I’m Lupus Hegemonia, a textures designer that I did over 50 mods for Skyrim and I published them on Nexus site community. After a strong argue I had with some Nexus moderators, they found it very “logical” to ban me for ever from Nexus… Therefore, I had to find another place to host my work and I decided TO MAKE MY OWN SITE for that purpose, a place my Skyrim mods.
Because my argue with some from the Nexus team, I was very insulted, very angry and generally very negative towards the Nexus community. But, since most of the mods are published on Nexus, I can’t but keeping links sending the users to their site.
Nexus is a SUPERB place to find great mods for your games, but HORRIBLE place to communicate with human beings. I don’t like them, I don’t want to “advertising them” but we need their host space since they have most of the Skyrim mods you want/need…
I wrote it to the last “THANKS” section and I’m writing here too:
Many thxs to those marvellous pics I borrowed to decorate my Guide. ALL CREDITS to these marvellous modders! Half of these pics are theirs…


I probably “discovered” Skyrim quite late, late of October 2017 – the game was already released since… 2011!
I’ve started slowly to playing it… “Slowly”? Hahaha… I truly lost my sleep! I can’t understand in which… cave I was living all these years and I DIDN’T play it already! Just before Xmas, I already finished the main quest, the Dawnguard & Hearthfire DLCs, and I was at 68% of Dragonborn with a powerful Nord 82 level character! After, again, of friends suggestions, I started… modding.


I decided to go“in deep waters”, choosing a very difficult mod manager/editor (very difficult for “newbies”), the Mod Organizer; and I followed like a “Holly Bible” the S.T.E.P. guide for the Legendary Edition. After I successfully finished it (painfully… after 2 weeks, since Mod Organizer is anything but not user-friendly), I decided to install (from scratch) a full total-overhaul setup (with wizard installer, all installed automatically!), a setup with over 600 Skyrim mods (!), the notorious STMP (you can YouTube it here to check it) of panoc user. That setup was WAY TOO TOTAL overhaul of Skyrim,way too much that S.T.E.P. But after a while – and since STMP was build after the author’s flavors, I decided to re-start modding Skyrim… this time, the Skyrim Special Edition! Searching & testing many many Skyrim mods (I believe I tested about the… 70% of the available mods!!!), making A LOT mistakes and Skyrim re-installations from scratch (over 20-30 times!!!), I found on Nexus site this amazing guide SKYRIM S.E.P.T.I.M. of zackalope user. I easily finished the guide I was shocked from the superb result! Like zackalope says in his guide, I’m saying the same for my guide:
DON’T NEED to follow exactly the guide – it’s not the Holly Bible or the Koran! You need to install the “core” Skyrim mods (those without ANY “tag” on their link/description) and then you can experiment yourselves with the rest Skyrim mods of this Guide.
Beware… especially in the SSE, there are no many “turning back” points, the game is HEAVY scripted and it’s not “that easy” as it was in “Oldrim” to install… remove… re-install some Skyrim mods. Most of the time, you’ll ruin your game and you’ll have to re-start the process from scratch.


This is the B.O.S.S. Guide (Best Overhaul Shift Skyrim) mods setup. Is truly trying to cover ANYTHING for Skyrim! Anything that exists for SSE is here – or at least almost everything (I hate the “survivor” mods, but eventually I added them too since lot people wants them). This Guide is using 80-85% of Skyrim mods and the rest are “oldrim” Skyrim mods, which they’re running fine in SSE. Since I’m professional illustrator & designer, obviously I gave focus to the eye-candy (the visuals, the graphics, etc.) of the game, but I’M NOT STARTING from that point.
First priority to me is and ALWAYS will be the GAMEPLAY / IMMERSION FACTOR of the game, to be more realistic, more difficult, more “life-full”, more… Skyrim!


ATI R9- 480 – 7990 or nVIDIA 1060 – 1070 – 1080 – Titan w/ 6gb + VRAM, same or higher
than 2nd generation i5 (i7 even better!), 1440p or 1080p.
Same or better than nVIDIA 960 or ATI w/ 3.5+gb VRAM or more, the best i3 or any of the
i5 CPUs. (You’ll choosing 1-2K resolution from the mods, in some 4K textures). 1080p
700 series or better nVidia or ATI, at least with 2GB VRAM. (You’ll choosing 1K resolution or even less if it’s available!) 1080p or less.
(My system is available on the bottom of this guide. The one which I started modding SSE and the one that eventually became as it is now – a very strong upgrade!).


1) Start with a fresh Skyrim Special Edition installation; would be PERFECT if you choose a different disk you installed your Windows and EVEN BETTER if that other disk will be a SSD one! If you have Steam installed into your Program Files (you shouldn’t) CHECK HERE how to move Steam from there.

Obviously, except the game you’ll delete ANYTHING about Skyrim SE (My Documents included) BUT ALSO into your AppData\Local folder (hidden files!). If you have installed a mod manager, you’ll delete everything of it as well. (This is a Skyrim Special Edition guide; therefore, I’m talking and care about THAT game. Obviously, if you running mods for SEVERAL OTHER games, you DON’T NEED to delete your mod manager!)
2) During your mods installation process disable your Antivirus (there are reports that antivirus software causes serious problems!)
3) When you’ll run Nexus Mod Manager for the first time, it will auto-search to find which games you have (and it supports). Leave it to find Skyrim SE and press down & right the Stop Searching button and then press Quick Start while in Setup screen just press Finish button. In Category Setup popup, press the Yes button.
4) VERY IMPORTANT to “newbie” modder or not: After you’ll installed Nexus Mod Manager, go to the General tab and UNSELECT the Allow NMM to update mod names option! Otherwise, it will screw your mods original names and you won’t have clue which is what! Personally, I’m installing NMM(we’ll calling it like that in short) in the same disk which I installed Skyrim, which I already suggested to be a DIFFERENT disk than your OS (Windows). Also deselect too the Check for updates on startup option. In the Skyrim Special Edition tab check if the Directory of the game (that NNM found) is the correct one. Obviously, you’ll make an account on Nexus site, login and then start modding.
If you want to use the Nexus Mod Manager then skip this new entry
You can use the Mod Organizer 2 instead of Nexue Mod Manager, which you can get it from it’s Mod Organizer 2 Nexus Page or (I recommending) from THIS link. I suggesting you use the second link because it’s better to use an Installer Version and NOT a Stand Alone one. In Nexus link, there isn’t any Installer Version for the newest v.2.1.1 edition – so get the Installer Version from the second link I provided to you.

  • After you install the tool run it for first time and choose NEW (Create a new instance).
  • A drop-down menu will appear and obviously you need to navigate and select the Skyrim SE A prompt will appear telling you that it will create a new data store location (which you can change it via the settings).
  • A new menu will appeared with the correct path of your Skyrim SE installation directory automatically selected. If for some reason won’t show the correct path, then by the Browse option select yourselves manually the correct path.
  • At the first time you’ll run the tool, another prompt will ask you to run a tutorial. I believe, for new users, always is good to take a look to a tool/utility tutorial before start using it. Otherwise, skip this.
  • Next, another prompt will appeared and will ask you if you want to connect MO2 with Nexus links – which OBVIOUSLY you should select this.
  • Also, click on the Tools-icon (the far right one) of the upper bar, select then Paths tab and then choose where MO2 will putting your downloaded mods. You can also change ANYTHING you like, now, within these tabs.
  • Next, select/create a PROFILE (that “Mail” icon on the upper bar), name it (I have it “B.O.S.S. Guide” ) and proceed forward.

Next, you need several Utilities to install and use together with MO2. Probably you already have installed some or more of them, therefore you don’t need to re-install them again. I suggesting you to place them (all) together somewhere you can have easy access (and of course OUTSIDE MO2 or Skyrim SE installation’s directories). Usually I have a Modifying folder straight inside my SSD disk path (F:\Modifying).

  • First install the net Launcher (if you haven’t yet so far). You need to create an account too.
  • After you finished, run it and you’ll see the SSE Creation Kit icon at top-left corner. Click on it and install it.
  • Run the SSE Creation Kit but DO NOT install the Scriptswhen the prompt appears and close the utility.
  • Now, navigate to …\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition …create a txt file called CreationKitCustom and write inside these lines:

sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim – Misc.bsa, Skyrim – Shaders.bsa, Skyrim – Interface.bsa, Skyrim – Animations.bsa, Skyrim – Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim – Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim – Sounds.bsa, Update.bsa
SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures1.bsa, Skyrim – Textures2.bsa, Skyrim – Textures3.bsa, Skyrim – Textures4.bsa, Skyrim – Textures5.bsa, Skyrim – Textures6.bsa, Skyrim – Textures7.bsa, Skyrim – Textures8.bsa, Skyrim – Patch.bsa, Update.bsa
Save the txt file and change the txt to ini.

  • Now, get the BethINI tool and extract the files in the folder you created (mine is F:\Modifying\Utilities\BethINI ).
  • Next get the LATEST DynDOLOD & Dynamic LODs from HERE and extract it in the folder you created before (mine is F:\Modifying\Utilities\DynDOLOD 2.36 SSE ). Now, go there into this folder, right-click on the exe and create a shortcut of it, right-click on the shortcut and select Properties and in the Target box after the end of the quote add a space (click on the spacebar) and add -sse by typing it. Do exactly the same for the DynDOLOD64.exe.
  • After that, get from here the latest LOOT version and install it in the folder you created before (mine is F:\Modifying\Utilities\LOOT ).
  • Next get the SSEEdit v.3.2 and as you did before, extract the files in the folder you created before (mine is F:\Modifying\Utilities\SSEEdit v.3.2 ).
  • Next you need to get the Wrye Bash 3.0.7 tool, the First Main Installer Run the exe file, be sure for the installation path (that it’s correct, in your SSE installation folder) and close the tool – do not run it.

Now, you need to SETUP the tools/utilities just installed to be running through the MO2. The MO2 may have already automatically found (and connected) with some of these tools (like LOOT), but we need to do manual work:

  • In MO2, click on the gear icon (the third from right) on the upper icons bar.
  • A pop-up will appear and in the Binary box click on the … and browse into your utilities folder, find the SSEEdit.exe and select it. Into the Title box write a title for the tool (SSEEdit). Select the third box Use Application’s Icon for shortcuts and then click the Add
  • Repeat these steps (selecting from Binary, bla-bla…) for the rest utilities you install and do the same for Wrye Bash, BithINI, DynDOLOD64, etc.
  • During the add of DynDOLOD64 & TexGEN64 you need to add also to the Arguments box the -sse

General suggestions before start modding:

  • Most of the time, you won’t be able to remove a mod during your game, it will screw your saves. In Legendary Edition was easier, but in Special Edition (extreme scripted) you can’t easily do it. Exception of course are the textures mods, but EVEN SO, even with these mods, you can’t place tones of graphs on top of graphs, again and again, you’ll (again) screw your game!
  • Generally, read EVERYTHING on the Description tab of a mod, read it all carefully, read the Required tab (which mod may need this mod to installed BEFORE!), etc.
  • Best scenario is to finish completely this guide, test your game, re-test it, and… re-test it again, and THEN start a new (actual) game.

By right-clicking on a mod (left panel of MO2) you selecting the last Information option. A pop-up menu appears and you’re navigating yourselves to the right (with the upper arrows) till you’ll find the FileTree tab. There, you can manually HIDE anything you want NOT to be loaded from that mod.


If you want to use the Nexus Mod Manager then skip this new entry

  • Before start, store all (5) the official esm files somewhere.
  • In MO2, select from the left drop-down menu the SSEEdit icon and click next on the Run button. The SSEEdit will start. Select ONLY the esm and continue.
  • After the process is finished, right-click on it and select Apply Filter for Cleaning
  • When is done, right-click on it and select Remove Identical to Master records
  • When is done, select the above Undelete and Disable References
  • Now, close the SSEEDit and make sure the Update.esm is selected.
  • Next, right-click on the Overwrite folder and select the Create mod
  • Name it esm – Cleaned or something like that.
  • Drag it on top of the list and activate it.
  • Do the same process to the rest esm, but remember: the esm should be cleaned TWICE!
  • If during the process you’ll get a message in MO2 that an esm is missing, simply find where you stored the “dirty” original esm and copy it back into your data.

The mod order in the left side of MO2 should be:

  • esm – Cleaned
  • DLC: Dawnguard
  • esm – Cleaned
  • DLC: HearthFires
  • esm – Cleaned
  • DLC: Dragonborn

Dragonborn.esm – Cleaned
1. SSEEdit v3.2  – For NMM users, get the tool in 7zip format, unzip it, place the folder in the disk you installed Skyrim (not in Skyrim FOLDER, but in Skyrim installation’s disk). In NMM press on the Supported Tools icon and navigate to the folder of the tool, so NMM to “see” the tool and create a shortcut.
After you run it, FOLLOW EXACTLY STEP BY STEP the following guide, to clean your master files: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2667094-guide-manual-cleaning-skyrim-master-files/


Here in this guide, you’ll find everything great I found available for Skyrim SE, everything is been endorsed so much or anything I found VERY interesting to use.
But as I wrote DO NOT OVER-DO IT! DO NOT INSTALL EVERYTHING of this guide!
First, install every mod has NO [OPTIONAL] TAG before it. Any mod has simply the description and the link.
All the rest are OPTIONAL mods and you MAY install them ONE-BY-ONE each time and TEST THEM, before you’ll proceed to the next OPTIONAL mod you may want to use. Or, you may pass them, they’re not THAT much important for the final build.


Generally, you should install the mods with the order they are here on this guide, don’t install whatever you like when you like – it’s VERY important. You don’t “simply” pressing the large green button on Nexus mod’s page; you should go to the Files tab and FROM THERE you should install the mods (I’m writing which file for each mod. If I don’t, should be only one file). You can download as much as Skyrim mods your connection can handle (I have a 30 VDCL connection, pretty much fast – and also I have Premium account here), but you’ll install the mod this guide says it’s it turn to be install!
Firstly, go to the left NMM bar and choose the Expand All Categories option. When a Skyrim mod will downloaded, it will be “grey” on your NMM list and you can double-click on it to install it or right click on it and chose the Install & activate option. I HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING FOR THE LOOT tool that shorting the loading order list! I didn’t said (yet) to install it – you won’t for now. You’ll run LOOT 2-3 times (tops!), when it MUST be use…

  • When you’re in front of an [OPTIONAL] file, read a bit more, check if there are conflicts with other mods, etc.
  • Obviously, any mod simply with the [OLDRIM] tag CAN BE USED normally with the CORE MODS list.
  • Some mods have the tag [ATTENTION] because there are some issues reported so BE EXTRA CAREFUL with those mods!
  • Others have the [SIMILAR] These mods doing same things as the previous mod. So, pick one and continue.
  • There also mods have been tagged with the [HEAVY SCRIPT] You need to be extra careful and USE AS MUCH AS LESS you can of those mods.
  • All mods with [NEW] or [UPDATED] are new entries or mods that have been recently updated.
  • The NEW tag we have now is the [SKSE64] – obviously you can figure out what it means! Every mod with this tag NEEDS THE SKSE64 to be installed!
  • As you already crossed it there is a new section which starts each Step about using the MOD ORGANIZER 2 Those you what to use MO2 you should following this new entry. The rest you still want to continue with the Nexus Mod Manager, you simply have to ignore this new entry.

This Step’s mods need to be installed now to helping you TESTING your progress. Before start installing mods, first we need to install the SKSE64 since by now is been tested that runs fine (even in alpha/beta state) and WE NEED IT for several mods or for game better function.
If you want to use the Nexus Mod Manager then skip this new entry
First you need to create a Category Marker in the left side MO2 list. Proceed with the following:

  • Double-click on the Overwrite folderat the bottom of the list of the left side, a popup will open, right-click inside and create a New Folder and rename it to Resources and close the window, right-click on the Overwrite folder and Create Mod and name it Resources or so. Drag this to the top of the list of the left MO2 panel
  • To download the SKSE64 you’re heading HERE and you downloading the Current SE build 2.0.6 (runtime 1.5.23) which is in zip form.
  • You unzipping the SKSE64 2.0.4 zip file and you selecting the file dll the file skse64_loader.exe and the file skse64_steam_loader.dll and drag-drop them in your Skyrim Special Edition folder (NOT IN your Data folder).
  • Now in MO2 you need to install the SKSE64 Data. First, Pick the Data folder of the zipped SKSE64 you downloaded, re-zip this Data to a new mod and save it where you storing your mods.
  • Click next on the Archive button (a folder with a CD, second from left on the top bar). A pop-up will open and a grey tutorial/message in it. If you just re-zipped ONLY the Data SKSE64 folder and made it mod, skip the next instructions… If you installed the SKSE64 zip as you downloaded it, a pop-up menu will open when you’ll try to install it in MO2 so keep clicking to bypass this and now, browse throw the arrows to find the Data, right-click on it and select Set data directory. It should say Looks goodand NOT SAY No game data at top level so be careful what you’ll do.
  • Drag-drop the mod exactly bellow the Resources mod you created just a minute ago.

Now, create into your SSE Data folder the following folders:

  • Data\MCM\Config
  • Data\MCM\Settings
  • Data\SKSE\Plugins

So, if SKSE64 is installed correctly the MO2 will automatically find it and show it in the drop-down menu. From now on, you using this SKSE shortcut when launching Skyrim SE from MO2. You may also enter in the Main Menu of the game, open the console by pressing the ~ button and type GETSKSEVERSION and click Enter. If it will show the version of the SKSE64, all are running fine. Now, continue:
Get the PapyrusUtil SE which is a plugin and adding several new scripts and other misc functions to the SKSE64. You simply download it with MO2 and when is done, navigate to the right panel of MO2, to the far right tab (Downloads) and double-click on it to install it (and name it different if you like). Now, pick the mod and place it exactly bellow SKSE64 mod in the list of the left MO2 panel.
Now, continue to the BASE Skyrim mods of this Step 1, first by creating a new Category Marker (as I previously explained to you how), name it Step 3 Starting Base Mods and place it under the official (and their cleaned copies) master files and proceed forward installing the mods.

  • The MO2 users will navigating to their Downloads tab of their MO2 right panel, double-clicking on the downloaded file and then need to be manually activated to the left side panel.
  • The NMM users, you know the drill – simply downloading the mod and double-clicking on it to activate it.

1a.1. [OPTIONAL] Lanterns Of Skyrim – Main file. Use this or CLARALUX that follows bellow. Place the mod (or Claralux master file) AS MUCH AS HIGHER in your loading order – even above USSEP patch mod too! I place it as [OPTIONAL] because now there are quite some new mods that adding a lot lights and because having so many lantern post all over Tamriel – including wilderness – is not so immersive.
1a.2. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim “S.E.P.T.I.M.” Lanterns of Skyrim Light Balance Patch – Main file. You’ll need it, especially if you use the  Vivid  Weathers  mod. Alternative mod is the Claralux mod. You can use one of them or even both! If you use the Lanterns, you’ll need this patch, though. Place the patch QUITE LOW in your order list – bellow other lighting mods.
1b. [SIMILAR] [OPTIONAL] CLARALUX SSE – Controllable Lights Everywhere – This mod gives you the ULTIMATE CONTROL of game’s exterior lights during your game (ingame) without exit the game! The FIRST main file FOR NOW, the SECOND file Patches will be install almost at the end of your overhaul process. IS NOT WORKING WELL with the Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod!
2. USSEP [HEAVY SCRIPT: 1112] – The main file.
3. Cutting Room Floor – The main file. If you install RS Children mod later, you may have to turn back here for the Optional patch file.
4. Alternate Start: Live Another Life [HEAVY SCRIPT]: 108] [ATTENTION] – The main file. THIS MOD YOU NEED IT FOR TESTING YOUR MODDING PROGRESS ONLY! After you finish your build and youll start a NEW GAME I’m strongly recommending you TO UNINSTALL THIS MOD HERE and don’t left in your build – when you’ll start a REAL new game! This mod, is extremely heavy scripted and most important its ALTERS/EDITS A LOT THINGS in everything/everywhere – including quests and game process!
5a. SkyUI 5.2 SE [SKSE64] – This is the newest SkyUI interface which IS WORKING ONLY WITH the SKSE 64 Skyrim Script Extender! So, if you want to try this version (and ALL MODS’ version which they need SKSE64 support) you need to do the following:

  • Download via the MO2 and install/activate it.

The following instructions are for NMM users and NOT for MO2!

  • Download manually the main file and save it to your hard drive. Install it manually via the green “+” on the left NMM’s panel and place it in your loading order list EXACTLY BELLOW the main master files! Generally, place it as top as it can be!
  • Download the latest SKSE64 from HERE and selecting the files dllskse64_loader.exe…  skse64_steam_loader.dll… and you DRAG-DROPPING them into your Skyrim Special Edition folder – NOT INTO your Data folder! Now, you need to zip ONLY the Data folder from the SKSE64 zip you just opened in the previous step. Name it SKSE64 Scripts or something like that and manually install it as mod with your NMM mod manager.
  • Now, go to your Skyrim Special Edition folder and run the skse64_loader.exe file. It will open/run your game but with the SKSE64 enabled.
  • If for some reason (especially after that damn last update) the skse64_loader.exe is not working (gives you message about you’re running newer version) you need to…
  • Open Steam console by pressing Win key + R and then type this command: steam://nav/consoleIn Steam console, enter this command: download_depot 489830 489833 911281757511576655You’ll find the SkyrimSE.exe you need here:
    …/Steam/steamapps/content/app_489830/depot_489833/SkyrimSE.exeCopy it into your SkyrimSE main folder. Go into steam settings and make sure it doesn’t try to download the new exe while you’re playing (Google it).
  • .. the tricky part is to NOT LET THE STEAM LAUNCHER to start! Therefore, you opening you NMM manager (or generally the mod manager you using) and you ADDING/CREATING a CUSTOM LAUNCH COMMANDby typing it! In NMM, it’s the far right tab; you’ll find the text box in the middle of the panel and there you should type/enter the skse64_loader.exe command. So, start your game with the CUSTOM SKYRIM SE LAUNCHER you just created… and your game will be instantly start WITHOUT any damn Steam Launcher!
  • Go now, press CONTINUE and check if your SkyUI is working properly – mostly check in the System tab if there is the MCM and it’s working fine!!!
  • That’s it, we done it, we have SkyUI 5.2 & SKSE 64 running good

5b.1. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] SkyLiteUI – If you WON’T TRY TO USE SKSE64 & SkyUI 5.2, then this is probably the best SkyUI you currently can get for SSE. Of course I can’t provide DIRECT LINK of it, since it’s not from the SkyUI team, but you can find it through the link – it’s in Russian language and you need to make an account to have the download available. It’s in FOMOD version, so you’ll perfectly choose whatever you like to have for UI. Currently I’m using this.
5b.2. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] SkyUI 2.2 (with error warning fix) – If for any reason don’t want or can’t use the previous version, there is this version. Of course, again, I can’t provide a DIRECT LINK of it, since it’s not from SkyUI team, but you can find it through the link. (Actually, you can easily find it from everywhere, if you Google-it). MANUALLY drop the files in your game’s Data folder!
5c. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Phychosteves SkyUI icon set  – Finally, they made the icons we used to know in the “full-version” of SkyUI! Download it and just place it manually into your game’s Data folder; works marvelous. YOU MAY BACKUP first these 3 files which been overwritten before you do the process, in case you don’t like these new minimal icons.
5d. [OPTIONAL] Hide SkyUI – This mod hides the SkyUI-style’s menus and keeps the vanilla ones, while the SkyUI keeps running fine (MCM is working, etc).
6. [OPTIONAL] Complete Widescreen Fix for Vanilla and SkyUI 2.2 – It fix the “merge” bug on SkyUI 2.2’s menu icons. The FIRST Main file AND both Optional files.
7a. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Achievements Mods Enabler– IT CAUSE ISSUES TO SOME USERS! The Main file first, AND the dll Loader from the second link. Both drop them manually into your Skyrim folder!
The dll Loader, from HERE you may get it. Make sure you’ll drop them correctly by open THIS IMAGE and check.

The author made a SKSE version, so you may check it.
7b. [OPTIONAL] Keyboard Shortcuts Fix – From the previous author. Enables keyboards shortcuts in-game. Alt-F4, volume keys, etc. Obviously as the previous mod it requires his dll Loader.
8. [OPTIONAL] The Paarthurnax Dilemma – One of the first mods I’m installing, because I hate this…“fascist” aggressive way of the “Blades” to forcing you killing any dragon! YOU ARE the damn “Dovahkiin”! THEY (“Blades”) should following your commands, not the other way around! The Main file. I changed it to [OPTIONAL] because its not THAT MAJOR issue not kill the Paarthurnax dragon, but a personal flavor (I don’t like killing him).
9. [OPTIONAL] Blacksmith Forge Water Fix – SSE Edition – The file 1.0.4. USSEP from HERE and the Optional file from the mod’s page. Also, since you (may) install the Kynesgrove town and other mods, install THIS FIX THIS FIX and THAT FIX too. Check (search) Nexus site for new additional patches – they popping up every week! I found a lot new mods that alters the blacksmith waters and you may not need to ABSOLUTELY install all of these mods here – so that’s why I placed it an [OPTIONAL] tag.
10a. [OPTIONAL] Even Better Quest Objectives – Main FOMOD file and then during the installation process select too:
Live Another Life… CuttingRoom Floor… Paarthurnax Dilemma.
10b. [OPTIONAL] The Missing Apprentices Quest Fix – Main file.
11. [OPTIONAL] To Your Face – Sensible NPC commenting SE [SKSE64] – This mod, without esp or scripts – but with the SKSE64 need, making all NPCs and almost all the stand-alone followers to comment/speak to you ONLY when they are in front of your (in a 45 degree range, facing them)! Quite useful, to stop the annoying “bla-bla”…!
12. [OPTIONAL] Realistic Ragdolls and Force – Main file. It has a FOMOD which you choosing what you want. I’m choosing Force: Realistic & Ragdolls: All options. YOU DON’T REALLY NEED this mod if you install bellow the XP32 Skeleton mod!
13a. [OPTIONAL] Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE – This is an… “immersive” add-on to the male skeleton! Lol! Now the male… “shotgun” is quite “immersive”! Install it BEFORE the must-have mod that follows. Btw, you need to create an account in that site to access the file. I made it [OPTIONAL] since a lot users may don’t want to have realistic male penis and erection.
13b. XP32 MaximumSkeleton Special Extended – XPMSSE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 131] – Main file (ignore the message saying you need first the Fores New Idles in Skyrim). Recently the mod is been VERY updated and it changed a lot stuff. I personally STRONGLY recommend to use the PREVIOUS 4.20 version. During the “FOMOD” (version 4.20) choose:

  • In first screenpress Next.
  • In second screen if you’re using SKSE64 and you want REAL PHYSICS keep the selected choices and press Next (otherwisechoose Skeleton Rig Map BBP even if you won’t use BBP body model).
  • In the third screenchoose Next.
  • In forth screenleave everything to Default except the Quiver (tick the Belt-Fastened Quivers option) and the Dagger (tick the Back Hip option).
  • In the fifth screen all selected and press Next.
  • In the sixth screen with everything selected press Next.
  • In final screen just press Finish.

IF there is a confirm overwrite popup press YES TO ALL as always should! You’ll place this mod AS FAR AS LOW you can in your loading order list!
And NEXT after this mod you’ll place all your animations!


