LH’s Magnificent Statues HD – UHD

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My version of the statues, covering everything in Skyrim (DLCs included).

I have two versions, one “regular” sized and one massive sized – since the statues (half of them) are huge objects and I made 8K textures for those! Don’t be afraid to using 8K textures on STATIC objects – the statues don’t have animations or particles, they standing still.

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Hey mate love your site you know me as SpiderBob12 from the old Nexus days, awesome work my friend!!


Thxs, welcome back dear fella!


Your mods only for Special Edition?


Most of my mods are JUST TEXTURES (without SE compression), so you can easily use them in LE.
If there are MESHES too, then just delete the meshes folder (manually download, unzip, delete the folder, re-zip) and install the rest mod.


This means every textures for SSE can be used with LE?


ANY textures can be used in LE. If a mod has meshes too, don’t use the meshes (but the textures).


what is the 4k hotfix for? the 8k massive version or “regular”?


Since its 4K, obviously is not for the 8Ks.


massive sized textures is 8k and regular is 4k? or is it 4k and 2k? it seems the second, as other options have 4k and 2k options.

also, do i need the DLC as well, or are they all included in the main download?


No, the massive are the 8K-4Ks. And the “regular” are the 4K-2Ks.
All files are covering EVERY statue in the game, even those they are not “actually statues”.


No matter how many times I download, the files remain corrupt. can you provide the link in another place like mega.nz


Just tried now, they’re working.


8 reviews for LH’s Magnificent Statues HD – UHD

  1. DARK

    So bad you took your stuff off from Nexus! But so great we all can grab it here xD

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I didn’t “took out” my mods from Nexus – THEY KICKED ME OUT, for childish reasons!
      Thxs for stopping by here.

  2. Thorfkin

    Pretty good so far. You do appear to have the best statue texture set available. I tried several of the statue textures from the Nexus but they were all too low resolution. Barely an improvement over SE’s default texture work. This one on the other hand is excellent. Looks really good playing at 4k resolution with Rudy ENB. I also like your Horse texture.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I’m trying to take care those textures I do also can’t find better ones. Trust me, I’m not lunatic or so selfish to re-create textures already done (and well done) by others. That’s why I’m making textures that I don’t find satisfied other alternative textures or they don’t have high resolution (4K) or I want to make something totally different – like those “SCOTTISH Tartan Clan” textures I made for the Stormcloak-Holds’ Guards.

  3. Michael

    There are only a few statue mods on the internet, the other one I was using was no to bad, but Lupus statues are excellent quality, SpiderBob cannot play without this in my game, great work my friend!!

    • lupus_hegemonia


  4. malik

    Perfect mods!! more beautiful than nexusmods 🙂

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I’m trying my best for me and for all of you, to have as perfect as Skyrim we can.

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