to writing like you would to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. But I won’t allow verb attacks or bad manners. No racism, no politics, no football rivalry, nothing short of that. Users found in violation of this policy will have their account suspended.
  3. You can be as much as negative you want in my mods’ reviews. I perfectly know that my work can’t be good for everybody; some (or many) will hate it. That’s fine, write down why you don’t like a mod of mine, write details, etc. But I won’t accept INSULTS to my work or myself. Users found in violation of this policy will have their account suspended.
  4. I can’t publish EVERYTHING I HAD on Nexus, every version, every resolution, etc. So, please don’t spam the mods’ pages with requests. There is the Forum place to write what you want.
  5. I payed quite money to make this portal, this site – because I love so much Skyrim and modding it. So I won’t allow PIRACY of my work. You can be all here and get my stuff, you don’t need to UPLOAD THEM ELSEWHERE! Seriously, I’ll do whatever I can to truck you down and charge you for this.
  6. Following the previous term, YOU CAN PUBLISH EVERY MOD OF MINE IN BETHESDA OFFICIAL STORE! Since I don’t have the time to do it myself – and it’s quite a bit annoying process through the Creation Club – you can publish every mod of mine in Bethesda Official Store, IF YOU INFORM ME FIRST and of course place credits to me & links to this website.
  7. Is already written above. You must create and utilize a singular account – one account per user. Multiple user accounts will be instant ban and account suspending.
  8. You can post/publish videos or pictures, but obviously they will be approved first by me before get published. If a user keeps trying to upload adult contents, will be suspended. No pornographic depictions of sexual violence, indecent depictions of minors, bestiality, necrophilia, etc., is strictly prohibited and will result in administrative action and when appropriate, notification to the proper authorities.
  9. The mods are free for everybody, but there is a DONATE button for anybody who may like to tribute a mod he/she likes a lot.
  10. By creating a LH Mods account, you acknowledge that we may send email to the address associated with your account with important information regarding your account, as well as our services and policies.