Skyrim is quite huge game, truly! But… not THAT huge enough! You may thing after lots of gaming hours, that you missing something. Here comes the “Unofficial DLCs”. What are they? HUGE quests, others with NEW LAND, other set on Skyrim itself, which they’ll give you much more extra gaming hours. DON’T OVER-DO IT with these mods, most of them are heavily scripted. Just pick/select SOME OF THEM! Personally I’m using the first 5-6 of them, not the rest.
Actually all these “DLCs / Quests” should be tagged as [OPTIONAL] since they’re not vital for the final result. You can play a superb Skyrim without new lands or quests. But to me, they are vital (at least every mod I left without “tag”). Be aware, usually these kind of huge mods they are HEAVILY SCRIPTED mods!
Also, all these mods are generally been placed (in your loading order list) EXACTLY BELLOW the master files!
1a. Beyond Skyrim – Bruma SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 966] [RECOMMENDED] – There is no actually much to tell for this LONG WAITING SUPER AMAZING “unofficial DLC” that FINALLY arrived to SSE too! You installing ALL the files, by the order they are placed in mod’s page. TRACK this team, you need to get ALL their “DLCs” when they release them! THIS MOD IS A MASTERPIECE AND YOU’RE NOT “ALLOWED” TO MISS IT! 
1b. Bruma Signs SMIM patch – SE – That’s a patch mod for Beyond Skyrim – Bruma, to make SMIM work perfectly with this long waiting “DLC”. Obviously you WON’T INSTALL IT NOW but AFTER you install the SMIM mod! Again, like above, wait a bit longer to install the above “DLC” and this patch-mod here. The loading order should be like this:

  • esm
  • Beyond Skyrim Bruma plugins
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod plugin
  • This mod

1c. [OPTIONAL] Alternate Start – Bruma – Another patch/mod for the Beyond Skyrim – Bruma to let you start from there if you using the Live Another Life mod (if you want to test the DLC – not for other reason!).
1d. [OPTIONAL] Bruma – Better Defendable SSE – It’s a great mod, an addon/patch for Bruma, very much immersive.
2. Falskaar [HEAVY SCRIPT: 670] [RECOMMENDED] – Okay… We’re talking here about the TOP of all unofficial DLCs ever released. For some, even better than the official DLCs! It’s FORBIDDEN NOT HAVE Falskaar installed! Has new lands! And is been updated too!
3. The Forgotten City [HEAVY SCRIPT: 613] – Personally I TRULY HATE the old ancient Dwemer ruins and dungeons, they are so boring and I think I have “Deja Vu” – all looks similar. But this quest here, you must have it.
4. Beyond Reach [HEAVY SCRIPT: 766] – Amazing quest, you can’t miss it. Make some coffee, take some snacks, it will take long time to download it and install it. Has new lands!
5a. Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 428] [RECOMMENDED] – Another great quest you can’t miss.
5b. Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch – It’s a patch for having running both Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and Moonpath to Elsweyr (previous mod)!
6. [OPTIONAL] Helgen Reborn [HEAVY SCRIPT: 1313] – This quest SHOULD BE INSTALLED AND ACTIVATED AFTER you’ll escape from Helgen (vanilla start)! This mod re-born the ruined Helgen city and it can be even… independent city-state with you as champion! Very superb quest, you won’t regret it!
Is been reported that has conflicts with Kato’s Falkreath mod – but personally I haven’t any issue.
7. [OPTIONAL] Hartmere Isle [HEAVY SCRIPT: 242] – Memories… memories. Like playing “MYST” (the old legendary adventure game)! Amazing landscapes, lot of puzzles, few NPCs. Has new lands!
8. [OPTIONAL] Shadows of the Past SSE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 324] – A “tribute” quest for Oblivion! After you install it, download and drop manually into your game’s Data folder the Miscellaneous file, is a map fix.
9. [OPTIONAL] Qaxe’s Questorium for SSE [HEAVY SCRIPTED: 836]– This is a huge, really HUGE “unofficial DLC” mod. Many many quests, large scale battles, one of the best on the Net. It is an [OPTIONAL] because is a very heavy mod, alters/edits a lot things – including the Winterhold city that you may want to edit it yourselves different.
10. [OPTIONAL] The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 254] – Its a “One Thousand and One Night” kind quest; you’re traveling from the cold Skyrim to a hot desert, to live an “Arabian” quest. Personally I’m not fun of it, I love cold and snow (that’s why I love so much Skyrim, comparing with the rest Elder Scrolls). After installing it, you may install HD texture pack mod. BUT, SERIOUSLY, THIS MOD IS ONE OF THE BEST QUESTS MODS EVER CREATED!
11. [OPTIONAL] Folkvangr [HEAVY SCRIPT: 257] [ATTENTION] – Adds new land to explore, very lore friendly as the author says. You may check it.
The mod is still in form43 and not in form44 so you may pass it for the moment till the author re-converted it properly.
12. [OPTIONAL] The Grand Paladin SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 225] – This is a very interesting quest, but designed for quite high level players. You need to be at least 40 level and finished the A Blade in the Dark quest to get it started. At the end, gives new spells and a unique sword as bonus.
13. [OPTIONAL] Challenge of the Divines [HEAVY SCRIPT: 214] – Another very nice quest to play. Very interesting story and “bosses” to fight!
14. [OPTIONAL] Bloodmoon Call of the Werebeasts [HEAVY SCRIPT: 237] – A nice small quest to defeat a powerful Werewolf and protect a Skaal village.
15. [OPTIONAL] Teldryn Serious SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 261] – Interesting quest, not so large but very nice.
16. [OPTIONAL] The Hall of Memories- Reencounters in Moonshadow (SSE) [HEAVY SCRIPT: 197] – Very nice quest, I was playing it long time ago, I haven’t checked what that author changed (since is been updated recently).
17. [OPTIONAL] VIGILANT [HEAVY SCRIPT: 175] – Adds a very interesting quest, with unique weapons, enemies, etc.
18. [OPTIONAL] Ravengate – Riften Underground – This mod adds a “gladiator/arena” quest to the game.
19. [OPTIONAL] CONAN Hyborian Age SSE – That mod was before in the Guide but is been removed. Now, is back again! It’s a lovely mod. It creates a small quest in a huge 3-leveled dungeon. You’ll meet …Conan the Cimmerian, while you’ll face his traditional enemies… and in the end, you’ll have your benefits: all movie’s arsenal!
(Move these quest mods on top of the loading order list, under the “Unofficial Skyrim S.E. Patch”, in the Plugins tab of NMM).
…And now… start a new game. It will place you in a cell (from the Live Another Life mod), pick a “testing” character (don’t care for details). Then, go to game’s Settings and UNCHECK ANY option for Auto Saving (very important)!After that enable all Subtitles. Finally, walk to the “Statue Of Mara” (the goddess’s statue to your right) choose an option and go right over the stairs and “sleep” on the bed to start the game.
Personally, I’m using “Camping to Woods” because it “spawns” you nearby of Helgen city and Riverwood town. After the game starts, open the console by pressing the ~ key (top left, next to 1 key). Type tmm 1 and press ENTER to show up ALL the Fast Travel points on the map. Perhaps you may type tgm too to enter in “god-mode” (and not been killed accidentally). Press the ~ button again to leave the console. Now, select the Riverwood town and travel to there, go and enter into Sleeping Giant Ιnn and MAKE A SAVE there. This save, from now on, it will be your “testing” point. You’ll run THIS save, after each step you’ll finish, to check if everything gone fine. WHEN I SAY TESTING I MEAN 15-20 MINUTES OF REAL GAMING – NOT JUST WALK OUTSIDE FOOLING AROUND AND EXIT THE GAME!


If something gone wrong, it will be almost impossible to FIX THEM ALL, if you haven’t checked each step one by one.


EXTREME important step, go slowly and check carefully the details and instructions. Let me tell & explain to you something… Mostly ALL [OLDRIM] TEXTURES mods are working fine with SSE. I’m talking about TEXTURES, not meshes.
You DON’T NEED TO WORRY for the meshes since the 99% of the mods’ creators are using always the VANILLA meshes, they’re not creating their own meshes – except of course super “must have” mods like Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) (that follows bellow). The only difference between SSE textures and the older version’sis the parallax – all textures ending with the extension _p.dss – additional graphics the older versions have which they’re not working in SSE (and I’m suggesting to deleting them) AND OF COURSE THE COMPRESSION FORMAT – IF IS BEEN ADDED (but the 99% of the textures mods authors – like me – are not using it)!
So, you may experiment yourselves with TEXTURES and DON’T INSTALL ANY MESHES from [OLDRIM] – unless if you like to CONVERT them via the SSE Nif Optimizer tool (will talk about it later). BUT, the HUGE “but” is, that if you changing some textures “here and there” from the “A mod” and you’re leaving untouched other areas from the “B mod”, you may have graphics/textures that DON’T MATCHING EACH OTHER, they DON’T BLENDING EACH OTHER or simply they style is so different that eventually looks odd…
The general rule is using the larger scale/size/resolution graphics for the large areas of the game; therefore the 4K will be used for mountains, for water, for stonewalls or floor, you got the picture. It’s totally useless to place 4K graphics on… spoons or …tomato & potato! On the same rule, if you place 1K graphics on a large stonewall (of Windhelm, for example), you obviously notice “pixelized” results.
HOW TO CONVERT[OLDRIM]MESHES? For the 99%  of all cases you need to download and use the tool NifSkope to open the mesh and do the following:

  • Spells > Batch > Triangulate all Strips
  • Spells > Batch > Add Tangent Spaces
  • Update
  • Save

That’s it! (Thxs to Scythe42 for this very useful small guide).
Or you can download the SSE Nif Optimizer and unzip it and run it, browse the folder with the “oldrim” meshes and select it and finally press the Optimize button… and you done! OBVIOUSLY AFTER ANY TEXTURES OVERHAUL ALWAYS CHECKING YOUR TEXTURES FOLDER FOR _p.dds FILES AND DELETE THEM!
1. Ruins Clutter Improved – Τhe FIRST Main file. During FOMOD choose what you want.
2. Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM – Main file. During FOMOD I suggest to choose MANUALLY and check yourselves the countless options available. Obviously, double-check you have the SPECIAL EDITION option checked!
3. High Poly Project – If you believe (and you should) that Static Mesh Improvement Mod is very very important and “must have”… then meet the next super important mod that CONTINUES the same job that SMIM left untouched!!!! You simply CAN’T ignore this mod here! YOU MAY NEED TO INSTALL IT QUITE LAST TO AVOID OVERWRITE MESSAGES!
4. Enhanced Textures Detail UV – Main file. During FOMOD choose:

  • In first screen click on the Next
  • In second, choose… both the Imperial Forts… Mountains and Volcanic pools… Rocks and Cairns… Markarth Rocks… and Stonewalls
  • In third screen, ONLY the SHD Rocks
  • NOTHING on the next screen and press the Finish

After a discovery (thxs to user RistantRain who found it) there is a clutter folder inside the …meshes/dungeons/caves/ folder that SHOULDN’T be there! It should be inside …meshes/dungeons/mines/clutter instead. You must MOVE THE FOLDER MANUALLY and OVERWRITE if prompted!
For MO2 users:
You need to right-click on the mod (left panel of MO2) and select Open in Explorer to manually move this folder properly.
5. Skyrim Realistic Overhaul SE – Super amazing HUGE pack of 2Κ & 4Κ textures, covering indeed EVERYTHING on Skyrim! This SHOULD BE THE BASE of your textures mod. Download them all, all three parts AND an additional update file and Install the zip files via NMM, by selecting the green “+” button on the left side bar – and navigate to find each file. This (huge) mod covers a lot areas that Noble Skyrim Mod HD or Skyrim 2017 Textures mod doesn’t. I didn’t use this huge pack in the past, but from the moment I found it & tested, I can’t leave it out of my build. NO OTHER MOD covers all the areas this mod here does!
Two choices now, for the MAJOR TEXTURES overhaul mods:
6a. [OLDRIM] Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2Κ – Select the A. NSM – FULL PACK_v.5.3.0_2K – For Skyrim Special Edition (or the Performance additional one) and manually download it. After you install it, manually again download and install ALSO the SMIM Patch as well! Same process, manually download and then with the green ” + ” button of the left NMM side panel you installing the files.
6b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Skyrim 2017 Textures – It’s a huge mod, separated to individually mods covering everything as the Noble Skyrim Mod HD that follows. It’s about personal flavor: THIS ONE HERE or the one THE PREVIOUS ONE! If you pick this one, you need to install ALL the mods in the Files tab! It’s not so much lore-friendly and mostly not matching with many other textures mods.
7. HQ Towns and Villages – Main file.
8. [OPTIONAL] SSE Texture Pack – Osmodius – Well, I decide to add something extra in the guide ESPECIALLYfor those they decided to use the Noble Skyrim Mod HD mod. Download MANUALLYthe main file to your desktop, unzip it and JUST KEEP ONLY the following files/folders – DELETE EVERYTHING ELSE:
Keep ONLY from Farmhouse folder
Keep ONLY from Landscape folder
Data\textures\landscape                  ALL files EXCEPT glacierslab.dds , glacierslab_n.dds
Data\textures\landscape\roads         ALL files
DELETE COMPLETELY the Data\textures\landscape\mountainsfolder & files.
Keep ONLY from Riften folder
Keep ONLY from Solitude folder
Keep from Whiterun folder
Keep from Windhelm folder
So, just keep THOSE files above and DELETE EVERYTHING else, re-zip all these again (remember, they should be in “Data\Texture\…” structure) and now install it via the green ” + ” button of the left NMM side panel.
9. HD LODs Textures SE [V-RAM WARNING!] – The FIRST Main file. It gives AMAZING resolution on environment, building, textures etc. The 1Κ version is even more that good enough!


1. [OPTIONAL] skyBirds SSE Edition [ATTENTION] – The main file. Incompatible with Convenient Bridges and Bridges of Skyrim mods. DON’T BE CONFUSED, I thought too that these three bird mods are “Creatures mods” but THEY ARE NOT; they are MAJOR inveronment mods – so that’s why they’ve been moved up here to be installed! Also, installed them EXACTLY with this order here, first this one, next the other bellow, etc. TOTAL INCOMPATIBILITY with the Skyrim 3D Trees mod!
2. [OPTIONAL] Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition [ATTENTION] – The main file. Incompatible with Convenient Bridges and Bridges of Skyrim mods. TOTAL INCOMPATIBILITYwith the Skyrim 3D Trees mod!
3. [OPTIONAL] Birds and Flocks SSE Edition [ATTENTION] – The main file. Incompatible with Convenient Bridges and Bridges of Skyrim mods. Minor incompatibility with the ELE lighting mod – place this here bellow ELE. TOTAL INCOMPATIBILITY with the Skyrim 3D Trees mod!
I LOVE these three birds-mods but they are very old, outdated, not fixed, with lot of bugs (and conflicts with several mods). The author is disappeared (and doesn’t seems to return), so I placed the “flag” – I’m not using them any more – and is up to you if you want to install them.
4a. Rich Skyrim Merchants – Main file. I’m personally using the x5 option.
4b. [OPTIONAL] Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements – This mod changes and boosting the economy system of the game. Changes a lot, so it’s not so compatible with many things, but IT IS with Ordinator via a patch for it.
4c. Coin Purse – An Overhaul for Skyrim – Main file.
5. [OPTIONAL] The Elder Scrolls Tomes – Skyrim Magic Addon – A new entry to the guide, new spells, lore friendly. Aims to add more spells from the other Elder Scrolls games.
6. [OPTIONAL] Holidays [HEAVY SCRIPT: 930] – Main file.
7. [OPTIONAL] Hunting in Skyrim – A Hunting Guide – Well, this mod makes you a real hunter, adds a lot immersive things to the game and also adds a Guild (of Hunters). Nice mod indeed.
8. [OPTIONAL] Wet and Cold [HEAVY SCRIPT: 437] [ATTENTION] – Main file. Install it now ONLY IF YOU install the following survivor mods! Otherwise install it later (during environmental graphic changing mods like Better Dynamic Snow etc). EVENTUALLY THIS MOD HAS CONFLICTS WITH SEVERAL MODS – SO YOU COULD AVOID IT.
This is a new entry since lot of users are asking it. It’s about the SURVIVOR ELEMENT of Skyrim.
Personally I don’t like at all these kind of mods and I’m not using them because I want to play a fantasy adventure game, I don’t care to play a survivor one – if I would, I could play the Dying Lights instead (very difficult and truly survivor game!). So, here are the mods you may install to play a “Survivor Skyrim”:
9. [OPTIONAL] Campfire – Complete Camping System [HEAVY SCRIPT: 495] – Is the most feature-rich stand-alone camping mod. Build a campfire, from a small fragile spark to a roaring blaze and use it to cook with a cooking pot (or just grill right over the flames), sit with your followers, and keep warm with mods like Frostfall (which follows bellow).
Loading order: AS MUCH AS HIGH under the official game’s master files!
10. [OPTIONAL] Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survivor [HEAVY SCRIPT: 655] – Frostfall uses a sophisticated system to track your location, weather, time of day, worn clothing, and more, to determine your current condition, in a seamless and immersive way. Combined with Campfire (above), it also features a large variety of craftable camping equipment, including craftable torches. Actually, is a must-combo with the previous mod. Here is the link for further info.
Loading order: AS MUCH AS HIGH under the official game’s master files and BEFORE ANY interior changing mod!
11. [OPTIONAL] iNeed – Food Water and Sleep – The goal of this mod is to provide an incentive to “live” in Skyrim without demanding a significant change in playstyle. Your needs will adjust to your timescale so by default you should only feel the need to eat and drink 2-3 times a day and sleep once per day provided that you are consuming full meals and getting a full night’s sleep. So, actually is an “add-on” to the previous two mods.
12a. [OPTIONAL] Warrior and Paladin Role Play Mod for SSE– This mod changes your gameplay style. You no longer can be “whatever”, from assassin to necromancer or so. Now, you are A TRUE MELEE ATTACK WARRIOR… or PALADIN (new)! Check the mod for the details.
The author also made a PALADIN version just for me! MARVELOUS!
12b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAL] Nord Barbarian Berserker – Similar mod with the previous one.
13a. Classic Classes and Birthsigns SSE – It adds with different major skills and advantages, and allowing the player to better conceptualize his character as well as provide a different starting experience for each new game played.
13b. Imperious – Races of Skyrim – This mod makes the races of Skyrim unique. It overhauls racial abilities, powers and stats. Each race has three new racial abilities and a quest to unlock their racial power.
14. Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim [HEAVY SCRIPT: 344] – Main file and perhaps the option file 20% too (the “50%” is way too much), although after 70th level you’ll be totally unbeatable!
15. [OPTIONAL] Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch – That’s a patch you need IF YOU HAVE installed too the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma expansion!
16. Apocalypse Magic [[HEAVY SCRIPT: 279] – Main file & the Ordinator patch file.
17. [OPTIONAL] Weightless – Τhe FIRST FOMOD file and during the process choose what you like.
18. [OPTIONAL] Rebalanced Leveled List– Τhe SECOND main file Lite since the other gives too much loot from the beginning.
19. [OPTIONAL] MorrowLoot Ultimate [HEAVY SCRIPT: 138] – It’s a huge mod, that overhauls the entire looting system of the game. Except the main file, there are… few dozen Optional files, for every mod you’re using. IF YOU USE THIS MOD, DO NOT USE ANY OTHER LOOTING MOD THIS GUIDE HAS. Personally I’m not using it, because the dozen extra .esp (patches) that I need to add after it. The author suggesting to place this mod AS MUCH AS LOWER in your loading list!
20. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Dynamic Dungeon Loot (DDL) – This is another alternative similar mod. This one here makes all “Boss” chests to have better loot. It also adds 16 “exotic” unique items!
21a. Cloaks and Capes – The FIRST main file.
21b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Cloaks of Skyrim – Similar with the previous one. Needs patch if you’re using the Wet and Cold mod!
Due to how the Skyrim works, in order for the unique cloaks that the mod adds to the world space to show up, its recommended to place these mods before all aesthetic type mods including sound, weather, and water mods. That’s why the cloaks mods are so high in the load order!


0. [OPTIONAL] JK’s Skyrim – You don’t really need me to tell you much about this mod here. It’s a merged “AiO” (all-in-one) of ALL JK’s cities! So, if you like JK’s cities (why not too? He’s the best! ) and you like to save A LOT A LOT esp slots, you can install this one here. Long long waiting mod to be ported in SSE… So, if you install this mod here, obviously you won’t install ANY JK’s individual city mod!
1a. JK’s Riverwood – No much comments! It’s a JK’s mod. You simply pressing the downloading button and installing it, period!
1b. [OPTIONAL] T’Skyrim – Riverwood (Addon for JK’s Riverwood) – Add-on mod, for the previous one. Very nice add-on. I was using it a lot, but I think Riverwood is quite a nice little town already with the previous mod installed.
2a. JK’s Whiterun – Main file and the Option Outskirts file.
3. Kynesgrove – Main file.
4. Shor’s Stone – Main file.
5. Darkwater Crossing – Main file.
6. Ivarstead – Main file.
7. Karthwasten – Main file.
8. Soljund’s Sinkhole – Main file.
9. Whistling Mine – Main file.
10. Helarchen Creek – Main file.
11. Dragon Bridge – Main file.
12. Keld – Nar – A new Arthmoor’s entry, a new small town up to the North. When you see ARTHMOOR as mod’s author name… you simply installing the mod, period!
13a. Kato’s Falkreath – Main file.
13b. [OLDRIM] ImpeREAL Empire – Falkreath – This mod changes this city from a wooden village to a stone stronghold! Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
14.[OPTIONAL] Overstead SE – Adds a new village north of Windhelm.
15a. [OPTIONAL] Gavrostead – Adds a new village south-west of Whiterun.
15b. [OPTIONAL] Granite Hill – Adds a new village south-west of Whiterun, almost NEXT to the previous mod. So, I placed them here together, to see if you can have them both – I thing there are couple tiny clipping issues but they can work together.
16a. [OLDRIM] Another Skyrim – Morthal – Amazing overhaul of this city! Seriously, you need to try this mod. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
16b. [OPTIONAL] Morthal Overhaul – Main file.
17a. Dawnstar Overhaul – Superb overhaul of this northern city. The mod is still in developing mode.
17b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Dawnstar – This is another similar (but obviously different) mod for overhaul this city by the notorious Arthmoor modder!
17c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] – Another Skyrim – Dawnstar – Amazing alternative overhaul of this northern city-port. SOME navmesh issues here and there, but not something dramatic. Seriously, it looks MUCH MORE BETTER than other similar mods. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
18a. Better Cities SSE – Solitude and Whiterun Overhaul – ONLY the Solitude plugin, the SECOND main file.
18c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Another Skyrim – Solitude – You may check this alternative mod to overhaul the Solitude city. This is a very impressive new mod. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
18c. [OPTIONAL] Solitude Expansion – Expanses the city even further, as a proper capitol should be. The main file AND THE FIRST Optional file Better Cities Patch although you may need more Optional files too, if you’re using several mods. Although the patch works still the creator of this mod here tries to make both Solitude mods to run properly (there are some issues). I would WAIT longer to install this expansion too. Put this mod LOWER in your order list – lower that the rest mods for the city.
19. [OPTIONAL] Stonecrest City Reborn SE – Adds a new city located north of the Guardian Stones. Is between
Helgen, and Riverwood. A new bridge crosses the river near the Guardian Stones. The docks of Istlod are located on the north coast of Skyrim, just west of Dawnstar. (Between the Imperial Camp and Dawnstar). It is NOT COMPATIBLE with Convenient Bridges BETA mod! Also, be careful with the loading order, because is been reported the city was 3 feet inside the ground!
20. [OPTIONAL] Simple Raven Rock Expansion – That’s an expansion of the Raven Rock harbor, of the Solstheim island (Dragonborn DLC).
21. [OPTIONAL] Greater Skaal Village – That mod expands the Skaal Village of Solstheim island (Dragonborn DLC), adding more buildings, improving the original ones, etc.
22. [OPTIONAL] Better Tel Mithryn – This mod improves the Telvanni settlement of Tel Mithryn, in the Solstheim island (Dragonborn DLC).
23. [OPTIONAL] Legendary Cities – Tes Arena – Skyrim Frontier Fortress – This mod brings the TES Arena, legendary city mod to Skyrim SE. Adds a lot cities, but it’s still Work In Progress mod, so stay tuned and install it a bit later. IT CONFLICTS with few settlements from the mod that follows next.
24. Settlements Expanded – This mod expands several settlements. Check the mod’s Files tab to see which other mods you’re using and get the proper Optional files too. There are few conflicts with some settlements of the previous mod.
25a. [OLDRIM] JK’s Windhelm – Lovely overhaul from the city-master JK. I was using this mod here, but recently I turned to the following one. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
25b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Another Skyrim – Windhelm – Especially this city, the Stormcloaks’ citadel, is one of the Skyrim places that almost NOBODY took care with mods. VERY FEW mods are available for this city. And this mod here is trying to change it. Very impressive work, without some issues (few navmesh or some things placed a bit wrong). Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
26.1. [OPTIONAL] T’Skyrim – Winterhold – Main file. If you’re using the lady Ambriel companion install the patch available for Ambriel mod.
26.2a. [OPTIONAL] Winterhold Restored – Similar with the previous mod, without SO MANY addons the previous has… but with better performance and less issues.
26.2b. [OPTIONAL] Winterhold Gate SE – Adds a very nice and noble gate to the city. Not compatible with many mods of this city, but IT IS compatible with the previous mod!
27. [OPTIONAL][OLDRIM] Another Skyrim – Riften – There are no many mods for this southern city. And this mod is actually a good one. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
28a. Skyrim Chimneys – Adds chimneys to the settlements they have fireplaces… and they don’t
have chimneys (don’t you love the “details” Bethesda left out? Lol!). It’s NOT compatible with the No Snow under the Roof mod! And also it doesn’t cover the Cutting Room Floor settlements!
28b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Farmhouse Chimneys – It’s a similar mod with the previous one, covers a lot settlements – but also adds a lot esp files (for the patches).
29. [OPTIONAL] ClefJ’s New Amberguard – It is a small fortified castle-town at the beginning of the River Hjaal, along the road immediately North of Rorikstead. Adds new a town, a new dungeon, a new player home (castle) and a quest.
There are A LOT GREAT city expansions’ mods in “oldrim” mods and its very easy to download them manually, place their eps into your Data folder, run next the SSE Creation Kit, run each esp as master (enable) and …simply save it (to be saved in form 44, the SSE format)… optimize any meshes with SSE NifOptimizer… and you can have these cities expansions running in SSE too!
The following mods adding NEW LANDS beyond Skyrim!
So, to play them you need to EDIT the Skyrim.ini file and UNLOCK the land’s borders. The file is usually located to User/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition (If not located there, simply search into Windows Explorer to find it). When you’ll find the file, open it and add the line under the section [General] and you’ll unlock the borders:
1. [OPTIONAL] Haafstad and the Border of High Rock – Northwest, behind the Skyrim border in High Rock, there is a new land – the HIGH ROCK! With this mod, the territory of the Skyrim province itself is expanded; giving Skyrim an extra island called Haafstad near the High Rock border.
2. [OPTIONAL] Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell – This mod let you play in a new Nordic town in Skyrim, called Folkstead. This mountain-locked town lies near Hammerfell, south of Falkreath hold. Travel from Falkreath to the Skyrim/Hammerfell border. Before the border, you’ll see a path heading to the south, to a cave. This is the Folkpassage, heading to this town. The SECOND main file if you plan to install ALL these three mods.
3. [OPTIONAL] Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil – Nyhus is located in Cyrodiil, south of the Rift, Skyrim. A town taken by mainly, hardened Nordic warriors under leadership of Folkvar. This town contains a few houses, an Inn with local beverage, a blacksmith, an apothecary and a shrine of Mara. To go to Nyhus, travel from Riften to the border of Morrowind. There will be roadsigns behind the bridge. Just follow the signs and you will enter an abandoned gate which guards the border Skyrim / Cyrodiil. The SECOND main file if you plan to install ALL these three mods.
You done this step too, now load your save and check if all are well.


Next, is the total environment change – the flora. You’ll choose DEPENDING what system and how powerful it is! I placed to all the mods the tag [OPTIONAL] because there are A LOT combos & scenarios you may want to do, so there isn’t any SPECIFIC INSTALLATION order, but the one that you’ll choose from the scenarios that follows.
The Forests of Dibella, my most successful mod I ever made, is a great effort of mine and my team-“mate” (back then) Mathy. Mathy edited (just a bit) the meshes, while I did most of the work (the textures overhaul)…
…Then, we decided to go further and create OUR OWN 3D MODELS, to make a “New Generation FoD” mod – my idea, my mod’s name, etc. After an argue we had for some things, my former team-“mate” Mathy simply STOLEN my models (I purchased them with my OWN credit card and gave them to him) and MY textures I did for the 1st version of the “3D FoD” and he… published the mod AS HIS called it “Skyrim 3D trees”!!!! Yes… that popular 3D tree model you many like it, was originally the “New Generation Forests of Dibella”!!!! I purchased the models, I made the textures… and Mathy STOLEN them and made “his” first mod, the “Skyrim 3D Trees”. I personally didn’t prosecuted him to Nexus team, because I’m 48 years old, not a 14 teen to go and cry to the admins of a site! Things like these happens all the time, they’ve stolen my work many times in the past…
Therefore, the “Skyrim 3D Trees” mod isn’t in the Guide – as it won’t be ANY of Mathy’s mods. Mathy is an amateur 3D modeler; he just started “playing” (as he was saying to me) with 3D programs few months ago. His models are “trying” to be very realistic but because the Skyrim game’s LIMITATIONS can’t be done so good (if there were models for Witcher 3 with these meshes and engine, would be different story). And, his textures of course are simply taken from photo free data bank on the Net. Personally I believe he’s making SOME good tree models, half of them not so “lore-friendly” (looks like from other game), while the textures can be better. So, it’s up to you if you like to use the Skyrim 3D Trees (I’m using 2-3 trees and 8-9 of his 3D plants)…
There are a lot [OLDRIM] mods that they will need conversion to run in SSE via SSE Creation Kit AND ALSO to optimize their MESHES via SSE Nif Optimizer tool! So, the choices you have are:

  • Bent Pines
  • Immersive Fallen Trees(needs conversion)
  • Indistinguishable Billboards SSE(Vanilla Medium)
  • DynDOLOD Resources SE 2.36 (Anything)
  • Enhanced Landscapes stand alone Oaks & Marsh Pines(needs conversion)
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul (Trees Only)or Dark Forests 2.6 Core plus Billboards standalone (needs conversion)
  • Beyond Skyrim Bruma Tree LOD Billboards(needs conversion – if you using that unofficial DLC)
  • Forests of Dibella & Billboards(don’t install it yet!)
  • ETD – Every Tree Different
  • TexGen
  • DynDOLOD 2.36
  • …any grass (and the fix for it) and flower mod you want!


Follow the instructions from the mini guide I have posted to the FORUM tab, to install properly that… tone of mods! Lol! Believe me, it’s worth it (obviously, as you figured out, I’m using THAT combo above).
PERFECT SCENARIO (for strong systems, FPS WARNING!)

  • ChooseSkyrim Flora Overhaul + Realistic Aspen Trees 4k + Veydosebrom + Landscape Fixes for GrassMods or
  • ChooseRealistic Aspen Trees 4k + Simple Bigger Trees + Bent Pines + ΗQ Tree Bark + Veydosebrom + Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods + SFO Trees Only (keeping ONLY the plants) + Unique Flowers & Plants

GOOD SCENARIO (for medium/average systems)

  • Choose Skyrim Flora Overhaul(Trees Only option) + Veydosebrom or
  • Choose Realistic Aspen Trees 4k+ Simple Bigger Trees + Veydosebrom

“SO & SO” SCENARIO (for weak systems)

  • ChooseSkyrim Flora Overhaul or
  • Choose Simple Bigger Trees +Veydosebrom


  • ChooseForests of Dibella + Bent Pines + Veydosebrom + Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods + SFO (Trees Only) and removing all but keeping ONLY the plants + Unique Flowers & Plants

So, thxs to mathy79 who opened my eyes, seems that the NEW version of Veydosebrom grass mod IS NOT CONTAINING ANY MORE FLOWERS as it used to be, it’s only a grass mod and works BETTER with Skyrim Flora Overhaul mod! Meaning, for those users they don’t want to use Skyrim Flora Overhaul, they must follow the next steps to get the plants from SFO:

  • Manually download the Skyrim Flora Overhal TREES ONLY version
  • Unzip the file
  • Delete everything exceptdata/textures/plants and data/meshes/plants
  • Re-zip it and install it via the green ” + ” button
  • Place the mod in your order list AFTER any grass mod

First, you’ll install the grass mods and then the trees/forests. The grass and fixing grass mods always are going above all cities/towns mods. Flowers and others, very last. Lets start:
1. [OPTIONAL] Waterplants – This mod adds great waterplants in rivers, lakes, etc. It MAY have some conflicts with other grass mods, you need to check it out. ALWAYS ABOVE other grass mods. There are patches for the most known grass mods but personally never needed any – if you install and place it ABOVE the grass mods.
2a. Veydosebrom – Grasses and Groundcover – The user Scythe42 discovered it and wrote me about to test it – so I did it, I’m testing it. Looks almost like Verdant, probably better. There is new “FOMOD” now, with lots of settings. You may use the Miscellaneous file (a fix) as well. Also, there are Skyrim.ini tweaks from the author to do:
\\Add line below if bShadowsOnGrass=1 in Skyrim.ini\\
\\Line below increases grass distance\\
\\Line below determines max number of grasses per texture. Keep 15\\
\\Line below increases/decreases grass density. Higher is less grass, lower is more grass\\
2b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Verdant – A Skyrim Grass Plugin [FPS WARNING!] – The Main file. After any mods that changes the vanilla trees like Simply Bigger Trees mod. Use this mod or the newer that follows! After installing it open the .ini file of it, which you can find it in:
…steamapps/common/SkyrimSpecial Edition/Data/Verdant a Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.ini
Open the .ini file and DELETE this line:
Now, should be like this:
Scythe42 wrote that WE DON’T NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE .ini FILES since the LAST MOD IN ORDER LIST OVERWRITES EVERYTHING else! So… since this grass here mod is the last of the rest flora YOU DON’T NEED TO EDITany .ini files!
Let me explain you this:
As much as HIGHER VALUES you have to the iMinGrassSize the better performance & FPS you’ll get.
2c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Viscous Foliage- a T H I C C grass mod – A new ambitious grass mod, that you may want to test it. The main file, although if you notice FPS drops you may want to install OVER the main file the Optional file as well! About the SETTINGS, check bellow…
In the skyrim.ini:
(You can go as low as 50 but I would recommend most people with medium/high enb rigs to use 70 for gameplay and dense grass)
Authors Grass Settings:
2d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Vanilla Vegetation Overhauls [RECOMMENDED] – Is been removed from Nexus, so you may try to find it on the Net. It’s VERY VERY WORTH to try to find it! It’s using the vanilla assets – therefore is VERY stable and light mod – and makes same GREAT thing as very famous grass mods do. Obviously there is a SSE version, so try to track and get it.
3. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Tamriel Reloaded Grasses – Plants – Shrubs – This is a truly amazing “oldrim” mod for grass and plants. You may consider use that, it’s truly superb. Works fine in SSE.
4. Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods – It fixes (not superbly but fair enough) areas that shouldn’t have grass but they do (like in a camp area or around an entrance). The Main file and after all the Optional Files you need, depending the mods you’re using.
5a. [OPTIONAL] Whiterun Forest Borealis – It turns the tundra area around Whiterun’s landscape into a Pine Forest! There is an option to make the WFB to work together with the Elysium Estate (if you want to install it after), but you need to get THIS ESP and use it, replacing the current WFB esp. HOWEVER, this version is WITHOUT LODs, so you need to generate yourselves the LODs! NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LOT MODS, CHECK FIRST!
5b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] The Great Forest of Whiterun – It’s a similar mod with the previous one, although this covers a much more (huge) area around Whiterun, a far more larger forest. Also, this mod is older and has a LOT patches HERE for several other mods you may using. Part-compatible with SFO.
6. [OPTIONAL] Bent Pines – The main file or the second (if you want the pines to have snow).
7. [OPTIONAL] Immersive Fallen Trees – The main file. PLACE IT AFTER CITIES EXPANSIONS!
8. [OPTIONAL] Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE – The first Main file. PLACE IT AFTER CITIES EXPANSIONS!
9. [OPTIONAL] DynDOLOD Resources SE 2.36 – During the FOMOD, choose absolutely the choice “Holy Cow” and whatever other you like and install the mod. PLACE IT AFTER CITIES EXPANSIONS – GENERALLY ALL LODs/BILLBOARDS AFTER THE CITIES!
10. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Enhanced Landscapes Standalone Oaks and Marsh Pines – The Main file and the SECOND Optional file. Obviously you need to convert them to run for SSE, via the SSE Creation Kit (follow my mini guide in the FORUM tab).
11a. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim Flora Overhaul [FPS WARNING!] – Main File. Has an .ini which you have to change the values with these from Verdant – A Skyrim Grass if you install that too. YES TO ALL to any overwrite message! Personally, I stopped using this mod. It covers all “flora” indeed, it’s a great “all around” choice, but… the textures are NOT that good, not so high resolution. DON’T GET ME WRONG – THE MOD IS OUTSTANDING, SUPERB! I just don’t like much it’s textures (not so much 4K ultra high res).
11b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Dark Forests of Skyrim – The SECOND Optional file. If you following my ULTRA SCENARIO, you may choose this oldrim mod or the SFO Trees Only, not both! Obviously you need to convert them to run for SSE, via the SSE Creation Kit (follow my mini guide in the FORUM tab). I’m not suggesting this mod, since it’s not so lore-friendly, making Skyrim like a dead zone province (all trees damaged, suffered, dead, etc).
12. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Tree LOD billboards – Install this ONLY if you using the unofficial DLC Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. First you’ll install the SECOND main file and then the FIRST (hotfix) file. And of course, again, you need to convert them to run for SSE, via the SSE Creation Kit (follow my mini guide in the FORUM tab).
13. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Forests of Dibella – An ambitious try to entirely overhaul all trees and their branches/leaves, with super HQ textures for everything! All tree types included. Markath trees included. Also, as small bonus, there are a couple wooden Clutter objects overhaul.
If you choose this mod you don’t really need the Realistic Aspen Trees… Simple Bigger Trees… and the HQ Tree Bark that follows bellow!
14. [OPTIONAL] ETD – Every Tree Different – Okay, this is an AMAZING new mod! What it does? It has additional diffuse and normal maps for all the trees and COMBINES them with your existed mods… so now you have UNIQUE trees in the Skyrim, not trees identical as all mods provides! After I tested it, is working well with SINGLE flora mods you may choose – not with combo of mods.
15. [OPTIONAL] Vanilla Vegetation Overhaul – It’s like a vanilla Skyrim Flora Overhaul and it does the same thing with the vanilla assets & textures, it’s totally overhaul changing the environment & flora.
Obviously IS NOT COMPATIBLE with SFO… Realistic Aspen Trees or other similar mod since it contains similar assets and definitely conflicts with the mods! It has its own .ini, so read carefully the mod’s page for the correct changes you should do to your .ini files. The main file AND if you like the Optional file too – its a LOD file.
16. [OPTIONAL] Realistic Aspen Trees 4K [FPS WARNING!] – Main file. Choose preferred resolution In the second screen, choose Skyrim Flora Overhaul, if you using it.
17. [OPTIONAL] Simply Bigger Trees – Use it, if you DIDN’T USE SKYRIM FLORA OVERHAUL mod! So, choose the SECOND main file if you’re using Realistic Aspen Trees too, otherwise the first Main file. YES TO ALL in any overwrite message! YOU DON’T NEED IT if you chose the Forest of Dibella mod!
18. [OPTIONAL] HQ Tree Bark – Use it, if you DIDN’T USE SKYRIM FLORA OVERHAUL mod. During “FOMOD”,in first screen choose Main Set &2Κ or 4Κ, depending on your system’s power. In the second screen choose Realistic & LUSH Trees. In the last, select the Simple Bigger Trees Patch (should be automatically selected, if you’re using the SBT mod). YOU DON’T NEED IT if you chose the Forest of Dibella mod!
19. [OPTIONAL] DynDOLOD 2.36 – This is a tool, an application, not a mod. You need to follow my instructions in the mini guide I made in the “FORUM” tab and do EXACTLY as I’m describing/writing there. THE RESULT (an esp) OF THIS, SHOULD BE PLACE IT ON THE VERY BOTTOM!
20. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Unique Flowers & Plants – Needs conversion to SSE (credits to Scythe42 who converted it). I’ve got permission from author and the converted file is in this page’s Files tab. Enjoy! The mod’s author suggesting to place this mod VERY TOP under the USSEP mod!
21. [OPTIONAL] Mountain Flower By Mari SE – A superb retexturing of all these mountain flowers.

  • Grass mods
  • Grass FIXES(always last, overwriting everything)
  • Cities/town overhaul (and extra cities addons) mods
  • Floraoverhaul (special flora changing mods, in places, environment, areas, etc)
  • Special treesoverhaul mods (like the Oak & Marshes trees you previously may installed)
  • Flowers and rest mods


1a. [OPTIONAL] Whiterun Stables Tweaks – Makes a lot immersive the Whiterun’s stables. It’s compatible with JK’s Outskirts (previous Step).
1b. [OPTIONAL] The Shade of Whiterun – That mod does the same thing the following mod’s doing; it adds trees inside Whiterun’s city. Although this one here, adds normal trees – not autumn trees as the mod that follows next. THERE ARE A LOT CONFLICTS (MOSTLY CLIPPING or BLOCKING PATHS/ALLEYS) USING THIS MOD AND SEVERAL OTHERS, LIKE THE FOLLOWING I’VE TESTED:

  • Forests of Dibella
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul
  • Simply Bigger Trees
  • JK’s Whiterun

1c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] The Autumn of Whiterun – Superb environment redone for Whiterun’s city. I haven’t noticed issues or clipping so far; and the author’s keep working for several other mods’ patches. The author probably finished it, adding also a FOREST around outside city’s walls!
1d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Trees in Cities – Special Edition – Similar mod like the two previous ones. Check for compatibility with other mods (city’s, forests, etc).
1e. Whitewatch Tower Reborn – Main file.
1f.[OPTIONAL] Whiterun Valley – Gives more life to the Whiterun’s valley, adding inn, merchant store, NPCs, a lot stuff. A lot conflicts with several other mods.
1g. [OPTIONAL] Provincial Courier Service – Adds a Courier Service building outside Whiterun (nearby the Stables).
2. [OPTIONAL] Tactical Valtheim SSE – If you travel further to the east from Whiterun, you’ll find an abandon twin tower (usually full of bandits). This is an overhaul of this place.
3a. Elysium Estate SE – You may have checked many player houses, right? Okay, now go ahead and pick (install) the BEST OF ALL, few yards southern of Whiterun’s stables. Τhe FIRST main file. Is the BEST house close to a city – and in fact the MOST important city in Skyrim, Whiterun.
3b. [OPTIONAL] Bathing Beauties or Beefcake [HEAVY SCRIPT: 201] – A quite… “immersive” mod, lol! It’s a player home, but actually is a brothel house with whores for rent!
3c. [OPTIONAL] The Scarlett – A Buildable Ship (SE) – This is a ship/house for you (with a quest), to get it and SAIL with it!
3d. [OPTIONAL] ScanicView Lodge – This is a fine home for your character IF YOU’RE PLAYING the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma unofficial DLC! A great small home, with a super amazing view from the balcony. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma obviously is require to be installed to use this house.
3e. [OPTIONAL] Rervun SE – Starter Home – This is a burned/destroyed house, in Whiterun’s valley (to the west). So, is not a FINISHED to use house, is a ruined place that you can claim AND REPAIR it to use it! Nice mod.
4. [OPTIONAL] Dragon Bridge South Side – Adds immersion on the other side of the bridge, with farm, inn, other buildings etc. Pick one of the Main files AND the Optional file for the Dragon Bridge city mod!
5. [OPTIONAL] Ancient Watchtowers – Adds several watchtowers western of Whiterun (and one on eastern). NOT COMPATIBLE with the Gavrostead mod!
6a. [OPTIONAL] Windhelm Bridge Overhaul [ATTENTION] – The FIRST main file, the Full one. It seems that this mod “creates” an odd “crack” on the meshes of the bridge (at the start of the bridge, just near by the stables). That is a meshes issue from start (vanilla) but now seems after this mod here is very very visible, since the mod’s author removed a lot snow and other things from the road so is more visible. Navmesh issues, so BE CAREFUL with this.
6b. [OPTIONAL] Windhelm Exterior Altered [ATTENTION] – Main file. Navmesh issues, so BE CAREFUL with this.
6c.[OPTIONAL] Snowy AF Windhelm – Makes the capital of “Stormcloaks” really… frozen! I mean… really-really frozen! (Check mod’s pics). It’s a very immersive mod, I love it. NOT compatible with ELFX exteriors!
7a. [OPTIONAL] Solitude Exterior Addon – This mod only improves outside Solitude walls. The main file. Place it BEFORE ANY mod for this city!
7b. [OPTIONAL] Solitude Docks – Adds a far more immersive docks area to Solitude – and works fine with the previous mod.
7c.  [OPTIONAL] Realistic Solitude Arch – Main file. NOT COMPATIBLE with Solitude Expansion mod!
8a.[OPTIONAL] Heljarchen Farm – Skyrim Special Edition – The mod adds a player-owned farm that allows you to rebuild a  once-abandoned property into a functional farming business. Restoring the farm to its former glory will reward the player with income every day and the ability to harvest crops grown on the farm fields. The farm is located within The Pale next to Heljarchen Hall and the Loreius Farm.
8b. [OPTIONAL] Heljarchen Hall Mine and Farm – Adds a small mine directly nearby Heljarchen Hall. Supports your building efforts from the start on with ore and means to process it further. Also has a nice farm nearby!
9a. [OPTIONAL] Distinct Interiors – It changes quite some all interiors of shops, inns, stores, etc. Doesn’t changing completely the layout of an interior, it makes it more lovely. NOT compatible with the following 3 mods!
9b.[OPTIONAL] Friendlier Taverns with Baths – This mod makes average overhaul to all taverns/inns and add public bath rooms too! NOT compatible with the previous OR the following mod!
9c. [OPTIONAL] InnCredible – It changes A LOT the inns/taverns, in a way that each inn is unique – it doesn’t look like other! So, you can easily understand where are you just enter, by the decoration/overhaul of each place. Very clever mod, nice idea. You may check it. NOT compatible with the two previous mods (each mod does similar thing, so PICK one of them).
9d. [OPTIONAL] EEKs Whiterun Interiors SSE – It changes A LOT all Whiterun’s interiors. And I mean it, A LOT! Also there are several patches for several mods, so check the “Files” tab to get what you need (except the Main file). Marvelous mod, changes super amazing these 2 Whiterun’s interiors. NOT compatible with the previous interior mods. Generally… check each of these interior changing mods’ pages and read VERY CAREFULLY their descriptions. There are conflicts (obviously!) between SIMILAR mods doing SIMILAR overhauls!
Check the FORUM tab to read a nice & easy way to make ALL THESE interior mods working together!
10. [OPTIONAL] Inns and Taverns SE – Adds many Inns and taverns in specific points of Skyrim SE map, together with new  NPCs (some of them are merchants). NOT COMPATIBLE with Arthmoor’s Shor’s Stone town!
11. Oblivion Gates in Cities – Adds “Oblivion Gate” in the main cities. Main file.
12a. [OPTIONAL] Windhelm Lighthouse – Adds a Lighthouse northern of Windhelm.
12b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Windhelm Lighthouse – Similar mod with the previous, but more interesting. It’s located in North-East of Windhelm (map marker available). A caretaker NPC with his house inside the lighthouse. He lit up the fire at 7pm of every day. Obviously since is an “oldrim” mod it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and also if there are any meshes to be converted with the SSE NifOptimizer tool!
13. Northern Marsh Bridges – Main file.
14. [OPTIONAL] Convenient Bridges BETA – Special Edition – Main file. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Stonecrest City Reborn SSE mod (previous Step)!
15. Oblivion Gates Remade – Adds “Oblivion Gates” in Skyrim land, all over the landscapes. May have clipping with other mods you may have and using the same areas, so check what you’ll install on the landscapes. Main file.
16. [OPTIONAL] JUSTICE – City Exteriors SSE – It adds cages and cells, outside each major city’s walls, with prisoners and executed criminals. Very immersive, in a tough and cruel Skyrim world. You may check it. Check for possible conflicts, if you have a lot cities’ expansions (I haven’t noticed anything to my build).
17. Old Hroldan Ruins SE – Fills with ruins and a couple buildings, the empty area around this inn.
18. [OPTIONAL] Unique Border Gates SE – It’s just an “eyecandy” mod, nothing dramatic. It simply adds border gates at the edge of the map that you can’t go further and it’s bad for the immersion to see an open landscape in front of you and a message “You can’t go further”!
19. Ruined Shrine of Phynaster – Adds a ruined Elvish Shrine between Solitude & Markarth and adds immersion in an empty and non important area. This mod OVERWRITES a small hunter shack, the Cliffside Retreat.
20. [OPTIONAL] Stonehills Springs – Adds hot springs to right across the road from Stonehill mining camp; these springs actually warm you, if you’re using “survivor” mods! The main file.
21. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] The Haven From The Cold And Dark – Adds a new land, an island. It’s a super gorgeous beautiful place, but just that – no quests or adventures. Simply a super amazing place to take a trip and visit it.


This mod prevents the quest Prophet (both DLC1VQ03Hunter and DLC1VQ03Vampire) from starting. I narrowed it down to this mod with 100% certainty. It permanently breaks savegames too, as in uninstalling this mod does not reverse the damage. So, till the author fix it SIMPLY AVOID THIS MOD like hell!!!
22a.Bring Out Your Dead [HEAVY SCRIPT: 244] – Main file. Expands the graveyards across the land.
22b. Frozen in Time – Adds a lot frozen corpses in the game with looting options. Very immersive mod. You may pick the ultra polygon Optional files too.
23a. [ATTENTION] More Bandit Camps  – Pick the Explorer edition, for more immersion.
This mod causing CTDs in several areas! A lot users reported that and I’ve been is some locations myself AND I ALSO HAD CTDs too! So, avoid it!
23b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] DFT’s More Bandit Encampments – Like the above one, a similar mod that adds more bandits camps all over Skyrim.
24. [OPTIONAL] Road to Morthal – This mod adds a real road (instead of dirt path) towards that city.
25a. Point the Way – Main file. Also, get the patch for the Unique Border Gates (few mods above) that you may installed it.
25b. LH’s HD Roadsigns Remaster – If you got/using the Point the Way mod, you’ll surely want these great textures as well. Check the files, for several patches available for a lot mods (the BS:Bruma is also included). Get the files from THIS SITE. Just check the Mods tab!
26a. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Weathered Road Signs – Amazing additional road signs! You may like these more, instead the previous mod. The main file and any (or all) Optional files you need, depending the mods you’re using. (I’m personally using these, now).
26b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] HD Road Signs – Install it, if you’re using the Point the Way mod (the other one has own great textures). One of the main files (any you want) and BOTH Optional files.
27. Hold Border Banners – The SECOND main file.
28. Gildergren Regrown – Main file.
29. [OPTIONAL] Blackreach Bypass SSE – A very very useful mod, saving your life by endless walking in the huge underground area bellow Skyrim land, to navigate yourselves to find the damn tower and get the Elder Scroll! Very nice mod.
30. [OPTIONAL] Immersive Laundry – Main file.
31a. [OPTIONAL] Immersive War and Violence – Adds past Civil War battlefields to make the world of Skyrim feel like it exists without your intervention and is actually at war. Small clipping incompatibility with the following mod, so install THIS ONE HERE first (and load it first) and then the next that follows. It has NO conflicts with the THIRD similar mod bellow.
31b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Skyrim Battle Aftermath SE – This mod doesn’t gives you something special, but is extreme immersive for the game. It adds BATTLEFIELDS (aftermath, after the battle) between the Imperials & Stormcloaks. Let’s face it, its ridiculous not having battlefields and corpses all over in Skyrim, in the middle of a CIVIL WAR Hearthfire DLC… Main file. Small conflict with Immersive War and Violence (the previous mod) – LOAD BATTLE AFTERMATH AFTER IMMERSIVE WAR AND VIOLENCE MOD!
31c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Civil War Battlefields – This mod adds past battlefields around Skyrim to give a more realistic feeling that a civil war is happening in the country. Civil War Battlefields conflicts with Realistic Water Two so manually drag CWB before all instances of RWT in the load order. Clipping objects issues with Warzones: Assault attack mod. …The only silly thing with this mod, are the fire flames all over the battlefields. I mean, okay, they burned the camp and such, but if you visit again the area after (lets say) 2 months… you still see the fires lit up. Not so immersive/realistic.
32. [OPTIONAL] Master the Summit – Odd mod, but nice. What it does? It adds bridges and stairs all over the mountains of Skyrim, so now you can use these to cross a high mountain, instead of walk around it. Nice idea.
33. [OPTIONAL] Animated Dwemer Lift Doors – Nothing something super special, but very immersive. When you’re using these dwemer lifts, now there is animation of the lift before the loading screen. Nice.
34. [OPTIONAL] Hot Hunters Jacuzzi – It makes the Hunters Jacuzzi area more interesting, makes NPCs and yourself to have naked bath!
35. [OPTIONAL] Mainland Stalhrim – Stalhrim Outside Solstheim – Special Edition – It adds veins of Stalhrim ore to over 30 locations spread all across the mainland of Skyrim.
36. [OPTIONAL] Old Dusty travels again – Very useful mod for complete the Dragonborn DLC, since you need a lot back and forward traveling, between Raven Rock and Tel Mithrynf. This mods helps to making the travels super fast.
37a. [OPTIONAL] Treasure Hunter – A nice mod that adds “treasure hunting”, lot places to go and investigate – and loot!
37b. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim Unique Treasures – This mod adds A LOT UNIQUE items all over Skyrim!
38. [OPTIONAL] Redoran’s Retreat Reborn – Redoran’s Retreat is a small set of caves to the northwest of Whiterun home to bandits.
39a. [OPTIONAL] Solstheim Lighthouse – Adds a lighthouse to Raven Rock.
39b. [OPTIONAL] Solstheim – Skaal Fishing Camp – Adds a small Skaal fishing camp.
40. [OPTIONAL] The Raven of Raven Rock SE – That Solstheim port’s name is “Raven”… so, this mod created an actual stone/rock raven over the port-town! There is a esl version of the mod, meaning you SAVING AN ESP SLOT!
41. [OPTIONAL] Helgen Hallway Rebuilt – After Alduin’s attack in Helgen town, you remember how much he destroyed the place. As you escaping through Helgen’s Keep, you’ll cross the hallway collapsing after Alduin’s hits. Even if you’ll use the fine Helgen Reborn mod, you won’t have this corridor re-build (don’t know why Helgen Reborn didn’t fix that). This mod here, does that – fixing the collapsed corridor.
You can also check mnikjom‘s mods, he made A LOT NEW LOCATIONS mods. CHECK HERE!
And now some clutter mods, to start building your clutter base line.
Again, for MO2 users, to install manually mods you simply clicking on the “File-CD” icon (second from left, upper bar) and navigating to find the mod from the directory you kept it. Also, even if they are packed for Nexus, some mods are NOT packed well, so in MO2 you may find (after automatically downloading a mod) that a pop-up appeared and you need to right-click on the Data folder and set it as Data folder – and you’ll get a message Looks good to be sure everything are fine.
1. [OLDRIM] HD Misc – Install it via the green “+” button up on the left side bar of ΝΜΜ!
2. High Quality Food and Ingredients – Is been ported to SSE now (the guide was using the “Oldrim” one).
3. LH’s HD Chopping Block Wood/Logs/Firewood Remaster – Just go to this sites’ MODS tab and check into FORESTS OF DIBELLA for these files; I haven’t a specific mod page for this here.
4. LH’s HD DirtCliffs Remaster – Retexturing these cliffs, that most people ignoring.
5. LH’s HD Chopping Execution Block – A retexturing of that executor’s chopping block. I didn’t made a specific page for this, I have the files into the FORESTS OF DIBELLA page! Go there, in THIS SITE and get the Clutter files.
6. LH’s HD Noble Bed & Pillow 2K & 4K – Get the files from THIS SITE. Just check the Mods tab!
7. LH’s HD Leather 4K – You can have now HD all your leather stuff you keep dealing with in the game. Get the files from THIS SITE. Just check the Mods tab!
8. LH’s HD Oil Puddle 2K & 4K – A retexturing of the dungeons’ oil pools. Get your favorite file from THIS SITE. Just check the Mods tab!
9. Animated Clutter SSE – This mod adds animations to several objects that the player is able to interact with, but would originally have no animations.


TOP PRIORITY step for my Skyrim. This step here is the one I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT of all. After a while, when you’ll have many hours adventuring in a perfect “eyecandy” gorgeous Skyrim… what remains is… the perfect gameplay, the perfect experience!

These mods usually are quite or heavy scripted, depending how much big impact/changes are doing to the game! So, be careful a lot with these and DON’T OVER-DO IT with them, don’t install TOO MANY – just pick your favorites mods.
0a.1. [OPTIONAL] Immersive Movement – This mod… changes A LOT stuff in Skyrim. So, read a lot the description and the Post tab, before you’ll try it. This mod alters the player, NPC, animal, and creature movements to make your gameplay feel more believable, realistic, and consequentially more immersive. Many tweaks have been made for realism, some for a little extra challenge, and a few inspired by lore… If you’ll use (further down in the Guide) the Wildcat mod, then you should install too the following patch.
0a.2. [OPTIONAL] Wildcat Combat and Immersive Movement compatibility patch – Obviously you figured what this is. A patch to run properly together the previous mod and the popular combat Wildcat mod. OF COURSE you’ll install this patch AFTER you install Wildcat, okay?
0b. [OPTIONAL] The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE – A massive world overhaul mod for Skyrim, fps friendly. TPOS Complete had been revamped, corrected, optimised, expanded upon and is a no compromise mod which I have developed for immersive pleasure and game play. Is a FULL-COMPLETE-TOTAL  CONVERSION of Skyrim world, so you need understand that this is not a small affair. You will need to start a new game, or download the save game files the author has provided for you in the download area. Your game will start just before the cave exit at Helgen. Open console type in showracemenu and alter the character as you wish. This save is clean, no other mods loaded only the default game. If you use this file you can load the mod straight away following the load order advice. If you’re starting a new game from the default intro, wait before you enable this mod and finish the Helgen escape.
1. Skyrim Is Windy – Main file AND the patch for Simply Bigger Trees if you’re using that mod.
2. [OPTIONAL] Blowing in the Wind – Main file. BEWARE during FOMOD to choose the SPECIAL EDITION because the LE is been pre-selected by default! Activate it AFTER ALL major overhaul mods (the Helgen Reborn  also should be included)! Activate it LAST of all.
3a. The Notice Board SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 269] – Seriously, one of the top mods I don’t ever leave out of my list. The main file. Probably, after we placed (in previous step) these amazing ropes textures/meshes, you’ll see (at least in Riverwood) that the pole’s rope is visible a bit through the message board. That can be fixed only via the Creation Kit (to open and move a bit out the board). It can also be moved via CONSOLE COMMAND.
3b. [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Missives – Adds a similar message board like the previous mod. It’s newer mod, therefore there is support from the author. It’s an “Oldrim” mod, so it needs to be saved in SSE Creation Kit and it’s meshes to be converted via SSE NifOptimizer.
4a. Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim – A superb combat overhaul mod, that you can’t miss it. The main file. You could use this one… or the previous one… or BOTH of them since now there is an Optional file PATCH to working properly Wildcat + Smilodon together! Pick your choice!
4b. [OPTIONAL] Smilodon – Combat of Skyrim – This is great combat mod. Firstly, it was incompatible with the Wildcat mod that follows but now there is a PATCH in Wildcat page to combo both these superb combat mods! The main file.
5. [OPTIONAL] Realistic AI Detection SE – The first main file. You can play around with the rest optional files for extra immersion.
6. [OPTIONAL] VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 310] – Main file.
7. [OPTIONAL] No BS AI Projectile Dodge – Supposed to remove the “Spiderman sense” of enemies (that dodging your shot), when you shooting arrows to them.
8a. [OPTIONAL] Mortal Enemies SE– Extra combat mod. No much conflicts wih other mods. One of the main files and the update for Realistic Animals and Predators mod. It makes combat really challenging.
8b. [OPTIONAL] Realistic Melee Range – Another great melee combat mod, load it after the major mods like Smilodon or Wildcat.
8c. [OPTIONAL] Deadly Combat – This used to be very popular combat mod in “Oldrim”; now is here, in SSE. It’s compatible with most of the usual SSE combat mods like Smilodon or Wildcat. For Ordinator you need the patch to install too. Requires to install first the Modern Brawl Bug Fix too!
8d. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim for Veterans – This mod Balance all perks, spells, enchantments and effects that are gamebreaking or useless. Prepare yourself for a new challenging game!
9a. [OPTIONAL] ABT SE – Arrows and Bolts Tweaks SSE – This mod changes a lot values about archery, using bows or crossbows. It’s very good mod, it improves a lot the game playing as archer. During the “FOMOD” choose:

  1. In the first screen, Next. In the second screen, Customize
  2. In the third, choose Vanilla Names [No Increased Dmg]… +5 Units Deeper… None
  3. In the fourth screen select Faster Arrows=+10%… Faster Bolts=+25%…Recover Ammo=[+35%]
  4. In next screen, select Loot Ammo=50% More Loot… Merchants Arrows=50% More Stock
  5. In the final screen press Finish

9b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Ultimate Spinning Arrows – Without any esp plugin, you can convert this mod to SSE (via Nif Optimizer SSE) and you’ll have spinning arrows!
9c. [OPTIONAL] Archery – Fastest arrows/bolts and real gravity, for sensations closer to a real bow, craftable Warbow – a longbow with more damage on par with the imperial bow. The purpose of this mod is not to give you the speed and flat trajectory of a gun bullet, but to approach the feel of a real bow.
10. SkyTEST – Realistic Animals and Predators – Main file.
11. [OPTIONAL] SkyTEST – Harder Creatures – Makes enemies REALLY hard! Use it after you played a lot the game and you are in a high level. The main file.
12a. [OPTIONAL] Serio’s Enhanced Dragons – Adds MORE immersion to the Dragons; its an additional/extra mod to add for making the dragons super bad-@ss creatures.
12b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Elemental Dragons Special Edition – Same as above. Make your choice.
12c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Enhanced Mighty Dragons V4 – Like the two previous, choose ONE of them, not combo them.
12d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Simply Stronger Dragons (SSD) SE [ATTENTION] – Making dragons more lethal. During the FOMOD make your choice. I tested a lot this mod, is nice with the regular dragons (making them stronger) BUT concerning about ALDUIN it makes him simply IMMORTAL – no matter what options you’ll make!
12e. [OPTIONAL] Realistic Impacts – Making the large creatures (like Mammoth or Dragons) to knock you down with their blows. (Check the previous or the following mods, because some of them providing this feature).
12f. [OPTIONAL] KS Dragon Combat SE – Makes the dragons seriously bad-@ss creatures!
13. More Werewolves – Adds a lot werewolves attacks. Let’s face it, in Skyrim we have too many vampires all over the region. But, werewolves? Not too many. The main file.
14. [OPTIONAL] Bloodmoon Rising SSE Edition Werewolf Overhaul – A werewolves skills/attributes overhaul. Must have, for those they like to play as “beasts”.
15. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Female Vampires Have Fangs – Main file. You may use this mod or the new I placed to the guide, not both.
16. [OPTIONAL] True BatForm – Just amazing! This mod gives that super unique effect we’ve seen in movies – vampires transforming to bats and flying all over and re-transforming themselves to human form, as much & as often they can! The main file.
(There is also an Optional file, giving you the ability to transform to bats EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT vampire – but that’s not realistic, so I don’t recommending that).
17. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Vampiric Thirst Redone SSE – It’s a similar mod like the previous one for the vampires.
18. [OPTIONAL] Not the Immersive Bees – Strange but immersive mod. Adds… attacking bees into the game!
19. Immersive Patrols SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 120] – Main file.
20a. NPCs Travel – Adds a lot NPCs all over Skyrim. There are options to the users, for the number of these spawned NPCs.
20b. Travellers of Skyrim – Travelers SSE – Similar mod with the previous two ones, completes the “combo” with the previous two mods.
20c. [OPTIONAL] Dominion’s More Not-Nords All in One – This mod is a MERGED esp of all Dominion’s mods. You can see in the mod’s page all the mods (and their links). So, you simply installing all these mods and then THIS MOD here… and finally you DELETING all the esp files from the mods you installed and you keeping this “All in One” here. Not bad, hey?
20d. [OPTIONAL] Bunch Of Wanderers SE – The mod adds over 300 persistent NPCs that you’ll meet on your travels. They will fight wild beasts, die to bandits, and get wrecked by dragons. With this mod, you’re not the only adventurer in Skyrim. These NPCs are not re-spawned. If they’ll die, they’ll stay dead. Unique NPCs!
20e. [OPTIONAL] More Sovngarde NPCs From Morrowind – Bloodmoon – Oblivion – Skyrim – It adds more NPCs to Sovngarde. However, not just any old NPC… the NPCs added are characters of past Elder Scroll titles, chiefly… TESIII: Bloodmoon Expansion and from TES: Oblivion. For those familiar and have played through the Bloodmoon Expansion, ALL those slaughted by the Udyrfrykte at Thirsk reappear in Sovngarde as an example. Obviously, this mod is simply an “eyecandy”; adds several heroes to the Nords’ Heaven, which you WON’T RETURN after you defeat Alduin.
21. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION – Main file. It’s a COMPACT FULL mod and immersing every corner of the Skyrim world! Load the mod AS MUCH AS HIGH in your loading list! Use this one or the previous three mods. (I would recommend you to choose the previous three ones). As alternative option, you can find (through the mod’s page) the individual STAND ALONE mods – and choose exactly what you want to populate (you may don’t like to have EVERYTHING populated). Personally, I’m using THIS & THAT mods.
22. OBIS SE – Organized Bandits [HEAVY SCRIPT: 140] – Main file and the NoticeBoard Patrol Addon Option files. Personally I stopped using this mod, after the last few updates. It became SUPER HEAVY SCRIPTED and also it “forcing” you to start new game.
After this new VERY BIG update of this mod you’ll need NEW GAME to apply these new mod’s updates or YOUR SAVES WILL BE CORRUPTED !!!
23. [OPTIONAL] Sands of Time Sleeping Encounters – This mod adds “flags” to all locations, to make the places much more dangerous to simply lay down and take a nap! So, now, it would be seriously STUPID to sleep in a cave or dungeon (over 75% to get an encounter during your sleep)!
24. [OPTIONAL] Better Creature Loot – Change the looting from creature to more realistic. For example, you killing a sabrecat and the loot gives you …one eye? What the hell? Are sabrecats…cyclops or something?
25. [OPTIONAL] Convenient Horses [HEAVY SCRIPT: 535] – “Amazing Follower Tweaks”, but for horses! A very good mod, very good indeed! Just been ported to SSE, is very new (in SSE). If you’re using the Amazing Follower Tweaks, there are few issues and conflicts (because AFT also has options for horses). Check it, is the best horses mod!
26. [OPTIONAL] Portable Alchemy – Although I’m not a mage type player, I think this mod here is very immersive and useful. Now, you don’t have to travel somewhere and find an Alchemy bench, you have it in your back-pack and you can create potions while traveling!
27. OPTIONAL] Alterna SE – Adds 5 new spells to the game, followers and a giant robot!
28. LvxMagick’s – More Books Please – Adds more (a lot) new skill books.
29. [OPTIONAL] Thunderchild – Epic Shouts and Immersion – Adds MANY, I mean it… many-many new shouts available for “Dovahkiin”, to learn them! Very interesting mod.
30. [OPTIONAL] Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorption – This mod adds a superb cinematic scene when Dovahkiin is absorbing a dragon soul!
31. [OPTIONAL] Shout – A Complete Immersive and Dynamic Overhaul of all Shouts – Superb overhaul of all Dragonborn’s shouts!
32a. [OPTIONAL] Super Simple Lock Bash – This mod here is letting you SMASH DOWN a locked door or lock! Since you’ll play as a true warrior, you’ll need this mod to break down the locks.
32b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Lock Overhaul [SKSE64] – It’s similar with the previous mod… and it isn’t! It’s actually a total lock overhaul (as the title says), it changes a lot stuff in the lock system. This mod needs the SKSE64 scripter.
33. [OPTIONAL] Valuables Worth Stealing – Changed the value of many items, so makes sense now to… steal & sell them!
34a. [OPTIONAL] Decorator Helper – What this mod does? Giving you a “spell” and with it, you can MOVE/ROTE/RESIZE almost everything in Skyrim, other mods’ stuff included! So, it’s a very interesting mod, not only to “decorate” your houses or so, but to move small clipping issues, or resize something bigger, or… Try it.
34b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Jaxonz Positoner Converted [SKSE64] – As you may guessed, its a similar mod (better) as the previous one but it needs the SKSE64 scripter.
34c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Placeable Statics – Move Anything
35. [OPTIONAL] Imperial Post – Adds breaking news messages from the Imperial authorities!
36a. [OPTIONAL] Convenient Carriages – Adds carriages services to the smaller settlements too. It’s compatible with USSEP and Expanded Carriage Service mods. The Optional file, since you’ll install (later) the Immersive Citizens – and of course you’ll put it BELLOW it.
36b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Touring Carriages – Ride wagon from cities, towns, and settlements, with vanilla recorded commentary. Replacement for Scenic Carriages & Real Carriages mods with many additional features.
37. [OPTIONAL] Daedric Cults of Skyrim – Adds Daedric cults to some of the shrines in Skyrim.
38a. Quick Light SE – That’s the alternative for the previous mod, if you’re running SKSE64. This one here REQUIRES the SKSE64 to function. It’s almost the same mode, you can have lantern for your light or magic light spell.
38b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Wearable Lanterns [HEAVY SCRIPT: 385] [ATTENTION] – To me, one of the most important mods! IT DOESN’T WORKING WITH SKSE64 INSTALLED! The author needs to UPDATE the mod, but seems he’s gone from Nexus long time ago – therefore I’m NOT SUPPORTING it any more.
39. [OPTIONAL] SM Drop Lit Torches – Makes your character to automatically drop a torch he/she holding, when trying to draw a two-handed weapon or there is no spare hand to hold the torch.
40. [OPTIONAL] Fixed body collision – Do you find annoying walking… through dead bodies of animals, beasts, dragons or humans? It’s because Bethesda have disabled the body collision by default. This mod here, is fixing that – if you need/want it.
41. Protect your People – PyP – This mod adds “flags” to the most important NPCs, so now after a vampire attack or dragon or bandits raid, the important NPCs won’t die. Main file & the Optional file – or just the LAST Optional file (it’s a merged file of these two!).
So, the author finally made it write, he converted it properly and now is in form44 (SSE). If you upgrading from older version, do this: Use console command stopquest pyp_legendary and then save and exit game. DELETE PyP_Legendary.esp and
PyP_Legendary.seq and replace legendary with cuttingroomfloor for the CRF plugin.
42. No NPC Greetings – Main file.
43. [OPTIONAL] No More Standing Too Close SSE – A simple mod, that removes that ridiculous “Huh?” and the move-back from a NPC when you’re closing too much on him/her.
44. [OPTIONAL] Vendor Comments – This mod adds comments to the store/shop owners, when you’re buying things. They’re not silent any more.
45. Multiple Floors Sandboxing – Main file.
46. [OPTIONAL] More Tavern Idles – Have you ever seen, especially after you overhaul the citizens, that Skyrim’s Inns are full of people but most of them… doing nothing but walking around pointless? Well, that mod aims to change that, by adding more “markers” to the NPCs and to the “sandbox”.
Place it BELLOW the Immersive Citizens and ABOVE any interior lighting mod.
47. [OPTIONAL] Tavern Games – Mini Games in Skyrim – That’s an interesting mod. You’re entering an Inn, to get some information, to find someone, bla-bla-bla. Okay… and then, what? Usually, people that entering a tavern or inn or a bar, they’re having fun. So, this mod adds “games” – as we see in most of regular bars or establishments.
48. [OPTIONAL] People are Strange – Nice mod, very immersive. Makes all NPCs strangers. Meaning, when you’re placing the mouse on the, there is a “?” symbol, not the name of NPC. Makes perfectly sense, since YOU DON’T KNOW the people BEFORE you actually speak to them!
49. ArsMetallica – Smithing Enhancement – Main file. Place the mod after all your weapons and armors mods you’ll install.
50. [OPTIONAL] Honed Metal [SKSE64] – Makes the blacksmiths VERY immersive! They can craft FOR YOU whatever you want (if they have the skill high enough to do it, otherwise find a BETTER craftsman!). The mod can recognize what mods you using and spread the perks properly. LOAD ORDER DOESN’T MATTER!
51. [OPTIONAL] Woodcutter [SKSE64] – That’s a very immersive and useful mod (needs the SKSE64 of course); it gives you the option to cut down ANY tree of Skyrim and get wood logs!!!
The following NPC mods should be placed AFTER the stand-alone NPCs you’ll may install – but be aware, some of them like INIGO or SOFIA can’t be manipulated be these mods – they have their own immersion system (so you need to place these special NPC characters bellow these mods). Read NPCs’ descriptions.

52. [OPTIONAL] Followers Pick Equipment – This interesting mod, makes your follower to pick themselves the equipment and gear-up automatically, without dressing them yourselves. There are new dialogues for that, when you talking to one of your followers.
53. [OPTIONAL] My Home is Your Home [HEAVY SCRIPT: 251] – Useful mod, when you want to send-off a companion but you want him/her “handy” somewhere you’ll remember where he/she’ll be. In some stand-alone followers like Sofia or INIGO it won’t work and probably brake their mod so YOU MAY NEED TO MOVE IT IN YOUR LOADING ORDER and place it in proper order concerning your NPCs.
54a. [OPTIONAL] Amazing Follower Tweaks SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 393] – A new version of the previous mod that is been reported as badly converted to SSE. Just read the mod’s description for further details. THERE ARE PLENTY OPTIONS & PATCHES, so you need to install whatever you USING. Personally, I’m still using the “Oldrim” version without problem.
54b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SSE – This is a version of Amazing Follower Tweaks 1.66 by Dheuster which is been modified into Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks by chinagreenelvis and ported to SSE. This will replace AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp in your load order. The original is not needed. Install the UPDATE files if you using these mods.
Switching from AFT 1.66 and/or updating iAFT mid-game may or may not work and is not recommended.
55. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Auto Unequip Shield to Back – The FIRST main file.
I LOVE it, but it’s very old, outdated, not fixed, with lot of bugs (and conflicts with several mods). The author is disappeared (and doesn’t seems to return), so I placed the “flag” – I’m not using it any more – and is up to you if you want to install it. Also, it caused me a lot issues to my save files. Probably AVOID this one!!!
56. Simple Auto Unequip Ammo – Main file.
57. Simply Knock SSE [SKSE64] – My TOP-1 SKSE mod arrived to SSE. What it does?… You walking to a house late at night. Obviously the door is locked; you clicking on the door and YOU DON’T PICKING the lock, but you can… knock the door as a normal person!!! The house owner will REPLY to you and IF YOU HAVE HIGH LEVEL in the Speach-craft, you can CONVINCE him to let you in!
56. [OPTIONAL] Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim – Andromeda replaces the mundane vanilla Standing Stone effects with two new abilities per stone, enabling many new character builds. Upon discovering all Standing Stones, each of them also grants a unique power.
57. [OPTIONAL] NPC’s Run and Walk at Your Pace – This mod sets the walk and running speed of npcs to that of the player. Now they can keep up with you when running and you can keep up with them when walking.
58. [OPTIONAL] Fertility Mode – An amazing immersive mod, which adding pregnancy in Skyrim!!!! Obviously you need specific skeleton (to use) to see large belly to the females – and the only skeleton that alters belly too is for UNP (not CBBE with belly edited).
59.[OPTIONAL] Better Bosses Of Skyrim – This mod alters the final hard battles and it makes them really really challenging. I’m not suggesting to use this mod if you are still low levels characters.


  1.  Apachii SKYHair SE – All three Main files by this order: Main files v1.6 Full… Females v1.5… Males v1.2. Don’t be confused, the author has placed wrong pics.2a.Immersive Wenches – Main file and the Option files for Apachii hairs and the Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Patch but DON’T ACTIVATE IT yet! It’s recommended to place it in your loading order before anything that changes inns and next to other NPC adding mods.2b.[OPTIONAL] Deadly Wenches – Adds to female/unisex leveled lists more available female NPCs for variety in different factions (bandits, vampires, guards, soldiers, forsworn, etc). They have custom spells, perks, ai and combat classes.And now, it’s time to make a TOTAL OVERHAUL to our NPCs!!! Two choices to pick, I used & tested them both:3a.1. Total Character Makeover – The other choice (which I’m using it, 95% all the time). Superb lore-friendly total overhaul of all NPCs, keeping the “feeling” and look of Skyrim. The TCM mod is compatible almost with EVERYTHING! Personally,as I wrote, I played around a couple of times with WICO, but I turned to TCM (with quite some more additional mods after TCM). Choose the Main file.3a.2. [SIMILAR] Diversity – The  Main file. It’s an extra (additional) “total overhaul” mod, which adds a lot to Total Character Makeover. Will take about… 20 minutes to download it, 5 minutes to install it!… Make coffee!
    After the last updates of this mod you probably 
    DON’T NEED to install the Total Character Makeover mod too! The new Diversity is now using A LOT assets from several mods, like True Eyes (which is removed from Nexus), like WICO or Total Character Makeover and from many other mods. So, you may need to install ONLY THIS MOD!
    [SIMILAR] WICO – Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul [HEAVY SCRIPT] [ATTENTION] – It’s an “All-in-One” mod, indeed! Superb overhaul, at least one step ahead from the rest. BUT!… Big but, indeed… It’s not compatible almost WITH ANYTHING! So, what you see (with WICO), that’s you get – and that’s it. It’s WICO and nothing really much else… or all the rest! Also, very important to me (as visualizer), WICO making all NPCs more like… “Witcher 3” look, not so Skyrim vanilla standard. Also, it’s very painful to properly install it.
    Total Character Makeover – you simply can’t have them both!

    So, after a warning “flag” raised by the user
    xyloritus you may double check THIS for WICO script’s cleaning.4. Feminine Khajiit Textures – Choose the UNP Main file or any other option you like. During FOMOD choose what you like – I’m using the Cat option.
    5a. Feminine Argonian Textures – Choose the UNP Main file or any other option you like. During FOMOD choose what you like – I’m using the Lizard option (I found the other “too much” – very colored).
    5b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Female Dragonic Argonian Textures – It’s a similar mod with the previous one, only this one is making the Argonians more… “Dragonians”! The THIRD main file.
    6a. Muscular Khajiit Textures and Skeleton – This is what I’m using now. The skeleton is a very muscular one, really “beast”! The textures too, are great! If you choose this one, you need textures for the head too from HERE too! It’s amazing Khajiit overhaul, trust me.
    6b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Masculine Khajiit Textures – First, choose based on your system’s power, although I think 2K textures are perfectly good enough for all. The hotfix file too! During FOMOD choose what you did for the females.
    7a. Male Dragonic Argonian Textures – It’s a similar mod with the one that follows, only this one is making the Argonians more… “Dragonians”! The FORTH main file. I turned myself to this one, instead the next.
    7b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Masculine Argonian Textures – Choose based on your system’s power. During FOMOD choose what you did for the females.
    8a. Improved Eyes Skyrim – A lovely mod that super overhauling all races’ eyes. You may CHECK IT FIRST before you download it because it changes A LOT important NPC’s eyes (like Serana’s for example) and if you following the Guide and change next these characters YOU MAY LOOSE these fine eyes from this mod here.
    8b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] The Witcher 3 Eyes SE – An additional mod for eyes retexturing. Main file.
    8c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Natural Eyes SSE – Another additional mod for eyes retexturing. I’ve used it few times, but I’m still prefer the above one.
    8d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Monster Eyes – An amazing mod, but is stand-alone (no-replacer) mod. Of course you can RENAME the files yourselves and dropped them into your Data – and replace your NPCs’ eyes.
    8e. [OPTIONAL] Demon Eyes Retex – The vanilla demon eyes are… simply flat-black (“what a surprise” from Bethesda! Why to add more DETAILS to these… “minor” elements?). This mod here CHANGES that and makes the demon eyes… demonic! Try it, is lovely mod.
    9. Eye Normal Map Fix – Τhe FIRST Main file.
    10a. Better Males Remesh for Skyrim SE – Τhe Main file. During FOMOD choose what you like but don’t use the Face textures – you already have superb faces from the other mods you already installed.
    I took permission from the author ratrace (all credits to him for this remarkable mod)and I used the male2K skin to combine it with theSkySight Skins(check bellow) and made my own skin – I upload it here in Guide’s Files Tab! Enjoy! Is compatible with the Better Males – since I’m using this mod! 
    10b. [OPTIONAL] SkySight Skins – Ultra HD 4K 2K Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes – Probably the most SUPER AMAZING textures for all males! Superb resolution (even SUPER HIGH resolution, for… NASA computers!) but… they’re NOT NUDE textures if you choose these textures you’ll have your males with underwear. The FIRST Main file.
    I took permission from the author fadingsignal (all credits to him for this amazing skin mod)and I used the male2K skin to combine it with the Better Males(above) and made my own skin – I upload it here in Guide’s Files Tab! Enjoy!
    10c. [OPTIONAL] Tempered Skins for Males – Optional textures mod for Better Males mod, there are A LOT options to choose from, dirty or not bodies, hairy or not, aged or not, etc!
    11a. UNP Blessed Body SE – That’s the popular additional mod for the UNP body, with the difference that this mod makes the female breasts bigger. If you chose this body type (UNPB), that means from now on you have to choosing UNPB options for everything about female armors/clothes, etc. During the FOMOD you may choose STATIC or TBBP body type, which means that you may have bunching breasts and butts!
    11b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILARUNP Female Body Renewal – Τhe FIRST Main file. During the FOMOD choose:

    • In First screen choose the Pinup option. 
    • In the Second choose what you want (about bunching butts & breasts). 
    • In the Third I choosing the Nude option. 
    • In the Fourth choose the 3rd option (don’t matter, if you install the textures mods that follows). 
    • In the Fifth I choosing the 2nd option. 
    • In the final option, I’m choosing the TWO FIRST options. 

    During the FOMOD you may choose 
    STATIC or TBBP body type, which means that you may have bunching breasts and butts!
    11c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless – SSE – That’s an alternative mod, similar to the previous one. It changing the model/meshes and textures for the females, to UNP body. A lot choices, during the FOMOD.
    12a. Mature Skin Texture and Body – Get the THIRD Main UNP(b) file. During FOMOD choose:

    • In first screen press the Next button. 
    • In second screen I suggesting medium resolution unless you have a “monster” PC (like me). 
    • In the third screen choose UNP unless you used the UNPB previously. 
    • In forth choose what you like – I’m choosing the Medium option. 
    • In fifth screen ONLY the lips & complexions – NOT the additional complexions option!
    • In sixth screen choose what you did before (“Medium”? So, “Mature” here). 
    • In seventh whatever you like – I’m choosing Natural & Moles/Scars – and install the mod.

    [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Pride of Valhalla – Super HD Skin Set – Since I’ve been asked about alternative female skin mod, this is my personal favorite alternative mod for making the female NPCs gorgeous! Still, I’m using the previous mod – I think is the very best of all. But, this one here also is super amazing! Use Midgard or Niflheim and obviously UNP; choose regarding your system’s power.
    13. [OPTIONAL] NMUBS SE – If you installed the previous mod, you may need this mod too. These files where available during the UNP body install you did previously but the Mature Skin is doing overwrite. I made already my own textures (simple 3 squares textures) and I uploaded to the Files tab.

    With the new UNP Female Body Renewal, you can have the NMUBS from there – no need this anymore.

    14. [OPTIONAL] Consistent Old People – An extra mod, that makes the elder more realistic old people. I suggesting, to ENTER FIRST INTO THE GAME and check yourselves the elders (there are few in Riverwood) and if you like them as they are, pass this mod. I’m personally using it, I love it!
    UPDATED: You don’t need it if you install the Diversity since as I wrote to the mod’s description, now that mod using a lot other mods’ assets and ALREADY have the Consistent Old People module!
    15. Beards – Choose what resolution you want. I’m using the recommended .

    Bijin Warmaidens SE – This Mod changes the appearances of: Lydia, Jordis, Iona, Aela, Mjoll, Uthgerd, Ria, Frea, Rayya, Njada, Annekke, Adelaisa, Jenassa, Illia, Delphine, Ingjard, Aranea, Eola, Borgakh, Brelyna, Beleval and Ugor. This Mod is STANDALONE which means no other mods required. Install it via your mod manager and chose ALL IN ONE choice during FOMOD not manually each lady!
    17b. Bijin NPCs SE – This mod will change the appearances of: Vex, Sapphire, Irileth, Rikke, Hulda, Lisette, Carlotta, Karliah, Tonilia, Adrianne, Ingun, Maven, Gerdur and Idgrod the younger. This Mod is STAND ALONE which means no other mods required. Install it via your mod manager and choose ALL IN ONE choice during FOMOD not manually each lady!
    17c. Bijin Wives SE – This Mod changes the appearances of: Camilla Valerius, Ysolda, Sylgja, Temba, Taarie, Muiri, Senna, Grelka and Morwen (DB). This Mod is STANDALONE which means no other mods required. Install it via your mod manager and choose ALL IN ONE choice during FOMOD not manually each lady!
    After you installed all these three mods, install also the Optional Bijin AIO SE for USSEP file (you can find it in ANY of the previous three mods Optional Files section). And now DISABLE ALL THREE esps – the Bijin Warmaidens.esp, Bijin Wives.esp & Bijin NPCs.esp – in your mod mamager! You no longer need any of these esp files! REMEMBER, MO2 users… you disabling the esp files on the RIGHT SIDE panel of MO2, not on the left!
    18. [OPTIONAL] The Men of Winter SSE – This is an additional mod to change different some memorable male NPCs. Personally I tried in “Oldrim” and wasn’t my flavor, but you can use it. Make sure thefacegen is deleted fromDiversitybefore installing this mod.
    19. [OPTIONAL] Fangs and Eyes – A Vampire Appearance Mod – If you’re playing as vampire, you may want to install that mod too. There are several main files to choose from. You may choose this mod here or the previous mod I have in the guide – THIS mod. This or that, not both.
    After a user’s correction this mod actually CHANGES ALL VAMPIRES‘ appearance – NPCs included!
    20. [OPTIONAL] Cicero Female SE – That character, Cicero, is one of the most interesting in vanilla game. But, I always hated how Bethesda created him so ridiculous! I like this version here – it’s a replacer, not a stand-alone. Meaning, you’ll have a girl Cicero, not a man. Unfortunately, the author of this mod HASN’T CHANGED THE SPEECH LINES too of this character – meaning, you’ll have female Cicero speaking like… truck-driver (male)!
    21a. [OPTIONAL] Realistic Hair Colors – Changing the hair colors to more natural. It’s compatible with the vanilla hair styles and all hair mods (as author’s claims). I did check it and truly IT DOES changing a bit the colors (perhaps my ENB is showing the colors different, as they probably changed from this mod). CHOOSE THE OPTIONAL FILE to get this mod and another mod (pale skin tone) of the same author!
    21b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Superior Lore-Friendly Hair HD Textures – Amazing textures for the vanilla hair. Must have mod!
    22. [OPTIONAL] Dawnguard Sentries Plus SE – Adds unique (they don’t re-spawn!) Dawnguard men to cities, guarding them from vampires’ attacks.
    23. [OPTIONAL] Seductive Lips HD SE – Extra small mod, making the female lips… truly gorgeous to kiss them!
    26a. [OLDRIM] RUSTIC CHILDREN – You may not want to use one of the MAJOR kids overhaul mods that follows and perhaps you want the vanilla style kids, but far far better looking of course. If you do, you may choose THIS “oldrim” mod – but of course you need to CONVERT THE MESHES FILES with the Nif Optimizer SSE tool (extreme easy, one-click job, takes 1-2 seconds).

    • IF YOU WANT TO INSTALL IT NOW (and not last, as I’m usually suggesting to do for the following major kids mods), then you may choose the FIFTH main file (a full overhaul, body/head/clothes) – and you need to convert the meshes with the tool I mentioned.
    • If you going to install it last or at least after you install the armors/clothes mods – and you install the RUSTIC CLOTHES mod, then you may choose the SECOND main file (only body/head, the clothes will be from the RUSTIC CLOTHING mod) – and you don’t need the tool, is just textures.

    [OPTIONAL] RS Children Overhaul SE – This is a TOTAL kids’ overhaul mod! The main file. During FOMOD choose:

    • Choose the Default and not the Playable Children option. 
    • Next choose the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch although you may re-run the mod (and re-install it), if there is a bug with kids’ faces (“potato” glossy dark heads)! If so, re-run & re-install the mod and choose also the Override patch. 
    • In next screen choose the Loose FaceGen data in case you may have “dark faces”. 

    Generally, is a pain in the @ass mod, has A LOT conflicts with everything, but it’s worth it. For the loading order
    the master file should be ON TOP (even ON TOP of USSEP mod)! All the rest plugins AS MUCH AS LOWER in your loading order list!
    26b.2. [OPTIONAL] RS Children Patch Compendium – That’s a complete collection of patches for the previous mod.
    26c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] The Kids Are Alright SE – After long “demand” of several users, I updated the guide adding this additional mod for the kids. As you may figured out already, this mod does exactly the very same thing as the above one, it’s a total kids’ overhaul. Some (many) users believes this one here (which is also newer mod) is far better. Your choice to figure out (I’m still using the previous one). Install the FIRST main file and every Option file you have to install, like the patch for Cutting Room Floor or Falskaar mods.
    Generally, all NPC/character mods should be placed AS MUCH AS LOWER in your loading order list and kids mods the VERY LAST!
    There are a lot other mods to add, but we already made a very total overhaul, so don’t screw up the NPCs with other additional mods.


  1. Okay, let’s cut the “B-S”! “Dovahkiin” is nice, good & bold, but with so many and hard enemies, not even… Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Predator” could handle all these threats by HIMSELF alone! So, we need few companions with us. Yes, there are some (many) vanilla companions, but also there are few great stand-alone. Lets see them…1. [ATTENTION] Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower [HEAVY SCRIPT: 360] – She’s funny, probably talks too much (annoying some times – you can DISABLE her talking via the SKSE MCM menu of SkyUI), she use magic as well with her melee attack, but most of all… she has UNLIMITED amount of carrying capacity! Meaning, you can give her an… entire castle’s staff to carry! The Main file. After installing her, install also THIS MOD to overhaul/change her look.ATTENTION:
    I seriously like a lot Sofia, for several reasons (especially her unlimited carrying capacity). But, this mod is “ancient”, seriously outdated, a lot buggy, very heavy scripted and quite some times causes issues. So, you my pass it.2. Recorder – Standalone Fully Voiced Follower – Main file. After installing her, go and get the “odrim” mod that changes here look. She originally looks so ridiculous “Manga-Japanese”; with THIS MOD she looks as a gorgeous Nord lady!3. Buxom Wench Yuriana – Tank Healer Support Follower – Okay, forget the… ultra look of her (her creator gave new meaning to the word “busty-booty”! Lol!). Yuriana is amazing melee attack fighter, she’s HEALING YOU during battles and she’s SUMMON a “ghost” to aid you in battle! Not bad at all, isn’t it? The Main file and the Optional file for her hair – I think the new hairstyle is by far better.After I took permission from the creator of Yuriana lordkoz (all credits to him), I made my own skin & eyes for her!
    Now, Yuriana looks more “real” (with few… cellulite marks & stretch lines! lol!), with more “lovely” nipples, with tattoos on her body, etc! Also, since we have thousand of BLUE EYES NPCs… and since GREEN EYES are rare, I made her green-eye lady! If you like this additional textures for her, you can download them from this Guide’s Files tab!4a. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Superb Serana Special Edition  – Yeah, she’s a vanilla companion, not a stand alone. But this mod here is a TOTAL overhaul of the Vampire Princess Serana. Don’t know about you, but I love her, she’s amazing character. But… even so… her vanilla look is terrible! She looks like a… 45 years old… brothel house owner! With this mod… okay… I’ll let her biting me all day, 24/7!!!! SHE LOOKS SOOOO GORGEOUS, simply amazing! Just check the mod’s pics and… pick your jaw from the ground! Select the SECOND main file.After I took permission from the creator of Superb Serana Excelsior2000 (all credits to him), I made my own skin & eyes for her! Now, Serana has lovely nipples (no scars or… cellulite marks or so, since she’s vampire!), she has nice tattoos too – even her HOUSE-CLAN emblem – and she has even more superb eyes textures. If you like these textures, you may download them from this Guide’s Files tab!ATTENTION:
    After a user report (thxs very much ebkidd for the “flag”!), I’ve checked the mod too and seems it’s been badly converted to SSE via the Creation Kit and the mod’s file STILL IS in form43 instead of form44 (SSE). So, you may need to PASS this mod or convert it… or you may ask ME to send it to you (I have converted it in form44).
    4b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Sensuous Serana – It’s an alternative stand alone mod for Serana, if you won’t try the previous mod.
    4c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Kreia – This is a gorgeous model which you can use it as stand-alone follower or REPLACE SERANA appearance instead!
    5. INIGO [HEAVY SCRIPT: 153] – Probably the TOP of all stand-alone followers! A TOTAL AMAZING work from a very talent creator, gave this result: an amazing character, even more amazing (by far) with all vanilla NPCs! I’m not using him because simply I want… female lovely companions among me, not a… standing cat (hahaha). DON’T using him with the Amazing Follower Tweaksbecause that mod will TOTALLY BREAK this mod here. But, as I wrote he’s the TOP OF ALL follower, you can’t miss him.
    6. [OPTIONAL] Ambriel – The Lost Princess [HEAVY SCRIPT: 308] – She’s a gorgeous blond she-Elf princess, immortal, superb fighter, sorcerer, eventually… “Dragonborn” herself too (!) and she has an amazing quest (a very… StarWars quest! You’ll cross paths even with… Darth Vader! I shit you not!) The main file.
    7a. [OPTIONAL] Serana and Claire – We already have Serana. With this here, we can have her friend & companion, the female vampire Claire. YOU MAY CHOOSE SERANA TOO if you haven’t installed any mod yet for Serana.
    7b. [OPTIONAL] Seranaholic – That’s another overhaul mod for Serana’s appearance, but ALSO for her mother too!!! So, pick from here the SECOND Main file (Valerica) and if you like the THIRD Optional file too!
    8. [OPTIONAL] The Huntress Reborn – Aela replacer – An amazing overhaul of this huntress NPC! Obviously, it will ask for overwriting (especially after the Bijins mod you installed – if you did).
    9. [OPTIONAL] BonkuraYarou no DawnGuard and DragonBorn NPC Final – Great overhaul of these NPCs. Look out, it will change some NPCs you already edited (like Serana), so you probably need to REMOVE some of these NPCs via xEdit.
    10. [OPTIONAL] Metalsabers Beautiful Ladies of Skyrim – Changes some extra female NPCs, that other mods (like Bijins) are not changing them. You must install also the UNP-UNPB 2K Skin Textures because without it you will have blue skin texture on few NPCs!
    11. [OPTIONAL] Adrian – Standalone Follower – A nice MALE follower, since we are full of females. So, ladies, you can pick/install this Nord fellow, he’s a combination of knight and mage.
    12. [OPTIONAL] Nikal the Master Vampire – Another MALE follower, obviously from the mod’s name you figured he’s a Vampire Master, with all the skills and abilities of a strong vampire.
    13. [OPTIONAL] Jeremy – Ice Mage / Healer – Yet another MALE follower; as you figured from the mod’s name he’s a mage/healer.
    14. [OPTIONAL] Ral Master of the Thu’um – Another MALE follower. He’s a powerful Nord Paladin.
    15. [OPTIONAL] Nemain – Custom Voice Follower SSE – A lovely/gorgeous Nordic female fighter, is waiting you to the abandon house of the Morthal city. Now with better/new outfit and weapons.
    16.[OPTIONAL] The Rise of the White Wolf – A nice attempt to insert the Witcher 3 hero to Skyrim world. Nice character, great outfit and weapons, almost alike the Witcher 3’s character.
    17.[OPTIONAL] Kaidan – Fully Voice Follower – A standalone follower with over 800 lines of dialogue and marriage quest-line professionally voiced by Daniel Matthew Lemon actor. Kaidan can be found in the Abandoned Prison (from Live Another Life mod) and becomes a follower once freed instantly (even before you start the game at all).


  1. LOOT, is a tool that shorts the right loading order of your mods’ list. It does a good job, but it’s not “divine God action”, doesn’t making miracles. You ALSO need to MANUALLY fix/change (a lot) your mods’ loading order (places, positions) through the tab “Plugin” and from there, with the arrows, you’ll have to correct some (or many) mods’ loading order. At this time, we’ll short our list ONE TIME (now) with LOOT and we’ll leave it, for the moment.1. LOOT – Get the tool, run the installer and install LOOT in the VERY SAME DISK you installed the game! DO NOT get the LOOT from the Nexus site, get it from the official page of the tool. BEFORE you’ll run the tool (via NMM), check if ALL your mods are enabled in the “Plugins” tab. Then, run the LOOT…
    • After installed LOOT, close NMM, re-open it and now you’ll have the tool enable in the Supported Tools and check THIS PICTURE
    • Click on LOOT icon to run it. After it will be opened, click on the “three horizontal bars” icon, up right is the Short Plugins
    • After LOOT is finished, a new WHITE button will be appeared next to the “three bars” icon, is the APPLY  Click on it and apply.

    Every time you’ll run LOOT you’ll see also messages. If there is only one (saying about LOOT edtion/version), you’re fine. Place your mods into “categories” – in your mind or on a paper. THESE “categories” have specifically order to be loaded. Generally, this is the CORRECT ORDER for all your mods you’ll install (starting from top after the main official plugins):

    • Patches and bug fixes (like USSEP, Cutting Room Floor, Blacksmith water fix)
    • Big mods / overhauls that affect the entire game (like the master file of Climates of Tamriel, skyBirds, Apachii hair)
    • Quest mods (all the “unofficial DLCs” & quests we installed, like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, Beyond Reach)
    • Environments / weather overhauls (like the main master file of Claralux, Lanterns of Skyrim, NAT)
    • Large add-ons and cities / towns / land expansions (like JK’s Riverwood, JK’s Whiterun, Dawnstar Overhaul)
    • Flora, trees and plants / grass mods for the entire game (like Simply Bigger Trees, Immersive Fallen Trees)
    • More buildings or elements to current cities/towns/areas (like Bring out your Dead, More Bandits Camps, Elysium Estate)
    • Gameplay changes / tweaks / add-ons such as combat / magic / perks / etc (like Smilodon, Shout, More tavern Idles)
    • Changes / add-ons to NPCs (like Diversity, WICO, SuperbSerana, Sofia, Inigo)
    • Visual / textures / atmospheric changes (like Better Dynamic Snow, No Snow Under the Roof, Footprints )
    • Sound / audio / FX alterations (all the sound & music mods you want to use)
    • Menu & interface changes, player & NPC inventory (like SkyHUD, More Map Markers, Sovngarde font)
    • Character & Creatures model replacements (like Mammoth, Bellyaches Animal and Creatures)
    • Weapons / armor / clothing add-ons / additions(like Immersive Armors, Immersive Weapons, Weapons of the 3rd Era)
    • Crafting mods (like ArsMetallica)
    • items (like Wearable Lanterns, Left Hand Ringsetc.)
    • Weapon / armor / clothing alterations(like Bandoleers)
    • Specific mods that need to be loaded at the bottom as directed by the mod author
    • Mods that remove graphical effects, like disabling godrays, to improve performance – this goes last to ensure that all mod added effects get disabled too


  1. [OPTIONAL] Obsidian Mountain Fogs – Makes the mountain fogs amazing!!! Check mod page’s pics for comparison.2a. [OLDRIM] Real Roads of Skyrim – The SECOND Main file (the Loose Files option) and install it via the green “+” button up on the left side bar of ΝΜΜ!

    2b. [OLDRIM] Real Roads of Skyrim Patch – If you install the above mod, you’ll select also the Option file (SSE) and install it via the green “+” button up on the left side bar of ΝΜΜ!3a. [UPDATED] [OLDRIM] Tamriel Reloaded – Mountains and Rocks – This guy has made a lot mods and he ported his mod to a single large one in SSE. As you know, I don’t support large-full-everything overhaul mods. So, you need an extra job to get this LE mod and convert it (via SSE Creation Kit & the meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer)… This mod is simply AMAZING! It doesn’t using just these two (2) files all mountain mods are, but it use A DOZEN HD (4K) textures and gives UNIQUE APPEARANCE to each regions’ mountains & rocks!!! After I tested, there is NO OTHER mountain mod for me, but this one! UPDATED:
    I don’t know what the author has done to the wetrocks, but their meshes have superior shine/glow! Therefore, simply unzip the mod, DELETE this meshes folder, re-pack it and install – will work fine without shining rocks.
    3b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Northfire’s Photoreal Mountains 2 for SE – The THIRD Main file and the FIRST Optional file. It’s not so popular mod for mountains, but it has very good textures and MERGES PERFECTLY the rest textures with the rocky mountains.3c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Real Mountains – Alternative very mod for mountains.

    [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Natural Mountains and Rocks 4k – These textures replaces Skyrim’s mountains and rocks with new and highly detailed 4k textures. The mod try to make them realistic and not too colorful so that they would fit well into the environment. Also included in the set are 512 pix LODs for DynDOLOD and SSELODGen users to run one of these tools after install. Also included, Bruma mountains’ textures sets.
    3e. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Northern Realistic Rocks 4k-2k – A retexture of rocks and mountains inspired by real pictures in HD quality from northern Scandinavian rocks, all pics are real existing rocks taken around Finland forests, mod comes with 4k or 2k versions and 5 different variations.
    3f. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] LH’s Mountains of the Nords 2K/4K – Another choice for the mountains and rocks, made by me. You can find the files here in THIS site.
    3g.1. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Majestic Mountains – A very good mod for mountains, you may choose this one or the others. Any of the main files, choose what you like. Do not active these two esp files that change the sun position, it will break ENB’s ability to detect the time of the day!
    The mod is back!!! I’ve spoke with the author a lot, via PMs. He has no clue what happen! One minute everything were fine, the other minute… the mod gone and HIS account too! Very “suspicious” business, like someone was hacked him. So, new link (updated), new mod’s page.

    3g.2. [OPTIONAL] Blended Roads – If you install the previous mod for mountains, you SHOULD install this one, is from the same author and fixes a lot the blending issues with the textures.
    4a. Real Snow HD 2K – This is a new snow mod… and probably the KING of all snow mods!!! Don’t read my words, simply move to the mod’s page and check the pics!!! Mostly compatible with Blended Roads – and not entirely compatible with Real Roads instead.
    4b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Nordic Snow – Main file. Follow the instructions bellow:

    • Download the file
    • Unzip it on desktop
    • DELETE NOW these “hidden” files (those without the “eye” enable – that MO2 users will simply disable) shown in THIS PIC
    • Except the previous files to avoid use them, also don’t use these too:


    • Re-zip the file
    • Install properly now

    4c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Fluffy Snow – This is a great retexturing of the snow. Check it, but beware for the snow; is the most tricky and difficult element to make it perfect and BLENDED right with all surfaces. IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OTHER SNOW MODS – so pick what you want (or place this mode here bellow all the other to overwrite them).
    5a. Better Dynamic Snow – Main file. This IS NOT a snow TEXTURE mod, it’s USING your snowy mods to make the snow more realistic. NOW IT IS compatible with ELFX since the ELFX is been updated and fixed to working with Better Dynamic Snow. You’ll install THIS one here or the following mod.
    5b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] No Snow Under the Roof [HEAVY SCRIPT: 110] – This IS NOT a snow TEXTURE mod, it’s USING your snowy mods to make the snow more realistic. Adds 3D snow to many structures and also to many wilderness areas. It looks nice, but there are a lot glitches and some transparent elements here and there.
    If you use it, go ahead and install also the THREE patches that follows:

    5b.2. [OPTIONAL] No Snow Under the Roof Fixes – Transparent snow and Hall of the Vigilant fixes.
    6. Footprints – Main file.

    I LOVE it, but it’s very old, outdated, not fixed, with lot of bugs (and conflicts with several mods). The author is disappeared (and doesn’t seems to return), so I placed the “flag” and is up to you if you want to install it.

    7. Book Covers Skyrim [HEAVY SCRIPT: 372] – Τhe desaturated main file. With the other, the books looks like just been published from Publish House!
    8a. LH’s HD Unique Inn-Shops Signs Remaster – A beautiful overhaul of all Skyrim’s shop signs, with many other mods’ covered (like BSBruma). There are 2K & 4K versions to choose from, but all the patches are in 4K version only.
    8b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Beautiful Honey Signs – The  version.
    9. Enhanced Blood Textures SE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 111] – Main file. Choose high textures.
    10. CC’s Enhanced Ore Veins SSE Edition – Main file.

    [OLDRIM] Ultimate HD Fire effects  I use the ULTRA version of the mod. Do not install the following files with Ultimate HD fire effects: 

    • meshes/clutter folder (Static Mesh Improvement Mod is better.)
    • meshes/effects folder (Embers HD is better.)
    • textures/effects/cloudtile.dds (Vivid Weathers is better. Install it though, if you won’t use Vivid Weathers)
    • textures/effects/smokeparticles01.dds (Vivid Weathers is better. Install it though, if you won’t use Vivid Weathers)

    GENERALLY AVOID INSTALL THE MESHES (thxs Scythe42 for the helpful tip)
    So, either you pressing 
    NO when the “overwrite” prompt will appear or just like me download it MANUALLY first, open the zip file and DELETE these files and re-zip the file and install it properly.
    12. [OLDRIM] Embers HD – Download ONLY the following files, install via the green “+” button on NMM’s left bar, by this order: 

    • Embers HD 2048
    • Forges Addon 1.123
    • Ultimate HD Fire Effect compatibility patch (IF you previously installed that “oldrim” mod)

    Or you can use the SSE version instead.
    13a. LH’s HD Torch Remaster – A retexturing of the torch. You can find the file here in THIS site; just go to the MODS tab.
    13b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Ultimate HD Torch – Same, similar mod as above. Install via the green “+” button on NMM’s left bar.
    14. [OPTIONAL] Vivid Landscapes – Main file. I marked it as “Optional”, because I’ve checked a lot areas before installing this mod and the textures looking fine. So, it’s up to you if you want further textures overhaul:

    • Download the file
    • Unzip it on desktop
    • DELETE NOW these “hidden” files (those without the “eye” enable – MO2 users you simply hiding these) shown in THIS PIC
    • Re-zip the file
    • Install properly now

    15. Dust Effects SSE – Μain file.
    16. Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS – Main file. Adds sparks when you hitting with your weapon a surface. Extremely VERY useful, while you shooting with bow with low visibility (and  you can see the impact by the sparks)!
    17. Unread Books Glow [HEAVY SCRIPT: 104] – The FIRST main file.
    18a. WEBS SE – Main file. As optional you may install too the Optional PATCH file. If you want DON’T INSTALL this mod now, but after you’ll installed (much later) your lighting mods.
    18b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] WEBS extended – The 2K Main file.
    19a. Voltage – A new amazing lighting effect texture mod, like the following (was originally suggested).
    19b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] ELECTRIFY S.E. – Main file.
    20. [OPTIONAL] Illuminated Atronachs — Atronachs lumineux – It makes the Atronachs creatures to be illuminated, since they have elemental form. So, if you cross such a creature in a dark area, the environment around the creature will be bright!
    21. [OPTIONAL] Volcanic Tundra – Heat Wave Effects – Alters the steam / volcanic pool effect meshes to emit a heat distortion/wave effect, similar to that of fires. Really makes things look/feel warm. Loose files, no plug-in required.
    22. [OPTIONAL] Immersive Campfire Fix – This mod lets all campfires illuminate the surrounding terrain which is turned off for some campfires from Bethesda (no idea why). It doesn’t add any lights though so it shouldn’t cause the light flickering bug.
    23. [OPTIONAL] Ashbound — Solstheim Enhanced – Add ash to a ton of buildings and objects in Solstheim. In some cases I created and applied a custom ash shader so the effect would look more natural.
    24. [OPTIONAL] Better Dynamic Ash SE – This mod adds the ash texture to the dynamic ash that appears in the Dragonborn DLC.


1. [OPTIONAL] Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul – Makes loud sounds (magic, traps, shouts, big animals) more realistic for player and NPCs. Improves and balances ambiance and reverb to be more realistic and lively. The main file and every Optional file you need. Come back later for additional patches, if you install ELFX or ELE mods. Place this mod AS MUCH AS HIGH in your order list.
2. [OPTIONAL] Lucidity Sound FX SSE – Changes the sounds and gives them characteristics. Special sound characteristics were additionally emphasised via EQ. For example, when a dragon lands you can clearly hears tones flying around instead of only the thump in vanilla. In Dwemer Ruins pipes and steam noises are easier to hear, which were masked by an overdone bass rumble in vanilla. Place the mod before Immersive Sound Compendium in your loading order.
3. [OPTIONAL] True 3D Sound for Headphones – This mod enables true 3D sound for Skyrim SE by using a so called HRTF to simulate binaural hearing using normal stereo headphones. You will hear exactly from which direction a sound is coming from. This mod will give you an advantage over regular surround headphones by simulating how real physical sound is perceived by your brain through a HRTF. Something normal surround like 7.1 can’t do is sound that comes from above or below.
This Nexus version is outdated. You can download HERE the latest version (credits for the info to Gamatus user).
4a. Immersive Sounds Compendium – Main file. During “FOMOD” choose what you like, a lot of choices. Overwrite anything the popup says to do. Click YES TO ALL when overwriting popup appears.
4b. Immersive Sounds Compendium Patches – Only the FIRST main file.
5. SSE High Quality Music – Main file. Amazing mod and he (author) re-mastered it recently.


1. Sovngarde – The THIRD main file. By far the best font replacer for the game, extremely lore friendly, like is been created specifically for Skyrim!
2. Better Dialogue Controls – The main file.
3. Better MessageBox Controls – The main file.
4a. [ATTENTION] A Quality World Map SE  – Whatever you like. If you choose Classic or Vivid you may use the Optional File Clear Map Skies to clean the clouds from the world map. You can use this mod for the world map OR THE NEXT mod that follows.
I haven’t figured it out but after some topics I read about, this mod is STILL in form43 (“Oldrim”)!!! So, you need to CONVERT properly to form44 (SSE)!
4b. [SIMILAR] 3D Paper World Map for SSE – This is a new release, a new mod. It’s a paper old vintage style map, very very impressive and unique! Obviously it’s NOT COMPATIBLE AT ALL with the previous map mod. You may use the previous or this one. It’s not supporting yet the Solsthiem map, but they working it. Generally, the mod is still in progress, I wouldn’t recommend to install it RIGHT NOW but stay tuned when it will be fully finished.
5. Map Markers Complete with DLC and OCS – Main file.
6. Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers – Main file.
7. [OPTIONAL] More Map Markers – Adds more map markers, as Jarl Houses, vanilla players houses, etc.
8a. [OPTIONAL] Clean Menu by Wirodeu – Makes the main menu very clean and minimal, with the buttons and choices you need (removes the rest).
8b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Exe Boss’s Mods – Main Menu Super Deluxe – You may use the previous one (which I’m using) or this one here, also great new minimal menu, with the TRUE/REAL SSE logo and not the “Dragonborn” song, but the SUPERB “One they Fear”!
8c. [OPTIONAL] Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem – Makes the dragon emblem 3D and spinning.
9. [OPTIONAL] Immersive HUD – iHUD [SKSE64] – Makes your HUD very immersive, you can disable stuff, remove completely elements (like compass or clock), etc.
10a. [UPDATED] SkyHUD – BETA – The Main file. During the FOMOD you’ll see previews of the presets. I’m choosing Small και then, got to the folder …\steamapps\common\SkyrimSpecial Edition\Data\Interface\skyhud… and there you have in pdf format the mod’s manual and the Presets.
I’ve post my own preset to Files tab to use that, if you like – I have it “Oblivion-like” and quite small (the elements), with dot aiming, etc.
10b. Alternative SkyHUD Presets – This mod gives you 3 extra presets for the SkyHUD, if you wonna try them.
11. [OPTIONAL] moreHUD SE [SKSE64] – Adds a lot information to your HUD when you checking stuff, opening barrels and chests, etc.
12. [OPTIONAL] A Matter of Time [SKSE64] – The very “must have” mod from the “Oldrim” arrived to SSE, since we have now the SKSE64 (which it needs). This mod here gives you a remarkable clock on your HUD, with moon phases, with seasons indicators, date, etc! You simply can’t leave this mod out of your build.
13. [OPTIONAL] Better Descriptions SSE – Gives your more/extra information for several objects etc.
14. [OPTIONAL] Undiscovered Means Unknown – Makes the undiscovered map markers truly unknown, hidden.
15. Fast Travel Speed Fix – Analogous to the ‘Fast travel timescale fix’ from Skyrim, this mod adjusts a game setting variable in an effort to change the amount of time that passes during your fast travel. (Somehow, I deleted it; don’t know how. So it’s back to the list).


1. Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack SSE – Main file.
2. Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack – Main file.
3a. Diverse Dragons Collection SE – Main file.
3b. [OPTIONAL] Splendor – Dragon Variants SE – Adds 784 new dragons!!! And is extremely compatible with everything.
4a. Chappers Demonic Alduin Mashup – Amazing retexturing of the “World Eater” (Alduin)!
4b. [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] – Imprefvicticious Alduin – This is an AMAZING retexture/remodeling of Alduin! Personally I’m using this now. Obviously needs to be converted properly to run it in SSE.
4c. [OLDRIM] – Imprefvicticious Paarthurnax – The good-fella dragon, now with AMAZING retexture mod! Looks similar (different, though) with the previous mod for Alduin. Obviously needs to be converted properly to run it in SSE.
5a. Durnehviir God of Death – Superb retexturing AND power’s overhaul, of this important dragon! During FOMOD check also the Optional choice (the converted meshes). Then, get from here THIS “oldrim” mod, unzip it, keep ONLY the textures, repack and install – but do it (replace the textures) AFTER the following mod!
5b. Durnehviir Resurrected – This mod turns the undead dragon to fully alive! There are patches for the previous mod too.
6. GIANT – Any main file suites to your system.
7. MAMMOTH – Any main file suites to your system.
8. SABRECAT – Any main file suites to your system.
9a. [OLDRIM] FALMER – Any main file suites to your system. Install via the green “+” button on NMM’s left side bar.
9b. [OLDRIM] Falmer Ear and Halgraven Claw – Just the Falmer Ear texture file, manually download it and install it via the green ” + ” button on NMM’s left side bar.
10. HAGRAVEN – Any main file suites to your system.
11. TROLL – Any main file suites to your system.
12. DRAUGR – Any main file suites to your system.
13. WISPMOTHER – Any main file suites to your system.
14. DRAGON PRIEST – Any main file suites to your system.
15. HD Werewolf Retexture – Choose the 4K main file AND the Optional Red eye file.
16. [OPTIONAL] Ducks and Swans for Skyrim – Main file.
17. Realistic Horse Breeds by Kritta Kitty – Main file.
18. More Saddles SSE – Horse – The main “FOMOD” file and then choose as you like.
19. [OPTIONAL] Sea of Spirits – Interesting mod, adds life to the completely empty ocean of the North.
20. Luminescent Luna Moths SE – Makes the Luna moths butterfly to glowing into the night.
21a. [OPTIONAL] Better than Nando’s – Chickens’ overhaul.
21b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Varied Chickens – The SECOND main file.
22. [OPTIONAL] Cats in Skyrim – Main file.
23. [OPTIONAL] Dogs Kingdom SE – Main file and the Update file. DON’T ACTIVATED YET but wait to finish the vanilla start because is been reported (from many) that… few dogs were spawned during the cart route to Helgen and the intro was broken and couldn’t finished!
24. [OPTIONAL] Wild Penguins – The FIRST main file. After install it add HD textures (first main file).
25. OH GOD BEES SE – Both files, first the second and then the first.
26. Arvak With or Without Flames – A remarkable retexturing of the undead Arvak stallion that you’ll meet during your play of Dawnguard DLC!
27. Gruesome Death Hound – Far better texture/meshes for the undead vampires’s dogs! Pick a main file.
28. Vampire Lord Retexture – Superb retexturing of the Vampire Lord.
29. [OPTIONAL] Peacocks – Main file.
30. [OPTIONAL] Dwarven Colossus – Adds huge Dwemer robots as “bosses”.
31. [OPTIONAL] Gravelords – Adds powerful “bosses” in tombs and caves.
32. [OPTIONAL] Drakian Hydra – Adds the mythical Greek “Hydra” monster. Extreme powerful enemy!
33. [OPTIONAL] Harvesters – Adds new “Deadra” powerful enemies to the game.
34. [OPTIONAL] Wild Herds of Skyrim – Adds wild horses herds in Skyrim lands. Very cool mod, I stopped and watching these wild horses running across the landscape. Nice.
35. [OPTIONAL] Cliff Racers on Solstheim – It’s quite similar with the previous mod, but first is in form44 and second is simply a visual addon (like the birds in Skyrim) – the Cliff Racers are not attacking.
36. [OPTIONAL] Vicn critters in Solstheim – Adds new hostile creatures to the Solstheim island.
37. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition – Amazing mod, one of the best in “Oldrim” but needs absolutely the SKSE64 tool.
38. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] True Wolves of Skyrim – Amazing textures & meshes, makes the wolves… wolves, not dogs! Obviously manually downloading, unpacking, using the SSE Nif Optimizer to optimize the meshes, re-pack, install!
39. [OPTIONAL] Toads and Frogs of Skyrim SE – This mod adds toads/frogs to the Skyrim. Simple creature for immersion, but also companions too AND armies if you want!!! The textures are super-low res, even the 1K – but I MADE MY OWN (2K-4K) and I’ll get permission to upload them!
40. [OPTIONAL] Dragonlings – Mihail Monsters and Animals (SSE) – Adds …baby-dragons to the game!
41. [OPTIONAL] 2K-4K Highland Cow Retexture – You may found or you didn’t, better cow textures. This mod has great alternative textures for the cows.
42. [OPTIONAL] The Blood Horker – Blood Horkers are a more predatory version of their mainland cousins, native to Solstheim’s icy shores. It uses the fleshy proboscis extending from its mouth for feeding on prey, both small and large.
43. [OPTIONAL] GRAHL – The Ice Troll – his mod restores the deadly grahl to Solstheim, with a new modernized look.
44. [OPTIONAL] Karstaag – The Frost King Reborn – This mod remodels Karstaag, restoring him to his former glory in the Morrowind: Bloodmoon DLC.


Generally don’t OVER-INSTALL too many armors/weapons, the game can’t handle too much of these mods! The large weapons mods adding a lot of scripting into the game, so beware and don’t install too much!
1. Dragon Claws SE – Pick a resolution.
2. [OLDRIM] Amidianborn Book of Silence – Weapons – Manually download it. BEFORE you’ll install it open the ΖΙΡ file and DELETE the AmidianbornSkyforge Weapons esp file! Install it via the green “+” button of the left side bar of NMM.
3. [OLDRIM] AmidianbornBook of Silence – Armors – Manually download it. BEFORE you’ll install it open the ΖΙΡ file and DELETE theBLADES armor folder and both AMB Glass Variants Lore & Differently Ebony esp files!Install it via the green “+” button of the left side bar of NMM.
4. [OLDRIM] AmidianbornBook of Silence – Uniques – Manually download it and install it via the green “+” button of the left side bar of NMM. Also, the hotfix file for the Staff of Magnus (add the meshes in the correct place)!
5. Winter is Coming SSE – Τhe FIRST main file.
6. Immersive Armors [HEAVY SCRIPT: 1027] – “Must have” mod. Don’t forget to select the UNP support during FOMOD!
7. Weapons of the Third Era SSE – Main file.
8. Unique Uniques SE – ONLY the main file.
9a.[OLDRIM] [SIMILAR] Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture – Amazing alternative retextuing of this armor. Pick the 4K version and choose color!
9b.  [OPTIONAL] Dark Brotherhood Armor Male 2K – Main file.
10. Bandolier – Bags and Pouches Classic – Main file.
11. Real Bows by DecimusMaximus for SSE – Main file. And the extra retexturing file.
12a. Auriel’s Weaponry – the Holy Bow Shield and Sword – Main file.
12b. [OLDRIM] Auriel’s Bow HD – Now you made these holy weapons/shield overhaul, made them super beautiful! I selected the Worn version.
12c. [OPTIONAL] Auriels Holy Bow – REDUX – 4.0 SE – Another retexturing of this holy bow.
12c. [OLDRIM] Auriel’s Shield HD – As the above, this is an amazing retexturing of Auriel’s shield this time. I picked the Worn version.
13a. Thieves Guild Armor HD revival – Main file. The 4K version.
13b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Thieves Guild Armor HD revival – Extra retexturing of Guild members’ armors.
14. Dawn of the Dawnguard Armor – Main file. The 4K version.
15. Skyforge Weapons SSE – Main file.
16. Rustic Clothing SE – Main file.
17.1a. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Mage Master and Expert Robes replacer Retexturing for the Masters & Experts mages’ robes.
17.1b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul – Schools of Magic – A huge retexturing of all Mage Schools’ outfits. You may choose the previous two mods or this one here. Choose ONLY the FOURTH Optional file (just textures)! Manually downloading the file, installing as usual with the green ” + ” button on the left NMM side panel.
17.2a. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture – A nice retexturing of the Archmage’s outfit.
17.2b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Archmage Robes Royal Retexture -19 colours – Alternative textures for Archmage’s outfit. Pick color.
17.3a.[OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Telvanni Robes HD Retexture – 6 colours – A Telvanni robe’s retexturing.
17.3b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Telvanni Robes – If you tired using “oldrim” mods to improve some textures, you may choose this mod here instead the previous one; it’s a SSE texture mod, for the same robes the previous mod is changing.
17.4. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] Temple Priest Robes HD Retexture – A Temple Priest robe’s retexturing.
18. Skaal Clothes HD – The FIRST main file.
19. Elemental Staffs SE – The SECOND main file.
20. More Weapons Please SE – Main file.
21. [OPTIONAL] Artifacts of Skyrim – Main file.
22. [OPTIONAL] Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor SE – Main file. THIS FILE IS ALREADY in Immersive Armors mod, so if you installed that you don’t need this one here.
23. [OPTIONAL] Draugr Weaponry SE – Main file.
24a. True HD Nightingale – Main file.
24b. [OLDRIM] [SIMILAR] Nightingale Prime HD – Super amazing textures for this armor!
25a. Daedric Dawnbreaker – Main file.
25b LH’s Dawnbreaker Textures 2K/4K NEW version! – You may use this mod to retexture this fine Goddess’ blade. You can get the files in THIS site.
25c. [OPTIONAL] Vivid Dawnbreraker – I tested this mod recently and is very good, another nice alternative option to retexture the blade.
26a. 4K DragonPriest Masks of Immersion – The FIRST main file.
26b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Dragon Priest Mask Overhaul SSE – Similar mod with the previous one, pic one. If you choose this one, you may want to get that retexturing mod HERE from the same author.
27. Left Hand Rings Modified SE – During FOMOD tick also the Gemling Queen Jewelry & 1st Person options.
28. Gemling Queen Jewelry SE– Main file. During FOMOD read carefully and select correctly.
29. Barenziah’s Glory SE – Main file.
30. [OPTIONAL] JS Circlet Replacer – Main file.
31a. Improved Closefaced Helmets – Main file.
31b. [SIMILAR] Open Face Guard Helmets – This mod replaces guard helmets with Teh-Husky’s open faced versions. It exposes their facial features expressions which greatly enhances guard dialogue and guards have a lot of things to say. Real Stormcloak helmets and Falskaar reinforced helmets retain their appearance, so the original closed helmet designs will not be lost in your game! PLACE IT BELLOW THE PREVIOUS MOD!
32. [OPTIONAL] DCR – King Crusader Mega Pack – Super amazing set of armor and weapons!
33. Ursine Armour – Special Edition – Incredible superb armor!
34. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] aMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded – Super retexturing for the light imperial armor, install via the green “+” button of NMM’s left side bar.
35. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards– Superb textures for the “Rebels” & the cities guards. As usual, install it via the green “+” button.
36. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Stormcloak Armor Revival – Super amazing Stormcloack’s retexturing, my personal favorite! Install it as usual with the green “+” button.
37a. [OPTIONAL] CC’s HQ Guard Shields SSE – Even bettermodels & textures for the cities guards’ shields. Pick resolution.
37b. OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Ennead Shields – Ward of the North – An additional texture pack for the cities guards’ shields.
38. [OPTIONAL] Skyforge Shields SSE – Superb extra new shields. THIS FILE IS ALREADY in Immersive Armors mod, so if you installed that you don’t need this one here.
39. [OPTIONAL] Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon – This mod adds a new set of armor and weapons (there are enchanted and normal version of the weapon and shield) based on Norse mythology. It is FEMALE only armors pack! It also adds a new dragon!
40.[OPTIONAL] Armor of Intrigue for SE – Adds a fine MALE armor set from Witcher 2! Ideal for assassins, thieves, mages, hunters, etc. because it’s a Light Armor set.
41. [OPTIONAL] Dragon Age Series Weapons – Adds a pack of very unique weapons. Quite large sized, but very nice.
42. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Frankly ULTRA HD Silver Sword – A remarkable model & textures of the silver sword. Seems the mod works flawless in SSE. Just manually download the file, unzip it, add a Data folder, drop inside the Meshes & Textures folders and DELETE the _e.dds files, re-zip it, install it.
43. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Runed Nord Hero Weapons – Adds dragon runes to 3 of Nord hero weapons and glowmaps to all 5 of them. Seems the mod works flawless in SSE. Just manually download the file, unzip it, add a Data folder, drop inside the Meshes & Textures folders, re-zip it, install it.
44. LeanWolf’s Better – Shaped Weapons SE – Incredible amazing mod, but be a bit careful during “FOMOD” and choose correctly – there are tones of patches, some of them not for this guide. Personally, I’m choosing these:

  • Screen 1: Next
  • Screen 2: Install everything (default)
  • Screen 3: Select them ALL except the LAST TWO options unless if you used the previous 2 “oldrim” (so select them all)
  • Screen 4: Refractive Glass Weapons, Glass Quiver with Refraction, Chillrend with Refraction
  • Screen 5: Dawnbreaker Elven Sheath (you may choose an ENB option if you like, I don’t)
  • Screen 6: DragonBling Weapons Red Gemling, DragonBling Quiver Red Gemling, Auriel Quivers
  • Screen 7: Stalhrim with Refraction, Stalhrim Quiver with Refraction, Swords, Quiver
  • Screen 8: Finish


  1. [OPTIONAL] Royal Armory – New Artifacts – Main file. Install it AFTER the vanilla start!46. [OPTIONAL] Lore Weapon Expansion SE – Adds more superb textured lore friendly weapons. Great stuff, check the pics.47. [OPTIONAL][OLDRIM] aMidianBorn Book of Silence – DRAGONBORN DLC – Like the others (from mod’s Files tab) I suggested first in this Step, you can download this too (MANUALLY!), unzip the file, pick JUST the textures for the Nordic Carved & Bonemold armors(there are 3 versions of the Nordic Carved armor, pick one), create a Data folder and drop inside the textures you picked, re-zip the file and install it normally via the green “+” button on the left NMM’s side bar. Also, the hotfix file for the Bonemold Armor (add the meshes in the correct place)!48. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Elven Weapons for Silence – As I’ve wrote too many times, don’t know the reason, but Dwemer & Elves’ stuff are been left aside from mods’ creators. Surprisingly, this mod here covers a big “gap” for the Elven’s weapons. It’s working on SSE. Just download it MANUALLY and open the zip file, keep the Data folder which contains the textures and DELETE the rest (in Option folder there are additional textures, you may check them first before delete this folder), re-zip the “Data” folder and install it normally via the green “+” button on the left NMM’s side bar.49. [OPTIONAL] Talos Housecarl Armor Pack – Amazing pack of armor and weapons, check mod’s images.50.[OPTIONAL] Oblivion Artifact Pack SE – Adds super unique artifacts (and weapons/armors) from TES4 Oblivion game!51. [OPTIONAL] Staff of Magnus – Retexturing of this powerful staff.52. [OPTIONAL] The Revamped Quiver – A COMPLETE mod (with FOMOD) of all this author’s textures for game’s all arrows/bolts.53. [OPTIONAL] HD Ruined Book Retexture 4k – 2k – A reworked, highly detailed retexture of ruined books in 4k and 2k. With Optional 4k and 2k book paper textures.54a. [OPTIONAL] Spellbreaker Remesh – Except the retexturing of this magic shield, it also changes the meshes and makes it quite thinner.54b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Vanilla-friendly Spellbreaker Retexture – This mod is retexturing only, not meshes.55. [OPTIONAL] Longclaw – A great and realistic sword.56. [OPTIONAL] ESO Armor Collection – This mod gives you the two popular armor set from the Elder Scrolls Online trailer!!! Get also THIS OLDRIM mod for extra great textures for the Nord Armor set.57. Dragonbore Mastery – A full retexturing of the Dragonbones’ weapons.
    58. Galanterie – German Inspired Longsword – A great medieval-like sword.
    59. Runed Nordic Weapons – Nice retexturing of the Nordic arsenal, with glowing runes!
    60. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] aMidianBorn Blades Armor – I wrote you above not use (avoid) the “Blades” armor from “Book of Silence”. You can grab it from here, but there is a process you need to do, before you be able to have it running fine in SSE:
  • Download the FIRST Main file and unzip it
  • Download the AMB Blades USLEEP Compatibility Patch (the FIRST Optional file) and extract/unzip it
  • Download the SSE NIF Optimizerand run it as admin
  • Select the aMidianBorn Blades Armor folder you extracted before and click on the Optimize DON’T select anything else and use default settings
  • Select the AMB Blades USLEEP Compatibility Patch folder you extracted before and proceed with the same action you already did for the Main file.
  • Exit the SSE Nif Optimizer, repack your new optimized folder and install it with Nexus Mod Manager
  • Profit!

And that’s how you’ll get also, the “Blades” famous armor.
61a. [OPTIONAL] IPM – Insane Armory – Bows Crossbows Axes Hammers Maces Shields – With this mod, the thickness of all blades has been reduced and the majority of hand grips has been changed to be “less vanilla”; also shields and other weaponry.  Matches a lot with the previous mod you install, the LeanWolf’s Better – Shaped Weapons SE.
61b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Better-Shaped Bows of the Heavens SE – Does similar changes like the previous mod’s doing, but ONLY for the bows – the previous retouching a lot weapons.
62. [OPTIONAL] UNP Nord Chainmail Armor – Very nice armor, the female version is very sexy.
63. [OPTIONAL] Dragonbone Barbarian Armors – Adds a lot pieces to make great combos for the Dragonbone armor. You can choose male or female (one esp file each).
64. [OPTIONAL] Elvenia Armor SE – The most super duper ultra sexiest Elvish armor you ever find for your female NPCs!
65. [OPTIONAL] Legendary Armors – Bikini SSE Beta – Ultra sexy amazing female armors. The Main file and the Update file.
66. [OPTIONAL] CL’s Weapon-replacer’s – This mod replaces a lot, lot of weapons (new meshes and textures).
67. [OPTIONAL] Zim’s Immersive Artifacts – This collection is a balanced (for the mid-to-late game), lore-friendly and immersive recreation of many of the artifacts in Skyrim. During FOMOD process, you can pick and choose which artifact updates you install and which you ignore and you can either install all the content in one .esp file, or pick and choose from the five packs listed below: the Ancient, Daedric, Miraak, Nightingale and Thane packs. Furthermore, you can also pick and choose from individual artifacts in the Ancient and Daedric packs, though bear in mind the more picking-and-choosing you do, the more separate .esp files will be installed.
68. [OPTIONAL] Tribunal Robes and Masks for SSE – Mage gear for magic users! Heavy, light and clothes types.
69. [OPTIONAL] Dunmeri Leaf Swords – Amazing, truly amazing realistic sword.
70. [OPTIONAL] CL’s Lord Harkon’s Vampire Blade – An overhaul of the Vampire Lord’s blade.
71. [OPTIONAL] Legendary Armors – DeserterX Collection SSE – An amazing collection of sexy female armors.
72. [OPTIONAL] Blowgun – This is an amazing mod. How come nobody thought that before, to create it? This mod adds blowguns to Skyrim, a super great immersive weapon for your stealth character!
73. [OPTIONAL] Angi’s Better Bow – This mod makes that bow much more powerful.
74a. [OPTIONAL] Simple Heuberk – Early-Middleages Helmets pack – This mod gives you 17 superb Nordic-Viking helmets and with an optional plugin, a Nordic armor.
74b. [OPTIONAL] Vikings Weaponry – As the title says, this mod adds SUPER REALISTIC and HISTORIC ACCURATE Viking weaponry. Try them, they’re looking super gorgeous.
75a. UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing – Τhe FIRST main file.
75b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] UNP Blessed Body Fit Armors and Clothing – Similar/same mod as the previous, but this one is for the UNP Blessed body type. Choose whatever you want. The SECOND or THIRD Main file.
75c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Immersive Armors CBBE and UUNP Refit – A lot more completed mod, similar with the previous mod. Obviously choosing UNPB.
75d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] The Book of UUNP Volumes 1 2 and 3 – UNP – Sevenbase – UNPB – Similar mod with the previous.
76. UNP Armor Replacer Package SE – Main file. Okay, so now… get a glass of whiskey, light a smoke… and make your combos! This is probably THE MOD of all of this step! What it does? Taking all the vanilla armors and CHANGING THEM to sexier look, for the female characters. So, you’re wearing a steel armor and looks like it was (vanilla) on you – a male character. You giving it to a female companion and now it looks FAR SEXIER on her!…
If you picked the UNP-B body which makes the breasts bigger and you want to KEEP the meshes of the UNP-B, this here more will overwrite them – to  be able to working. So, that means if you install again the UNP-B Fit Armors and Clothing after this mod you WILL LOST the armor/clothing combos of this here!
During FOMOD there are tones of choices, many many screens to choose for EACH vanilla cloth or armor (!), you can make unlimited “combos” and create the perfect for your flavor result. And there are IMAGES of each choice of an armor, to actually see yourself how it will be into the game! A super “must have” mod!
Screen FIRST: Selection 3, Screen 2: Selection 3, Screen 3: Selection 6, Screen 4: Selection 5, Screen 5: Selection 3, Screen 6: Selection 2, Screen 7: Selection 2, Screen 8: Selection 5, Screen 9: Selection 3, Screen 10: Selection 3, Screen 11: Selection 2, Screen 12: Selection 2, Screen 13: Selection 2, Screen 14: Selection FIRST, Screen 15: Selection 2, Screen 16: Selection 2, Screen 17: Selection 5, Screen 18: Selection 3, Screen 19: Selection FIRST, Screen 20: Selection FIRST, Screen 21: Selection 2, Screen 22: Selection 2, Screen 23: Selection 2, Screen 24: Selection FIRST, Screen 25: Selection 3, Screen 26: Selection FIRST, Screen 27: Selection FIRST, Screen 28, Selection 2, Screen 29: Selection 2, Screen 30: Selection 2, Screen 31: Selection 3, Screen 32: Selection 2, Screen 33: Selection 2, Screen 34: Selection 2, Screen 35: Selection 4, Screen 36: Selection 4, Screen 37: Selection 2, Screen 38: Selection 2, Screen 39: Selection 2, Screen 40: Selection 2, Screen 41: Selection FIRST, Screen 42: Selection 2, Screen 43: Selection 2, Screen 44: Selection 2, Screen 45: Selection 2, Screen 46: Selection 6, Screen 47: Selection 2, Screen 48: Selection 6, Screen 49: Selection 2, Screen 50: Selection 2, Screen 51: Selection FIRST, Screen 52: Selection FIRST, Screen 53: Selection 3, Screen 54: Selection 2, Screen 55: Selection 2, Screen 56: Selection 7, Screen 57: Selection 3, Screen 58: Selection 2, Screen 59: Selection 2, Screen 60: Selection FIRST, Screen 61: Selection 3, Screen 62: Selection 3, Screen 63: Selection 2, Screen 64: Selection 2, Screen 65: Selection 2, Screen 66: Selection FIRST, Screen 67: Selection 4, Screen 68: Selection 2, Screen 69: Selection 2, Screen 70: Selection FIRST, Screen 71: Selection FIRST, Screen 72: Selection 5, Screen 73: Selection 4, Screen 74: Selection 2, Screen 75: Selection 2, Screen 76: Selection FIRST, Screen 77: Selection FIRST, Screen 78: Selection FIRST, Screen 79: Selection 5, Screen 80: Selection 2, Screen 81: Selection 2, Screen 82: Selection 4, Screen 83: Selection 3, Screen 84: Selection FIRST, Screen 85: Selection 5, Screen 86: Selection 2, Screen 87: Selection 2, Screen 88: Selection 2, Screen 89: Selection 2, Screen 90: Selection 2, Screen 91: Selection 4, Screen 92: Selection 2, Screen 93: Selection FIRST, Screen 94: Selection 2, Screen 95: Selection 2, Screen 96: Selection 2, Screen 97: Selection 3, Screen 98: Selection LAST, Screen 99: Selection FIRST, Screen 100: Selection 3, Screen 101: Selection FIRST, Screen 102: Selection LAST, Screen 103: Selection LAST, Screen 104: Selection 2, Screen 105: Selection 2, Screen 106: Selection LAST, Screen 107: Selection FIRST, Screen 108: Selection SECOND-LAST, Screen 109: Selection FIRST, Screen 110: Selection SECOND-LAST, Screen 111: Selection FIRST, Screen 112: Selection FIRST, Screen 113: Selection FIRST, Screen 114: Selection SECOND-LAST, Screen 115: Selection FIRST, Screen 116: Selection FIRST, Screen 117: Selection LAST, Screen 118: Selection FIRST, Screen 119: Selection SECOND-LAST, Screen 120: Selection FIRST, Screen 121: Selection FIRST, Screen 122: Selection FIRST, Screen 123: Selection LAST, Screen 124: Selection FIRST, Screen 125: Selection LAST, Screen 126: Selection FIRST, Screen 127: Selection LAST, Screen 128: Selection FIRST, Screen 129: Selection FIRST, Screen 130: Selection FIRST, Screen 131: Selection LAST, Screen 132: Selection FIRST, Screen 133: Selection 3, Screen 134: Selection FIRST, Screen 135: Selection FIRST, Screen 136: Selection 3, Screen 137: Selection FIRST, Screen 138: Selection FIRST, Screen 139: Selection LAST, Screen 140: Selection LAST, Screen 141: Selection LAST, Screen 142: Selection FIRST, Screen 143: Selection LAST, Screen 144: Selection FIRST, Screen 145: Selection FIRST, Screen 146: Selection 2, Screen 147: Selection FIRST, Screen 148: Selection FIRST, Screen 149: Selection FIRST, Screen 150: Selection LAST, Screen 151: Selection FIRST, Screen 152: Selection FIRST, Screen 153: Selection LAST, Screen 154: Selection FIRST, Screen 155: Selection 2, Screen 156: Selection 3, Screen 157: Selection FIRST, Screen 158: Selection FIRST, Screen 159: Selection LAST, Screen 160: Selection FIRST, Screen 161: Selection LAST, Screen 162: Selection FIRST, Screen LAST: Selection 2,… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… NEXT… FINISH!
77. [OPTIONAL] Stylish Dwemer Blades – Don’t know about you, but I’m a fanatic “Lore-Friendly” modder. EXCEPT some cases like Dwemer arsenal, when the vanilla-Bethesda’s models are SO TERRIBLY POOR and I don’t like them at all. This mod here, makes the Dwemer weaponry SUPERB, very much like Lord Of The Rigns-style!!!! Currently, the authors thinks/plans to make ARMOR & SHIELD too, so the arsenal will be completed and fully-matched.
78. [OPTIONAL] Ebony Reforged – A superb, amazing retexturing of the Ebony arsenal (armors & weapons), with gorgeous graphics!
79. [OPTIONAL] Black Bow of Fate Retexture – A lovely retexturing of this bow (one of the few good things of Dragonborn DLC).
80. [OPTIONAL] Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection – Adds all the major weapons from Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy! After install this, also install THIS SUPER AMAZING RETEXTURE mod!
81. [OPTIONAL] More Skyforge Items – Improves the arsenal of Skyforge items in Skyrim.
82. Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement – Super AMAZING retexturing of the Daedric arsenal!
83. [OPTIONAL] Yet another guard armor SSE – It changes the Holds’ guards armors. Now, you won’t have the SAME armor with different shield insignia, but you’ll have different armors for each Holds!… Not bad at all!


  1. Skyrim SE Skill Interface Re-Texture– Main file. During FOMOD select:
  • In first screen choose the Next
  • In second, the 4th
  • In third, choose the 1st (Default)
  • In forth, choose the 2nd (Default)
  • In fifth, choose the 2nd
  • In sixth, the 2nd
  • In seventh, the 3rd
  • In the next, 2nd
  • In the last, simply press the Finish
  1. HQ College of Winterhold– ONLY the main file.3. Arri’s SnowElf Retexture – Τhe 2K main file.4a. DeathbellHD – All New Textures – Updated from the “oldrim” to the SSE version.4b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Deathbell By Mari SE – Additional texture for the Deathbell flower.5. Designs of the Nords SE – Main file. I changed the “oldrim” with the SSE file (same, but additional options). Great banners! Use this mod… till I’ll finish my own (same) mod – hehehe…6a. Rugnarok – Main file.6b. Peltapalooza – Any of the main files (I’m using the full version).7a. HD Photorealistic Ivy – You may choose this superb SSE texture mod, instead the following “oldrim” one (which I was using all along). Main file AND ALSO the Update UV-Tweaks patch!7b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] [OLDRIM] High Definition Ivy – Pick a resolution option and install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.8. HQ Paper – Main file.9. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] HD Linens – Install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.10. Rustic Windows – Τhe SECOND main file.11. Rustic Clutter Collection – Pick resolution and install.12. Rustic Cooking SE – The SECOND main file.
    13. Rustic Animated Potions and Poisons – Main file.
    14. [OLDRIM] Rustic Word Walls – The 2Κ version and install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    15. [OLDRIM] Rustic Monuments and Tombstones – Main file and install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    16. [OLDRIM] Rustic Nordic Murals – The 2Κ version and install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    17. Skyland – Standing Stones – How I missed that mod? This mod comes from the creator of Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul mod. It’s a SUPERB alternative retexturing of the Standing Stones.
    18. Rustic Soulgems SE – The 2K version.
    19. Ren’s HD Shrines – Is been ported now to SSE, install it normal as you do with the rest SSE mods.
    20. White Phial Replacer SE – Main file.
    21a. Ennead – Septims – Although the textures are not the best, the coin’s MESH is great!
    21b. LH’s Coin Medieval Retexture – You can pick civilization (Nordic, Imperial, ELvish) AND material (Golden, Silver, Copper) to overhaul your coins (in 2K or 4K resolution)! You can find the files in THIS site!
    21c. LH’s HD Coin Pouch Remaster – Great textures to overhaul your coins’ pouch. Make your choice between three different materials (Leather, Suede, Velvet)! Now with even better/improved graphics AND NEW Royal Red Velvet! You can find the files in THIS site!
    22a. CC’s HQ Fort Dawnguard – The previous work of CC for the Fort Downguard, equally superb with the new that follows!
    22b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] CC’s Fort Dawnguard Reborn – The new SUPER amazing work of the famous CC modder! He did it again! Although he already had retexture pack for Fort Dawnguard (previous mod, quite new too), obviously he likes a lot this amazing castle and he re-born it again! Super gorgeous textures, you won’t like to miss this texture mod!
    22c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Dawnguard Fortress Improved – Or, you may not use the previous mod and use this one instead. That one here, also contains MESHES too except the textures, so it’s not an “easy-put-removing” mod. You need to check the images and choose if you like to use it.
    23. [OPTIONAL] CC’s HQ Mines – Additional retexturing for the mines, by the mighty CC! Great textures, you may like to use these for your ALREADY retextured mines.
    24. [OPTIONAL] CC’s HQ Caves – Additional retexturing for the caves, again by the notorious CC! Super textures too, you may want to use these for your ALREADY retexured caves.
    25a. LH’s Basket Retexture HD – Very high resolution textures for the baskets. I have a brand new CLUTTER collection, so the basket is there. You can get the files here in THIS site!
    25b. [OPTIONAL] HD Reworked Baskets – SE – Main file. Beware, this mod ALSO CHANGES the meshes!
    25c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] HD Baskets Textures – Additional textures for the baskets. Vanilla-Lore friendly, just textures.
    26. Stunning Statues of Skyrim – During FOMOD choose what you like. DO NOT choose the statue of Mara (makes it solid white stone, I don’t like it – I prefer the vanilla bronze metallic or something with more colors instead pure white).
    27a. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Realistic HD Mushrooms – Install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    27b [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Mushroom Retextures – Similar with the previous one, but it doesn’t contain meshes; its only a superb vanilla mushrooms’ retexturing. (The previous above mod, makes the mushrooms plenty in numbers and smaller).
    28a. Fence Woven Wood – Finally, arrived in SSE too! Probably the best fence to have, from the genius renthal
    modeler! You may choose the additional 4K texture file.
    28b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Fences of Skyrim – No more flickering fences – A superb replacing of the houses fences. Select a file (from Main or Optional), according your need; and perhaps a Miscellaneous file too, if you need it.
    29. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim Better Roads (SkyBeRoads) – The mod is still in progress, meaning it’s not done yet. It’s a great mod, it’s fixing a lot things on the roads, adding things, making the bridges more unique, etc.
    30. [OPTIONAL] Beware of the Swamp – Poisonblooms – It adds poison blooms on the Morthal’s swamps.
    31. [OPTIONAL] LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Talos Statue – Far better Talos statue, with large two-handed sword! If you used the No Snow Under the Roof then select that, during the FOMOD installation. ATTENTION: The mod contains JUST high res meshes and textures for the large swords! NOT for the Talos statue itself!
    32a. [OPTIONAL] Pilgrims Delight – High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures – Main file. Not very good textures – I’m planning to make my own (4K) soon.
    32b. LH’s HD High Hrothagar Shrines Signs – This mod provides HD resolution textures for these shrines. The vanilla game’s using ONLY ONE texture (the same) for every shrine (10 of them). There is also a PATCH for the PREVIOUS mod – which is using 10 different meshes, one for each shrine! These files are included in my DUNGEONS mod, so I didn’t re-upload them here too…
    33. [OPTIONAL] SkyFix SE – HD Blacksmith Signs – Replaces and fixing beautifully the blacksmiths’ signs. You’ll probably (now) have nice signs from other mods, but check that too if you like. (I made a better one, ask me).
    34. [OLDRIM] The Notice Board Redefined – New Meshes and Textures – Makes the Notice Board super amazing. Install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    35a. Skyrim Textures Redone – SkyHaven – Use the following 2 mods or this one; it does the same as the others, very good retexturing too.
    35b.1. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] CC’s HQ Alduin’s Wall – Great retexturing of the wall.
    35b.2. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Sky Haven Temple HD – Far better retexturing of the temple. Pick resolution. If you choose 2K or 4K there is also a hotfix file you should install after too.
    36. [OPTIONAL] Just Ice – It makes the ice textures super gorgeous.
    37. [OPTIONAL] Castle Volkihar Rebuilt – Remarkable retexturing AND RECONSTRUCTION of the castle! Install it AFTER you finish the Dawnguard DLC!
    38. [OLDRIM] HD Enhanced Terrain – The blended version and install it with the usual process via the green “+” button.
    39a. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Magic Runes HD Retexturing of the magic runes which appears after casting spells (on the ground, on walls, etc). Pick your choice, it’s just pack of textures.
    39b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Daedra-tastic Rune Spells – Similar retexturing mod like the previous one.
    40. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Visual Master Spells– Use the previous mod or this one, does the same thing.
    41. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Deadly Spell Impacts – You’ll downloading the file, unzip it, keep the Textures folder only BUT DELETE the _p.dds parallax files you’ll find (which are not compatible with SSE) and of course DELETE the .esp file as well, before you re-zip it and install it. Or… get the SSE version FROM HERE!
    42. [OPTIONAL] Moss Rocks – That mod adds moss on the rocks, for more immersion & “eyecandy”. IT’S NOT A ROCK TEXTURE REPLACER, it’s just adding the moss ON YOUR CURRENT ROCK textures! Choose file depending your system’s power.
    43. [OPTIONAL] Gecko’s Dwarven Ruins Textures – A good retexturing for the Dwemer ruins; and we all know how RARE are the textures packs for Dwemer or Elves.
    44. [OPTIONAL] Smooth Shores (Grass and Ground Remastered) – This mod aiming to fix the ugly sea shores, from that terrible shape the vanilla one have.
    45. [OPTIONAL] Solitude and Temple Frescoes SSE – Adds superb frescoes painting to all temples. After the installation, choose which esp to use and delete the rest (the author left all the esp files, from all version – and you need only one).
    46. [OPTIONAL] Windhelm HD Retexture – Gives a very HD (4K) textures to overhaul even more the capitol of the Stormcloaks. Personally I’m not using it much, because since I’m using the Noble HD mod this one here seems a bit different and not “friendly” to the rest cities’ textures. Maybe it’s just me… But still, remains superb texture pack.
    47. OPTIONAL] Visual Animated Enchants – Adds visual effects to the enchanted weapons. The main file.
    48. Farmhouse Door 3D– A super, absolutely amazing 3D model for the farmhouses’ doors, from the genius renthal311 modeler! Two options to pick, one with frame and one without it.
    49 Gecko’s Nordic Ruins Textures – Just download MANUALLY the first Main file (or any other, depending your system power), un-zip the file and DELETE ALL textures except the following:
    Now, re-zip the file and install it with the usual process, with the green ” + ” button of NMM left side panel.
    50. [OPTIONAL] Wheat – Additional (very nice) textures for farms’ wheat plants.
    51. [OPTIONAL] A lute from Witcher 3 – The main file. It changes the vanilla lute to a superb lute model!
    52. [OLDRIM] RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL – A super marvelous retexturing of the Elder Scrolls! Pick a main file, depending your system’s power (I’m using the 4K version).
    53.[OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Detailing the Eldrich – Higher-Res Apocrypha – Temple of Miraak – Black Books – Superb retexturing for Hermaeus Mora’s realm Apocrypha, Miraak’s Temple and the mysterious Black Books.
    54.[OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Detailing the Eldrich – Higher-Res Riekling Architecture – This is a bump up in resolution, and detail, for all Riekling related architecture, and clutter. Will replace the textures for Riekling tents, huts, stands, clutter, and brigdes.
    55. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape – Alternative landscape textures for the Solstheim island.
    56. [OLDRIM] Business Ledger HD Retexture – Have you checked this book, in your journeys? The texture is so pathetic, even in SSE and even after you install the “HD” pack of Bethesda. So, get it now in fine resolution.
    57. [OLDRIM] HQ Skyrim map V2 – Super amazing retexturing of the warmaps! Pick the resolution you want.
    58a. [OLDRIM] Bloody Dragon Bones – Great retexturing of the dragon bones, adding blood too (it’s silly the bones total clean). Pick resolution.
    58b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE – Alternative retexturing of the dragon bones.
    59. [OLDRIM] Shield of Ysgramor – Retexturing of this shield.
    60. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Riften Leaves HD 2K – A great retexturing of the fallen leaves in Riften streets.
    61. [OPTIONAL] Neurotic Nightshade SE – A retexturing of the flower. Choose the Less Saturated version.
    62. Iconic’s Real Hay – Lovely retexturing of the Hay.
    63. Iconic’s Woodfires – Retexturing of the woodfires.
    64. [OPTIONAL] Forgotten Retex Project – This a clutter collection, changes lot of stuff, random clutter stuff. It’s very nice mod, but I suggesting you to MANUALLY DOWNLOAD it, unzip it and check what clutters you want to keep, re-zip it and install it.
    65. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads – If you’re using these two unofficial “DLC”/quests, you’ll need this fine mod which is adding superb maps for these two new lands.
    66. [OPTIONAL] SMIM Windmills Resized – This mod resizing all Windmills sails. It’s using SMIM meshes, so it will overwrite them. After you install this mod, also install Katlas Farm Sail Reangled mod, to avoid sails clipping on buildings. PLACE THESE MODS BELLOW THE CITIES/BUILDINGS MODS.
    67. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] 4K and 2K HD Juniper – A great retexturing of that very ugly vanilla tree. (Actually, I removed the SFO juniper and replaced it with this one – even the SFO juniper LOD with this tree’s! )
    68. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] TDN Vampire Armor Retexture – Better textures for the vampires’ armors.
    69. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Sweet Mother – The Night Mother Improvement – The only and high detailed retexture of the Night Mother and her Coffin.
    70. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Ancient Falmer Armor HD retext and redone – Fine retexture of this rare armor. Just pic one of the first two files, unzip it, delete the _g.dds files (glow) and the _m.dds (different glow) and re-zip it and install (they are just textures).
    71. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Nightingale Pride – Bow and Blade Reincarnation– Unbelievable super gorgeous retexture of the Nightingale’s bow & sword. Install it!
    72. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Alternative Daedric Weapons (4k and 2K) – An alternative pack of different (a bit) textures for the Daedric arsenal. If you install this, unzip first and remove the BOW files (you have better already), re-zip it and install.
    73a. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] RUSTIC FORSWORN – Retexturing of the Forsworn Fur armor, with this amazing mod.
    73b. [OPTIONAL] Forsworn Armor Redux – A SSE mod to choose for retexturing the same armor.
    74a. [OPTIONAL] CL’s Barrels and Crates – New barrels and crates.
    74b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Barrels Replacer 4k – This replace the textures of barrels ONLY – not chests. Also, the author claims is not compatible with SMIM mod.
    75. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Windhelm Enhanced – HD 4k Metalwork – A great retexturing of the metallic elements in the city.
    76. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Windhelm Enhanced – 500 Companions Wall 8K HD – A super great ultra high resolution of that wall.
    77. [OPTIONAL] Soulgem Stand Redone – A nice retexturing for those stands.
    78a. [OPTIONAL] Daedric Mudcrab – Pick just the textures file.
    78b.[OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Vandr Presents – HD Mudcrabs – Similar with the previous one, but this one without esp!
    79. [OPTIONAL] Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer – A fine retexturing of that ancient tool-weapon.
    80 [OPTIONAL] Champion’s Cudgel Remastered v2 – A superb retexturing of this unique weapon.
    81a. LH’s Imperial Arsenal HD – Very detailed realistic textures for all the Imperial armors – weapons/shields included. The files are in THIS site.
    81b. [OPTIONAL] Semper Fi SE – An Imperial Armor Mod – Great mod, replacing the Imperial Heavy armor, Tulius, Imperial Hero, etc.
    81c. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Perfect Legionnaire – Imperial Armor – Similar with the previous one. I’m usually taking from this mod the “Gladius” sword.
    81c. [OPTIONAL] Gondor Imperial Overhaul – This mod here simply replacing ALL vanilla Imperial arsenal with… Gondor’s arsenal – from Lord of the Rings film! Obviously is not super lore-friendly (since the armors or shields have… the White Tree of Gondor!), but you can fix that by installing afterwards THIS MOD which is changing/removing all Gondor’s insignia or replacing the blue fabric with Imperial red! To be honest with you, I found this overhaul MORE Skyrim-like that Bethesda’s “adoption” of the ROMAN LEGION style!
    82a. [OPTIONAL] CC’s HQ Carts – Very nice retexturing of these carts.
    82b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Realistic Hand and Vendorcarts 4k 2k – Similar what the above mod does.
    83. [OPTIONAL] CC’s HQ Buckets – A nice retexturing of the game’s buckets.
    84.[OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] dire HD High Hrothgar – A super gorgeous 4K graphics replacer, for the high mountain mages’ castle. I still prefer the 2K NSM textures, though.
    85. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored – Don’t over do it picking too high textures with that mod. The author has even a… 16K version!!!!! For that… poster/tablet! Jesus…
    86. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Texture for leatherhide – Lovely textures for the leather hide.
    87. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] RUSTIC EAST EMPIRE COMPANY SIGNAGE – Fine retexturing of the East Empire Company’s emblem.
    88. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] RUSTIC GARGOYLE – Great retexturing of that evil beast.
    89a. [OPTIONAL] Sky Haven Temple – Gardens – Adds gardens to the Sky Haven Temple, the final HQ of the “Blades”.
    89b.[OPTIONAL] JK’s Skyhaven forge – Adds a forge station to the Sky Haven Temple, useful for the “Blades” and yourself.
    90.Terrain LOD redone – Adds a lot more to the LODs and works perfectly with the HD LODs Textures SE you installed in the first Steps.
    91. Culling data glitch fix – Fixing LOD issues. AS MUCH AS LAST IN YOUR LOADING ORDER LIST!
    92. [OPTIONAL] Another Clavicus Mask HD – This is retexture of this notorious Clavicus’ Mask.
    93. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Silky Spider Eggs – Great textures for those spider eggs.
    94a. [OPTIONAL] Odahviing Replacers – That mod replaces (5 models to choose) the body of that dragon. Great replacers, indeed!
    94b. [OPTIONAL] Odahviing Dragon Enhanced – Got the previous mod? Regardless if you did, get now great retexturing of that dragon!
    95. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Ultra High Definition Enhanced Vanilla Dragons – Super amazing textures for the dragons, without fps lose.
    96. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Dragonbone Armor and Weapons HD by Natterforme – “Crazy” resolution, ultra details, for the Dragonborn’s arsenal (armor/weapons).
    97. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] SkyFix – Unique Inn Signs HD – Great amazing unique Signs for the Inns. Check the pics, lovely work.
    98. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Hanging Moss replacer into plant – Replacing the unnatural ivy or mosses with plants.
    99. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Better dropping aspen leaves – Very nice dropping leaves effect.
    100. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Improved Decapitation Neck Gore – I was just about to make this texture myself, when I found this mod!
    101. [OLDRIM] Ruff Slates – Whiterun’s low quality roof tiles be gone! Now, you can have amazing roofs in Whiterun city. Choose the SIXTH file.
    102. [OPTIONAL] Chicken Butthurt Minimizer AKA Immersive Eggs – Makes the birds’ eggs smaller, to the realistic/normal size of them.
    103. [OPTIONAL]  Markarth HD Retexture – Amazing textures for the Dwemer city Markarth! This mod here is one of the finest.
    104a.[OLDRIM] Real Wood Textures – Farmhouses – Only the main file. When it will ask to overwrite, click YES to the files:
    And DON’T install the SMIM patch.
    104b. R3 – Real Remastered Retexture (Farmhouse edition) – Some additional textures/fixes for the villages & small towns. Download manually the file, open it and DELETE EVERYTHING but the stonefloor01.dds & stonefloor01_n.dds (we need just the floor – if you don’t like the current one you have). Re-zip it and install it.
    105. Skyrim 2017 Textures – 4K Farmhouse – Download manually the main file Farmhouses, open it and DELETE EVERYTHING but the two files rope01.dds & rope01_n.dds and then install via the green “+” button of ΝΜΜ!
    106. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Skyrim SE Improved Puddles – Μain file. The author writes that “he won’t respond to posts about issues etc”… because he seems angry from the users’ comments, so personally I’m not suggesting or recommending this mod any more!
    The mod is still in form 43 and not in form 44 so you may pass it or convert it properly yourselves.
    107. Archet’s Dark Brotherhood – Improved Shadowmere – A fine retexturing of this notorious horse. Choose what you like from the (lot) versions.
    108.[OPTIONAL] Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach – That mod adds the light refraction to the following:
  • Outdoor icicles such as the Windhelm roof icicle.
  • Cave and Labyrinthian icicles.
  • Frost Atronach and Ice Wraith.
  • Dawnguard outdoor icicles are supported.
  • Dawnguard Inner Sactum frozen charus and falmer figures.
  • Dawnguard Ancient Frost Atronach.
  • Soul Gems with halo on full gems.

109. [OPTIONAL] Elizabeths Tower – Azura Shrine SSE – Makes the Azura’s statue very visible from long distance.
110. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] N-R HD Display Case – A retexturing of the display cases.
111. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Snow Shrub Thicket Replacer – Replaces the ugly vanilla base game snow shrub with the snow shrub in the Forgotten Vale from the Dawnguard DLC.
112. [OPTIONAL] No grass in caves – This mod removes the grass from several caves/dungeons, which is quite immersive not have so much grass in the caves. Quite low in your loading list.
113. [OPTIONAL] Ash Pile Retexture – A magnificent retexture of that effect.
114. [OPTIONAL] Take clam shell – Changes the sea shells (meshes and textures)!
115. [OPTIONAL] Honey pot Special Edition – Great model & retexture of that honey pot.
116. [OPTIONAL] Aetherial Crown SE – A marvelous model and texture mod, for this crown.
117. [OPTIONAL] Spooknik’s – Pine Forest Landscapes – Amazing forests ground textures.
118. [OPTIONAL] Natural Teeth – A fine retexturing of the teeth, in high resolution version.
119. [OPTIONAL] 2K Salts Retextured – A lovely retexturing of the salts in 2K resolution.
120. [OPTIONAL] Vampire Coffins 2K-4K – Great retexturing of the vampires’ “beds”, in 2K & 4K resolution.
121. [OPTIONAL] UHD Blackreach Mushrooms and HD Crystals – It replaces the Blackreach mushrooms with new and highly detailed 4k textures. The author’s goal was to make an extraordinary place even more beautiful.
122. [OPTIONAL] Atronachs and Spriggan retexture – Nice textures for these creatures, in 4K & 2K.
123. [OPTIONAL] Frostspider 4k retexture – Lovely textures for these spiders, in 4K resolution too!
124. [OPTIONAL] Frozen Electrocuted Combustion – This mod applies VFX to bodies when killed by several effects.
125. LH’s Imperial Towers/Keeps 2K 4K – New textures for the towers/keeps/castles that using Imperial dungeons textures. You can get the files here in THIS site!
126. LH’s B-alt-Ships 4K – New realistic textures for the ships/boats etc. of Skyrim. You can get the files here in THIS site!
127. LH’s Dungeons Remaster HD 4K – New textures for the dungeons, Nordic ruins, etc. You can get the files here in THIS site!
128. LH’s Soul Cairn HD Total Overhaul – New textures for the Soul Cairn realm. Currently in 4K only. You can get the files here in THIS site!
129. LH’s Dragon Glyphs 2K/4K – New textures for the Dragon Glyphs on the Stone Words around Skyrim. You can get the files here in THIS site!
130. LH’s All Spriggans Retexture 4K – New high resolution textures for these Spriggnas. You can get the files here in THIS site!
131. LH’s Storm Atronch 4K – New high resolution textures for those creatures. In 4K only. You can get the files here in THIS site!
132. LH’s Fear of the Draugr 4K – A very scary version of the undead creatures textures, in 4K resolution. You can get the files here in THIS site!
133. LH’s Training Dummies Retexture – Very high resolution textures for those training dummies. You can get the files here in THIS site!
134. LH’s Natural Sun & Sunglare – Very realistic textures for the sun & sunglare. You can get the files here in THIS site!
135. LH’s Imperial Shield Retexture – In case you’re not using the completed mod, here are the shields only textures. I didn’t upload it here, because is already included in my Imperial Armor mod – you can find the shields there. You can get the files here in THIS site!
136. LH’s Face Scars Remaster (Both sex) – Very good textures for the races’ scars. You can get the files here in THIS site!
137. LH’s Nocturnal Robe 4K – A new very good textures pack for that robe (and hood). There is also option for semi-transparent look of the robe, for more sexy appearance! You can get the files here in THIS site!
Perhaps, now, after SO MANY TESTING YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE so far (or you haven’t??? You should!), you may found spots and areas you may don’t like so much (the textures). Personally, I found that the roads, bridges & Windhelm needed extra care in my build. So, I’m strongly recommending to experiment yourselves with the follow three superb mods, which all they have done updates recently:
1. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim 2017 Textures – At the beginning of this guide, we just took 2 files from Farmhouses, to make the ropes textures superb – and then some additional textures. You may need to check extra this mod full of separated HUGE packs for everything you can think of (bridges, roads, landscapes, cities, etc).
2. [OPTIONAL] Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul – I used to using this mod during the textures’ overhaul, but not anymore; I found that other mods doing the same results without this one. But it doesn’t hurt to re-check it again for final “touches” here and there when they need to.
3. [OPTIONAL] SSE Texture Pack – Osmodius – Super amazing large pack textures’ mod, you really need to take a look into it! You may find superb textures more ideal to your flavor and update your own textures.


most important and tricky part of your modding overhaul, the weather conditions and lighting effects. What you’ll choose for weather & lighting effects will affect the entire game’s experience – for better or worst! To me, there are THREE options: NAT… Climates of Tamriel… or… Vivid Weathers. The rest doing fine their job but these first three of this Step are the super top ones!
NAT – Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel

  • PROS: This mod is a EVOLUTION or REVOLUTION in Skyrim Weathers/Lights modding! I’m person who doesn’t like much major changes in everything (especially since the current state works fine, so why to change? )… But, this mod here is REMARKABLE!… Superb sky, amazing natural realistic colors & lights, incredible days, dark nights, superb shadows, lovely raining, thunders through storms, whatever you want… it has it!
  • CONS: It’s still …a baby-mod, just born! So, a lot stuff need to be done, improved, fixed. For example, there is some lights flickering or the transition from day-night time or weather changes can be better. But… no matter.

Seriously… Install CoT or Vivid Weathers (which they were the MASTERS-mods of Weathering)… and then install this one here, disable the previous stuff you had… and check the difference. It’s A LOT  (possitive) difference!
Vivid Weathers

  • PROSGreat snow,fog, superb rain, storms, thunders, all great. Colors and lights very realistic, shadows, etc. The mod gives you a “book” to change staff. Vivid Weathers is the only mod that actually CHANGES the vanilla weather.
  • CONSIn sunny days and areas, the mod isn’t good. Although it gives nice shadows, these are almost invisible (and the details of the objects) during sunny days and some times the shadows in middle-long distance are getting VERY dark, a lot darker from the rest environment around, totally unnatural. Dawn & dusk are very disappointing, while the sun itself looks “odd”.

Climates of Tamriel

  • PROSIt’s a truly FANTASY weather mod! The weather and lighting effects remaining “fantasy”, very lore-friendly like you used to, while you’re playing Skyrim. You feel like you’re playing a “Lord of the Rings” game, very atmospheric conditions. The sun… looks truly amazing! The details in dark areas are super amazing. If you combo CoT with several other mods, the storms/rain/thunders are equal great as Vivid Weathers (which is the best in heavy weather conditions). Generally, all textures with CoT looking very “rich” & “alive”. In short, anyone who wants a “fantasy feeling” and feeling they actually playing a fantasy RPG, this is the mod for them. Dusk & dawn are simply… “Santorini”-like (the most notorious/famous Greek island for the perfect view of it – check Google)!
  • CONSIn many cases (especially during day time) the lighting looks a bit “wash out”. Fogs are less better than Vivid Weathers (I wrote it above: Vivid Weather is perfect for heavy weather). The rain looks “poor” and “cartoonist”. Some NPCs looking super bright (during very sunny days). Sometimes the lighting has a “blue tone”. Most con of all is, that the weather conditions are changing very instantly than Vivid Weathers (you’re walking in a sunny day and super fast it turns to rain).

Before you start installing weather mods CHECK THE FOLLOWING LINKS AND STUDY THEM very carefully, setup your .ini files, changes things, etc:

And now, let’s place some mods!
1a. NAT – Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel – It’s a new weather mod, extremely very very good, probably it will be the BEST WEATHER mod very soon! It changes A LOT stuff, even lighting, so you many NOT NEED much mods to install, after this one! Place it to THE VERY MUCH BOTTOM of your order list!

1b. [SIMILAR] Vivid Weathers Special Edition – The MAIN FIRST file. If you choose this, you should install the patch of Lanterns of Skyrim Light Balance Patch from the SEPTIM Guide too IF you using the Lanterns of Skyrim mod! Choose the Main file, not the Optional with the BSA file. During FOMOD be VERY careful what to choose and be advice: DON’T CHOOSE ANYTHING for LOD, it will screw your environment trees! Also, if you want to use True Storms (mod that follows bellow) + Vivid Weather you should install FIRST the True Storms and THEN the Vivid Weathers!

If you install the mod, load your save (go in the game) and check immediately THE LOD (Level of Distance) of your trees! Even if you don’t select any tree module of Vivid Weathers there is a 90% possibility that it ruined your trees’ LOD and you’ll see CUTTER IN HALF trees to the distance! To fix it you need to RE-INSTALL your trees’ mods and it will be fixed!
1c. [CIMILAR] Climates of Tamriel SE – During FOMOD DO NOT choose the Extras option! Main file and the Optional patch file for Falskaar mod. I’m suggesting to choose Dungeons= Darker… Interiors= Warm… Darkness level= 3.
1d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Dolomite Weathers – Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics II – Since some users complaining, I decided to add this weathr mod too, as alternative for the previous two ones.
1e. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Rustic Weathers and Lighting – Another additional weather mod, quite impressive.
2. True Storms – Main file. This must be installed before Vivid Weathers if you chose it. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT …but you CAN USE IT if you install the NEW following patch!
3a. NAT – TrueStorms Merged Compatibility SSE – The NAT is becoming the TOP favorite weather mod by far, the weathers are so crisp and clear, the atmosphere it creates is just perfect for me. The only thing that is missing is the crazy intensity of True Storms mod. There are THREE version to choose, so read carefully what each version does. Also, there are options with Water Fix combo to choose too! Finally, the loading order will be like this:

  • NAT
  • True Storms
  • TrueStorms Merged patch (whatever version you choose)

3b. [SIMILAR] TSCoT Compatibility Patch – A patch for CoT to work perfect with the True Storms mod. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
3c. [SIMILAR] Unoffical Vivid Weathers and True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch – A new patch just released and doing the same thing as the one above, but of course for the Vivid Weathers to work with True Storms (credits to peter4real user). YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
3d. [OPTIONAL]TrueStorms – Wet and Cold Compatibility – A compatibility patch for the True Storm & Wet and Cold mods, to working perfectly together.
4. Real Rain SE – Main file. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
5. [OPTIONAL] Lightning During Storms SSE [HEAVY SCRIPT: 106] – Adds REAL thunders, meaning… you’re getting killed if the thunder hits you! YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
6. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Smoking Torches and Candles – The Optional file Torches since you’ll already have now nice candle smoke from other mods you just installed. Check FIRST (before you install it) your torches and see if you’re happy with their current smoke and if not, install this mod here.
After a user information (credits to ebkidd user), I’ve checked the mod too and seems it’s been badly converted to SSE via the Creation Kit and the mod’s file STILL is in form43 instead of form44 –(SSE). So, you may need to PASS this mod or convert it yourselves.
7. [OPTIONAL] Darker Nights – I forgot to add this mod too, into the guide. It’s really really a great mod, making the nights REALISTIC (dark) as they should be and not ridiculous so bright as they are in vanilla game. The main file, which contains A LOT patches for several other mods you (may) using. BE WARE for the loading order list and READ CAREFULLY this mod’s description page, to see exactly where you should place this mod. ANYTHING BELLOW the Level 3 makes the nights pitch-black!
8. [OPTIONAL] Torch Brightness Radius – If you later install ELFX… CoT and Darker Nights together, you may found during night that the exterior areas are quite dark and the torches are not so bright enough. You may use this mod here that changes the values of brightness and radius for the torches. Also, you may want to change the values YOURSELVES as you want, following THIS LINK here.

Radius: The distance your torch can light. (Vanilla 512 / I’m usually using between 775-975)
FNAM: Fade value – The brightness of your torch. (Vanilla 1.350000 / I’m using 1.75000)
9. [OPTIONAL] ETHEREAL CLOUDS by Gamwitch – Super amazing & realistic clouds! A “must have”mod! I believe the 1Κ version is fine – the clouds are so high, why to pick the 2K version? YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
10a. [OPTIONAL] ETHEREAL COSMOS – Special Edition – If you want to feel like you’re lay down on the sand in a Greek island and you’re watching the perfect galaxy above your… this is the mod you need! Τhe THIRD main file Twinkle Subdued I think is the best of all. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
10b. [OPTIONAL] Skyrim Textures Redone – Stars – That’s an alternative mod for the night’s galaxy. Not so “fantasy” as the previous mod, but VERY much more realistic (as natural night’s stars). I liked it too. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
11. [OLDRIM] Skygazer Moons – Masser and Secunda Ultra HD– Super amazing textures for the two moons of Tamriel! Install as usual via the green “+” button of NMM left side bar. DON’T select TOO HIGH textures resolution! YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
12. [OPTIONAL] Dynamic Display Settings – This mod is trying to do what an ENB does: to change the lighting, the contrast, brightness and saturation. You my use this mod or an ENB, not both. YOU DON’T NEED IT, IF YOU CHOSE NAT MOD!
13. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] SOLVEIG – Cinematic Sunglare – Amazing sunglare retexturing. Choose files according your need and mods you using.


  1. Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul SE – Before you install this mod go ahead and install first the Enhanced Lights and FX or the Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) mods bellow that follows (pick the one you’ll use after), so during FOMOD it will enable the patch you’ll need. After finish with Immersive Citizens remove the ELFX or ELE till you’ll install properly when it should. Should be placed near the bottom of the load order! (Obviously, if you will to use OTHER lighting mod you don’t need to install the above ones before the Immersive Citizens AI mod.)2. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – Okay, after lot guide users’ demand, I decide to add this mod too. Obviously is one of the VERY BEST mods for Skyrim; I just don’t like it much or I’m not the “talking type guy” in fantasy RPG game! I want to… chopping heads, not talking with NPCs. Anyways… You installing the Main file AND THE 1st & 2nd Optional files-patches! Place it AFTER any Bijin mod, the Immersive Citizens mod, the Live Another Life and Amazing Followers Tweaks mods!3a. [OPTIONAL] Cutting Room Floor – Lighting Overhaul – This is an overhaul for all Cutting Room Floor lights that is been added for that mod. IF YOU WANT to try it, obviously you’ll install it now (after Cutting Room Floor) but all rest INTERIOR LIGHTING mods – like ELFX or Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod. AFTER this mod here – that’s why I placed it here. Very very immersive (and impressive) mod. I think its working BETTER with ELFX than RLO. Surely, since it touches lights, it makes the interior quite much brighter!3b. [UPDATE] Enhanced Lightsand Effects – ELFX – To me, another “Must have” mod! During FOMOD you choose:
  • In first screen, select the ELFX Enhancer& ELFX-Enhanced Ice DO NOT select the ELFX-Weathers option! If you choose (later) to use ENB filter you may choose also the Exterior Enhancer except if you’ll use CLARALUX – then you SHOULDN’T select it!
  • In the next screen select ONLY the SMIM
  • In the last screen, simply press the Install

The ELFX seems to have the interiors quite darker. The mod is been updated and runs fine now with the Dynamic Snow mod! If you picked the NAT mod place the ELFX AFTER the NAT!
3c. [SIMILAR] Realistic Lighting Overhaul SSE – For many, the best lighting effects mod! It was VERY VERY outdated… but few days ago is been updated!!! You may choose it, is a fantastic mod for lighting! This one or the previous mod, NOT BOTH OF THEM! …This new version is ULTRA VERY MUCH scripted! You have been warned. Also, I’m strongly recommending you DO NOT USE THE EXTERIOR module/option during FOMOD, it may adds a lot lights all over the places but also has A LOT CONFLICTS with many other lights mods and it producing VERY BRIGHT GLOWS all over (especially during snowing storm)! IS NOT WORKING WELL with the CLARALUX mod! PLACE IT ABOVE NAT IF YOU USING IT!
4a. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Relighting Skyrim – SSE – You may choose this one, with “combo” with the next one. Τhe main file. Not fully compatible with NAT mod.
4b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) – Main file. Actually, this mod here is been created to much with the above. So, the above and this mod are “partners”. Not fully compatible with NAT mod.
5a. Magical College of Winterhold – Adds a lot to the interior environment of the College. We’re placing now, because it’s also contains a lot LIGHTING patches, so you need to have already install all your lighting mods before this one.
5b. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Immersive College of Winterhold – It does about the same thing the previous mod does, but it’s newer/fresh mod and most important you won’t use so many esp slots (as you will with the previous mod and all the required patches).
6. [OPTIONAL] CLARALUX SSE – Controllable Lights Everywhere – If you installed Claralux instead of Lanterns of Skyrim now its time to install the SECOND main file which’s contains ALL the patches for EVERY mod you’re using – it’s automatically finds what you’re using. ANY MOD WHICH CHANGES THE NIGHT DARKNESS, should be BELLOW this mod in the loading order list!
7. [ATTENTION] [OPTIONAL] Wonders of Weather [HEAVY SCRIPT: 111] – Very nice and immersive mod, it adds rain splashes (during storm), rainbow arch (after the transition from rain to sunny day) and shooting stars on the galaxy over your heads (during nights).
It’s arrived in SSE! No more messing up to make the “oldrim” working! Not ENTIRELY sure if is fully compatible with NAT mod.
8a. Realistic Water Two – The best mod for water overhaul. Is been recently updated! During FOMOD DO NOT choose the Flowing Lakes & Extended Ambiance options – pick whatever other choice you like.
8b. [OPTIONAL] Beautiful Water Replacement Overhaul – Adds a better water texture and compatible with Realistic Water two mod.
8c. Realistic Water Two LOD Fix – Grab this mod too, because you’ll find a lot glitches with the water; and this mod claims it fixes them.
8d. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Water’s Edge Fix – Use it, if you’re using Vivid Weather & Realistic Water 2. It fixes the ugly edges of the water, especially during bad weathers’ conditions. Check WHICH MODS YOU’RE USING, to get the correct file. You’ll use this one or the previous one BUT NOT BOTH!
9. [OPTIONAL] Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE – Obviously it’s not a weather mod, but you need it to add it last, because it contains A LOT patches for everything. A sound overhaul for Skyrim. Personally I passed it now, because it adds A LOT esp files and “eats” mods’ slots in NMM. Of course you can MERGE them, but that’s another story. Place this mod AS MUCH AS LOW in your loading order.
So, you made your weather & lighting effect choices, now you may choose an ENB FILTER to use too. The ENB filter, it’s like a… Photoshop filter visual gallery for Skyrim. It DRAMATICALLY CHANGES the coloring, the darkness, the lights, anything in the game. It has A LOT options to play with (ingame, during your gaming!). To be honest with you, the ENBs in SSE are not so good and so great as they are in “Oldrim”.
That’s true and you can make comparisons of the SAME ENB between SSE & “Oldrim” (in “Oldrim” looks far better). But… to be honest with you for second time, after you test/use an ENB… you won’t turn back! It’s an AMAZING add-on for SSE. There are countless many ENBs, but to me there are THREE TOP ENBs to choose from:
1a. Skyrim SE Re-Engaged ReShadeTo me, is the best of all ENBs, period! Adds a TRULY “FANTASY” feeling to the game! Read VERY VERY carefully the mod’s page and download what you want (with or without ΕΝΒsupport). Generally, all ENBs’ files are placing to:
…/steam/steamapps/common/SkyrimSpecial Edition/
Obviously,you’ll choose the “combo” of which weather you previously picked. Read the “Install and Readme.txt” to understand how (super easily) you’ll install the ENB and which are the hot-keys. After that, you may pick and place (manually) the Optional file Sun-Sunflare Optional Add-On,a super great sun retexturing.
1b. [SIMILAR] Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB – That’s the new ENB preset of the previous author. Currently I’m using this one.
1c. [SIMILAR] CFL ENB – Cinematic FIlm Looks – Another amazing ENB filter. It makes the game looks like more realistic, more
“cinematic”. A fine, marvelous ENB.
1d. [SIMILAR] Rudy ENB SE for Vivid Weathers – Surreal Lighting – CoT – ELE – ELFX – RLO – Probably this ENB, its’ a “combo” of the above two previous ENBs.


  1. Every time you’ll run LOOT you’ll see also messages. If there is only one (saying about LOOT edtion/version), you’re fine. Place your mods into “categories” – in your mind or on a paper. THESE “categories” have specifically order to be loaded. Generally, this is the CORRECT
    ORDER for all your mods you’ll install (starting from top after the main
    official plugins):

    • Patches and bug fixes (like USSEP, Cutting Room Floor, Blacksmith water fix)
    • Big mods / overhauls that affect the entire game (like the master file of Climates of Tamriel, skyBirds, Apachii hair)
    • Quest mods (all the “unofficial DLCs” & quests we installed, like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, Beyond Reach)
    • Environments / weather overhauls (like the main master file of Claralux, Lanterns of Skyrim, NAT)
    • Large add-ons and cities / towns / land expansions (like JK’s Riverwood, JK’s Whiterun, Dawnstar Overhaul)
    • Flora, trees and plants / grass mods for the entire game (like Simply Bigger Trees, Immersive Fallen Trees)
    • More buildings or elements to current cities/towns/areas (like Bring out your Dead, More Bandits Camps, Elysium Estate)
    • Gameplay changes / tweaks / add-ons such as combat / magic / perks / etc (like Smilodon, Shout, More tavern Idles)
    • Changes / add-ons to NPCs (like Diversity, WICO, SuperbSerana, Sofia, Inigo)
    • Visual / textures / atmospheric changes (like Better Dynamic Snow, No Snow Under the Roof, Footprints )
    • Sound / audio / FX alterations (all the sound & music mods you want to use)
    • Menu & interface changes, player & NPC inventory (like SkyHUD, More Map Markers, Sovngarde font)
    • Character & Creatures model replacements (like Mammoth, Bellyaches Animal and Creatures)
    • Weapons / armor / clothing add-ons / additions(like Immersive Armors, Immersive Weapons, Weapons of the 3rd Era)
    • Crafting mods (like ArsMetallica)
    • items (like Wearable Lanterns, Left Hand Ringsetc.)
    • Weapon / armor / clothing alterations(like Bandoleers)
    • Specific mods that need to be loaded at the bottom as directed by the mod author
    • Mods that remove graphical effects, like disabling godrays, to improve performance – this goes last to ensure that all mod added effects get
      disabled too

    If you’re using the “Lanterns of Skyrim”, should be on top of your list, while the patch of it (from “SEPTIM” guide) as much as lower you can have it placed. Most of the weather & lighting effect mods, should be lower. All quests should be bellow the official master files. All the cities/towns overhaul, just bellow the quest. All flora staff, bellow the cities/towns. All character/NPCs mods, you should be place them quite low to the bottom of your list and check your game to see if you have “black face” – you’ll need to re-order them to find the right/perfect place for each one (it’s painful, takes long time to me too).
    RS Children” is the MOST painful mod of all! The master file of this mod should be ON TOP of everything, USSEP included! The rest eps files of this mod, the lower can be!
    Make sure that the“Amazing Follower Tweaks” should be place BELLOW ANY stand-alone follower, EXCEPT Sofia & INIGO (if you’re using them)! Also, the “My home is your Home” & “Shield on the back” should be BELLOW the “Amazing Follower Tweaks”!
    Run the game, load your save and check if everything is fine.


Before start installing animations… and especially to get the perfect female poses/animations… my suggestion is that after you install FNIS and the first 2-3 basic animation mods to MANUALLY DOWNLOAD each one of these mods (or others you may interesting) and UNPACK the files and KEEP EXACTLY WHAT animations you need from each mod – and DON’T overwrite file over file, because I noticed many bugs (in animations) after installing a lot mods and overwriting one over the other…So, just download them manually… check what animations each mod has… remember what you already installed and YOU WANT TO KEEP… unzip the animations mods… keep the meshes you want… repack them… install them. And then, of course, re-run FNIS!

  1. Fores New Idles In Skyrim (FNIS) – The MOST IMPORTANT & DANGEROUS mod of the entire guide! You may screw your game big time, if you’re not follow the instruction right. It’s not so tragic, not difficult, just needs extra careful action. Download ALL files if you’re using CREATURES mods, otherwise DO NOT install the Creature Pack optional. Obviously will use the NMM and IF any overwrite message appears, you’ll press on “YES TO ALL”! If an “Update?” message appears, you’ll choose “NO”! After they’ll be downloaded and install, make sure they are both files checked in the “Plugins” tab……and STOP HERE with FNIS for now! Go ahead to the next mods and install all your animations.
  2. No Spinning Death Animation – The FIRST main file.
  3. D13 Faster GETUP STAND UP – Main file.
  4. [OPTIONAL] Pretty Combat Animations SSE – Adds nice combat poses. BE VERY CAREFUL with this mod! It may mess up some animations, especially XP32 Skeleton’s (it happen to me)!
  5. [OPTIONAL] Dual Wield Blocking for Idiots – Adds/touches some animations, to make the dual wield blocking possible. Currently, the best mod for this, on SSE.
  6. [OPTIONAL] Phalanx Stance – A Shield Block Idle Animation Replacer – This mod changes the way NPCs holding a one-handed weapon and a shield to a more realistic way.
  7. [OPTIONAL] Animated Eating Redux SE edition – Adds eating animations to the NPCs.
  8. Pretty Sit Idles SSE – Choose from many pretty animations, to change the way NPCs are sitting.
  9. CBP Physics [SKSE64] – Probably the ONLY REAL body physics that exists for SSE! This is REAL PHYSICS animations, not fake as the usual mods we were using all this time.
  10. SINful CBP Config [SKSE64] – You installed the previous physics mod, right? Now, do you want few… dozen different combos/physics for your females’ buts/bellies/breasts? You do? Go and install this one… Actually, first WATCH the author’s videos… and go install it!
  11. FNIS Sexy Move SE [SKSE64] – With lot options to choose, but needs SKSE to run. If you want your female NPCs to walk like REAL WOMEN, then this is it – don’t look further.
  12. [OPTIONAL] Sexy Idle Animations – Nice sexy idle poses.
  13. Pretty Jump Animations – Don’t you think the vanilla jump animation is for… gorillas and not for Humans? So, get this mod here and see your NPCs jumping like charming human and not like …monkeys!
  14. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Run Sprint and Jump – Lovely mod, check the videos.
  15. [OPTIONAL] [SIMILAR] Bow legged jump animation fix – Fixing the ridiculous vanilla jump animation.
  16. [OPTIONAL] Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite SE – Adds the option to have the NPCs dancing (with music)!
  17. Flower Girls SE x – Eh… yeah… well… right… Okay, I thought myself, “Skyrim is a large region, full of adventures, full of women, full of nice good-looking bar waitresses, how come not have an… “immersive” mod like this one? The rest (a lot!) in your screens! The main file and the Optional files Bathing Beauties & Immersive Wenches patches too.
  18. [OPTIONAL] First Person Greatsword Idle Fix – A nice animation fix for the 1st person view, while holding a two-handed weapon.
  19. [OPTIONAL] Lowered Hands – That’s an interesting and immersive animation mod. Don’t you finding so silly watching your empty hand in front of your face? So, this mod here lays-down the empty hand, therefore you watching only your armed hand.
  20. [OPTIONAL] TK Dodge SE – Very interesting and good mod, but you need to be careful with this one; is not entirely compatible with lots of animation mods. This mod here, adds an amazing way to dodging the enemy, with great moves. But, again, I’m telling you to be careful and READ THE DESCRIPTION & THE POSTS to be sure if you use it or not (I personally tested it but I removed it). Obviously you need to run and update the FNIS after you install this mod.
  21. [OPTIONAL] Weapons On Back – That’s a new mod, with new animations and NO REQUIREMENT of anything (FNIS included), to place your weapons on the back and have animations when you draw them out.
  22. [OPTIONAL] Animations – Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor, opening journal and map.

…Now… let’s goback to FNIS! Execute the following steps:

  1. Press on the drop-down Supported Tools button and on the “grey” (disabled) FNIS button. A dialogue will open to navigate the tool to run it from Nexus Mod Manager.
  2. Find the exe file, navigating to …steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\. So, pressing on that folder, you have now a FNIS shortcut activated to the “Supported Tools”.
  3. Press on the shortcutto open the tool and “tick” on the patch “SKELETON Arm Fix“,at the light-yellow text box window.
  4. Then, press onthe large central yellow button “Update FNIS Behavior“.
  5. Then press”Exit”. When a message appears asking you to create a shortcut, pres “YES”!
  6. Now, go to the Plugins tab and move the FNIS mods on the bottom of your list.

You’re done with FNIS… you’re done with the “B.O.S.S.” guide!
Especially for the NPCs, the children, the characters, you may have to double check into the game and if you find “dark face” to re-position these mods, to find the perfect order to avoid these conflicts. ALSO, THERE IS A MINI-GUIDE IN THE FORUM TAB ABOUT SOLVING THE BLACK FACES ISSUE.
I hope EVERYTHING GONE FINE… make a final check… enter the game, load your save in Riverwood’s Inn, make sure you’ll check as much as you can everywhere around and in Rivewood… you may fast travel elsewhere to check other things, to be perfectly sure that all are well…
…go out to the Main menu… press NEW GAME… and have a GOOD SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION OVERHAUL!
Play, write review about the guide, make suggestions, find faults and report them, generally… try to help me make this guide the TOTAL ULTIMATE SSE OVERHAUL! I’m just a 8 months Skyrim player and I started modding… 5-6 months ago! So, I’m quite one of you, not a “Superb modder”. I’ll need any help I’ll get from anyone of you, to make PERFECT this guide that I spend so many months to complete…


It’s not necessary to go beyond this point. In this step, I’ll giving you additional mods you may add in your build. I’ve tested them all and some of these bellow I’m using them already.
1. [OLDRIM] Ancient Dwemer Metal– Lets face it. Vanilla or not,the mods’ creators have left aside Dwemer & Elves, they don’t really paying much attention to their staff. This mod here is to change that. Is an AMAZING Dwemer metal overhaul and runs fine in SSE. Install it as usual, with the green “+” button of NMM’s left side bar.
2a. [OPTIONAL] LH’s HD Ingots and Ores 2K – New retexturing of the Ore & Ingots, in very high resolution (HD). I HAVEN’T INCLUDE YET the mod, I’m making it NEW from scratch.
2b. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] HD Ore And Ingots – Retexturing Ore & Ingots, if you haven’t touch yet these textures.
3. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Detailed High Quality Firewood Piles – Retexturing of firewood piles, if you need better textures.
4. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] EASIER LOCKPICKING – Without Cheating – Retexturing of the vanilla “poor” Lockpicking screen.
5. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] HD Sacks Retexture – Sacks’ retexturing. Very very nice sack’s textures.
6. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Skygazer – Constellations HD 2K – This is an amazing additional texture for the star constellations, if you find the ETHERIAL COSMOS too much colored.
7. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Flower Fields – Adds large fields full offlowers. The SECOND Main  Loose File. Actually is a 2D graphics mod, the flowers are not 3D. Also, it creates large fields of grass in areas the grass shouldn’t be (like all over the Elysium Estate’s entrance).
8. [OPTIONAL] The Ruins – Adds ruins and buildings, graveyards here and there, some with events and rewards.
9. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] SKELETON – Its working on SSE and has very nice textures. DO NOT choose sounds too, during FOMOD – just pick the textures!
10. [OPTIONAL] Stalhrim – Lovely retexturing mod, for the starhlim ore of Dragonborn DLC.
11. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Salmon Retex – Better texture for the salmon fish.
12. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Ivy Walls – Better textures for walls covered with ivy. Tip: In Solitude, this mod changes the smoss02walls textures. However, the main green covering is the sclovers01 file, which is also lacking in quality. And the walls aren’t going to be covered in clover. So, just copy that mod’s smoss02walls file and renamed it to sclovers01… and now you have the ivy everywhere!
13. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Better PrisonerStuff (replacer) – Prison metalcages and other stuff’s retexturing.
14. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] RUSTIC WOODPOST and LIGHTPOST – Retexturing of the Woodposts & Lightposts.
15. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Joy of Ships – Ships wood textures replacer.
16. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Map of Dragon Burials – Replacing the texture of the Dragon burials’ map.
17. [OPTIONAL] [OLDRIM] Necromancer Amulet Retexture – Several different new textures to choose, to replace this amulat’s texture.
18. [OPTIONAL] Snazzy Bloody Rags – HD replacer for Bloody Rags.
There are soooo many extra mods you can add. Feel free to discover mods that I haven’t yet and suggest them to me.


In the Forum tab the notorious Dovakynskyrim user has posted a nice mini-guide how to merging mods. That process is very easily to do it using NMM – but not using MO2. Lets see here how to merge mods via MO2:

  • First, you need to have TOGETHER ALL the mods you want to merge, meaning one-bellow-the-other.
  • Then, you selecting the xSSEEdit through your drop-down menu (up-right) and pressing the Run button to start. When xSSEEdit starts, right-click inside the small pop-up and click Deselect all – to deselect all mods.
  • Now select ONLY those you want to merge; you may clicking with the SPACEBAR for faster selection.
  • Next, you running xSSEEdit. After finished, select all these mods (from the left panel) and right-click on them and select the Check for Errors (If there are errors, check bellow for further instructions).
  • Then, you right-click and select the Apply Script A pop-up will appear and you need to select from the upper drop-down menu the Merge Plugin v1.9 option and click the OK button to apply.
  • You’ll get a pop-up message saying First time you running this script. Please setup your advanced options for further merging (or something like that, anyways). Clicking on the OK button and an Advanced Options window will open and here you need first to click on the option I’m using Mod Organizer and then click the Detect button (next line, to the right) to detect your MO2 directory. (Perhaps xSSEEdit won’t detect automatically your MO2 installation directory, so do it manually). Select also the Copy General Assets option and check bellow to the Asset Destination Directory to see if the destination directory is your OVERWRITE folder (not inside MO2 installation directory but WHERE YOU SAVING your mods). This is very important!
  • Leave ALL the rest options untouched. Make sure the last Batch copy assets option is selected!
  • Press the Save button to start the process! Another small window will pop-up with the selected mods you’re about to merge. Click OK and continue. Name your NEW mod you’re about to create (name without extentions). The process will start with a progress bar to showing you how much left to finish.
  • After the process is finished, close the window with the X button on top right.
  • The new mod will be bellow those you merged. So now, right-click on it and select the Check for Errors option!
  • After finishing, exit the xSSEEdit by clicking the X button on the top right, right-click on the window and Select None and then check ONLY your merged new mod and close the tool!
  • Now you need to right-click on the Overwrite folder (last of your left side panel of your MO2) and select Create Mod and name it as you want and ACTIVATE it!
  • So, all that remains is to DEACTIVATE the mods you just merged on your left side panel  – and they also automatically deactivated on the right side panel as well!
  • You are GOOD TO GO to play with the merged mod!

If xSSEEdit found errors during your merging process, you need to study THIS VIDEO and see how this lad is finding and fixing the errors via the xSSEEdit tool.
Well, this process is useful to reduce your esp files’ number, due the 255 plugins limitation. As you may (should) know, Skyrim can handle 255 plugins (esp files) – official esp files included! That means, except the official plugins, you can have 250 plugins installed… and that’s it.
You think “250 plugins is a huge number, I won’t ever be close to that”? Think twice, when EASILY you’ll reach the 200+ count! Why? Because there are tiny small good mods BUT THEY NEED/USING esp files too! So, one small plugin here, another there, one more… bla-bla… there you go, you reached the 200+ count! So, the ESL files let you bypass the 255 plugin limit! It’s something like you making a “merged patch”. So, the point here is to keep those important plugin slots for bigger mods and make those weapon and clothing mods (or other small plugins) into ESLs!
The ESL files have a limit of 2048 forms, so you need to convert ONLY your smaller mods. Furthermore, the ESP files CAN NOT USE other ESP files as master files! They will be loaded in the order that you specify in your plugins.txt file but they will load with your ESM files. Keep this in mind if the ESP you’re about to convert is supposed to be loaded after another esp file. Also, don’t even think to update your ESL files during mid-playthrough or converting a ESP which you’re already using into a ESL mid-playthrough – as you may thought already, you’ll f*ck*p your build big time. That means, you should convert esp from plugins (mods) that you already satisfied with them or they’re done (unsupported anymore) or won’t be further updates (final versions). And finally… you cannot have an infinite number of ESL files. If every ESL file has the maximum number of forms (the 2048 as I wrote above) then you can only have about 300 of these mods.
What you need to do the process:

  • Basic modding experience. Meaning, how to modify your load order by plugins.txt file, manually, through LOOT, etc
  • The SSE Creation Kit installed

Therefore, here is a small tutorial how to convert your (many-many!) small ESP files – like your many outfit mods – into the new ESL files:

  • Install the mod you want to convert – lets say you want the esp plugin. First, back up that ESP file in case something bad happen due process
  • Now, open the SSE Creation Kit
  • Go to File>Data and the pop-up dialogue will open.
  • Scroll down and find the esp file. Click the checkbox next to it and press the Set as Active File button (on the pop-up’s right-down side) and press OK next. Wait for the plugin to load and ignore the warnings messages
  • Go to File again and click Compact Active File Form IDs and then press the Yes This will help make sure your forms are stored compactly. This is also important 300 ESL mod limit.
  • Go to File again and this time press Convert Active File to Light Master
  • You should have done the process fine – otherwise something’s wrong with your SSE Creation Kit (perhaps badly installed), so now exit from the SSE Creation Kit. Don’t worry about saving.
  • Go to your Skyrim Data folder and VERIFY THAT THE NEW ESL IS THERE and delete the esp file!
  • Next you need to add your new ESL file to your load order. Open up your plugins.txt and find the old CampfireFix.esp entry and delete it! Next go to the bottom of the list (for easily viewing all your ESL files) and add the *CampfireFix.esl Save plugins.txt and close it.
  • Load your game and play!

If you’re using a mod manager (as we almost all do) then there is a small chance the mod manager to DELETE your ESL entries from your load order plugins.txt file. So you will then have to CHECK and re-add the ESL entry to plugins.txt.
For more information:


A Bashed Patch is extreme important and we all MUST LEARN to using one. A Patch like that is “bashing” together all the leveled lists in the game to work together and also deleting few plugins by integrating them into the Patch. Lets make one:

  • BE VERY sure that the Overwrite folder is empty.
  • Run Wrye Bash from the drop-down menu of the upper right side of MO2.
  • On the Mods tab, right-click on Bashed Patch, 0.espand choose the Rebuild Patch
  • Click OK on the next window.
  • Click on the Tweaks Settings in the left side panel – but don’t un-select it!
  • Click the Build Patch button at the bottom.
  • If Wrye Bash completed the build but hanging in MO2, force the Wrye Bash to close.
  • Reactivate the espand Lanterns of Skyrim (LoSPatch.esp) plugins if you’re using them (leave all the rest of the deactivated plugins as they are!)
  • Double-click the Overwrite folder and delete the contents.
  • Open the Skyrim SE data folder: …\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data
  • Drag the Bashed Patch, 0.espinto the Overwrite window and close it.
  • Delete the original Bashed Patch, 0.espfrom the Data folder!
  • Right-click on the Overwrite folder and select Create mod Name it, activate it and be sure the plugin is checked.
  • Sort now with LOOT.

Now we need to correct the Bashed Patch. To do so, follow this:

  • Load the entire mod list (without the deactivated mods) in xSSEEdit.
  • Make the following corrections:

0010710D – forward Update.esm keywords
00E7AEB – add Dawnguard.esm data flags
0002E4E4 – forward the USSEP object bounds

  • Close xEdit and save the Bashed Patch.
  • Move the Batched Patch, 0.espfrom the Overwrite folder to its mod listing.


Well, most of the lads complaining about the fps lost (dropping a lot), so I just saw I forgot to write in the guide this VERY critical final step – locking the 60 fps! If you fell bellow 10-20 fps, Skyrim will automatically “locked” to the 30 fps limitation! Follow the instructions bellow to make much better your gaming experience.
1. SSE Fixes – You may try first this mod here, before you continue to the rest tweaks bellow. This mod using a DLL loader first and then adds some files into your Data folder. It fixes the CTDs & FPS drops of the game. FOLLOW MOD’s DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!
You need to HAVE FIRST installed a DLL LOADER – the previous you may installed to unlock the Achievements or THIS ONE here. Also, you may check this THIS TUTORIAL to update the plugin to the 1.5.23 version.
2. BethINI – This is a utility (not a mod). You manually downloading it and you’re running it. It’s locating your Skyrim .ini files and making tweaks. So, run it and make the following tweaks:

  • In Basic tab select the Recommended Tweaks on bottom right!
  • Still in Basic tab if you’re using ReShade onlyTURN-OFF the Antialiasing. If you’re using ENB select TAA. Deselect FXAA if it’s selected.
  • In General tab leave selected ONLY Intro Music & Disable Tutorials
  • In Gameplay tab select also the NPCs Use Ammo
  • In Interface tab select ALL in the left Map Menuwhile in Mouse Settings put Lock Sensitivity=0500.
  • In Details tab set Godrays=High, Field of View=00, Particles=6000, select the Decals… Lens Flare… Depth of Field, select the Reflect Land… Reflect Objects… Reflect Trees… Reflect Sky, select the Land Shadows & Tree Shadows, set Shadow Resolution=4096, Detailed Draw Distance=3500, Exterior Draw Distance=2500, Sun-Shadow Update Time=0.25, Sun-Shadow Update Threshold=0.25 and in Snow check Rim Lighting & Sparkles.
  • In View Distance tab most important is to change the Light Fade=50000 (especially if you’re using Claralux) and Flickering Light Distance=8192.

Be sure to SAVE before you leave the tool (close popup).
3. Go to …\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\ and open the Skyrim.ini file and under the [Display] section add (or change, if the entry exists) the line:
iPresentInterval=1 …and make it… iPresentInterval=0
Now save and close the .ini file.
4. Open the Skyrimprefs.ini file and under the [Display] section change the line:
iVsyncPresentInterval=1 … and make it… iVsyncPresentInterval=0
Check if under the [Particles] section, you have the iMaxDesired=750 …changed to…iMaxDesired=6000 (you need it ESPECIALLY if you’re using the Vivid Weathers mod!)
Your fps is now UNLOCKED!
For nVidia users (like me) you need to do extra tweaks. So, go ahead and continue bellow:
5. Navigate and locate your nVidia Control Panel and open it. Go to Manage 3D Settings (the second selection on the left side panel). Click on the Program Settings tab. Press on the Addbutton and FIND the Skyrim Special Editon exe (program), click on it and the click on the Add program button.
6. Navigate to the Multi-Display / Mixed-GPU Acceleration entry and select the Single display performance mode option. Navigate now (bellow) to the Power management mod entry and select the Prefer maximum performance option!
Check THIS IMAGE here.
7. Go now and download the nVidia Inspector tool.

  • Unzip and run the tool.
  • Click now on the small icon-buttonin the middle of the popup (to the right), it has two crossed tools as icon.
  • Wait a couple seconds and then click on the drop-down menu of Home (a button with a house icon).
  • Now, locate and select the Skyrim Special Edition.

Check THIS IMAGE here.
8. Now, CHANGE the FPS limit to 60! And then, CHANGE the Vsync to FORCE ON!
Check THIS IMAGE here. You may also test (and change) the Maximum pre-rendered frames to 2 … and… the Triple buffering to on.
For users with AMD cards, I’m simply copy/pasting the info from Feleguaron concerning another way to limit the FPS with AMD cards. He wrote to zackalope about it:

  • Open the Crimson Drivers from the System Tray or Start Menu
  • Open the Games tab & select Skyrim Special Edition
  • Once that’s opened, under Wait for Vertical Refresh… have it turned on unless application specifies
  • In Frame Target Control turn it on and set it to 60 FPS

Additional tweaks follows from the Re-Engaged Reshade ENB author:
Run the launcher and click on the Settings. In there, go to Advance and DESELECT the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) & Snow Shader. Go to the ENB page and check in the middle of the page, useful tips.
9. Lazer Cortex – This utility (suggested by the member Chillblast), can apply various optimizations and boost your PC’s gaming performance, which should come in very handy. You may check it, if you don’t have so powerful machine as I do (now).
Last January/February 2017, a lot things have been changed (for worst!) to SSE. After the last Bethesda’s update, the SSE became very unstable! It’s not coincident AT ALL, that a couple months after this last update Bethesda launched their own MOD STORE! So, basically, they’ve changed things in SSE and made problematic all mods which they can been found here or elsewhere.
The main issue, after this last update, is that after some time of SSE gaming (half hour, 1 hour) your saves seems “corrupted” and damaged (which they’re not). If you exit the game and return back, all are normal. And the bug is not because the many mods you’ve installed, a lot users has the bug with only… 20 modsinstalled!
Before that damn January 2017, I was playing a super heavy build with 230 mods + 350 more (graphics), a total of… 580 mods – without a single issue! Now, like I wrote, even with 20 mods, you’ll may have issue (this bug or others). So, I’ll start here posting tools you may need them:
10. FallrimTools – Script cleaner and more – A very useful tool, very easily to understand and use it, just follow the description/instructions of the mod’s page.
11. WICO cleanup script – This great mod (WICO), is well known is very heavy scripted since it touches A LOT things. So, this tool here trying to cleanup the scripts from this mod.
12. Skyrim SE Savegame Manager (TESV) – Another save clean manager.


You may set these tweaks to your .ini files located to your …My Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition folder for extra immersion and possible quite FPS dropping and performance – so try them and keep what you need. And if you notice FPS drops, simply set lower values. BACKUP THESE FILES FIRST before you edit theme!
Here are MY PERSONAL ini files with the tweaks I’m using:
Skirim.ini Tweaks
sArchiveToLoadInMemoryList=Skyrim – Animations.bsa
sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim – Misc.bsa, Skyrim – Shaders.bsa, Skyrim – Interface.bsa, Skyrim – Animations.bsa, Skyrim – Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim – Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim – Sounds.bsa
sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures1.bsa, Skyrim – Textures2.bsa, Skyrim – Textures3.bsa, Skyrim – Textures4.bsa, Skyrim – Textures5.bsa, Skyrim – Textures6.bsa, Skyrim – Textures7.bsa, Skyrim – Textures8.bsa, Skyrim – Patch.bsa
uExterior Cell Buffer=36
SGeneralMasterMismatchWarning=One or more plugins could not find the correct versions of the master files they depend on. Errors may occur during load or game play. Check the “Warnings.txt” file for more information.
SkyrimPrefs.ini Tweaks
iSize H=1440
iSize W=2560
bFull Screen=1
iSize H=1440
iSize W=2560
sD3DDevice=”NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070″
I will updating this section, as much as I’m testing these .ini settings.


I would like to share you some tweaks & tricks, by using the “console commands”. First, you probably know by now, that you can open/close the console by pressing the ~ key (on the top left, next to 1 key). Now, let me share you some commands you may find useful. Every time you open the console, the game is “freeze”, paused. When you’ll close the command, your game continues.
To undone a command, simple press the ▲ or ▼ arrows cursors and you can navigate through commands you typed, find the command you want to disable, press ENTER and undone what you did.
1. TAKING NICE PICTURES DISABLING THE HUD – So, you can see in my pictures here in the guide, that I didn’t bother myself to disable my HUD. That’s not bad for the guide, but it’s bad if you find a superb scene during your adventure, you want to take a pic to use it as wallpaper… but you’ll have the HUD visible. You can disable the HUD, by doing this:
Open the console and then type tm! The HUD is gone! You can take your marvelous pics now, without any HUD enable. Undone the command as I wrote above, to re-enable the HUD back.
2. GOD MOD / INVINCIBLE – You can be “God”, by typing the “God command”. Simply, open the console and type tgm. To undone it, re-type the command to become mortal again.
3. NO COLLISIONS – You can walk through walls or you can… fly on the air, by disabling the collisions. You can do it, by typing tcl. Undone it, by re-type the command.
For making cool videos:
4a. FREE CAMERA – You can “fly-by” the land, with the free camera command. Type tfc and you’re done.
Note: when in 1st Person, you’re invisible. In 3rd person, you’re still visible.
4b. FREE CAMERA WITH PAUSE – The tfc 1 command is like the previous, but also pausing everything in the game.
4c. DISABLE NPC COMBAT AI – By typing tcai you disabling the combat AI of all NPCs.

– Type tai and you disabling completely the NPCs.
4e. DISABLE NPC DETECT – Type tdetect and NPCs no longer are able to detect you.
5. TELEPORT – You can instantly go to a location, with the teleport command. Type coc [cell ID] and you’re fast travel there. For example, by typing coc WhiterunDragonsreach you will teleported to the Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
6. TIMESCALE – You may understood, that the default time runs out very quickly. One moment you are outside the “Sleeping Giant Inn” in the morning, you’re stepping in, you’re getting out after a while and is already… afternoon. You can change that, by changing the timescale. Type set timescale to [number] and you’ll reduce or speedup the timescale. The vanilla timescale is 15 (as far as I remember), meaning each 1 minute of real life is 15 minutes of Skyrim time. I’m personally setting the timescale to 5.
7. REMOVE SOMETHING – If you find a clipping issue, something on top of something else or a tree through a house (!) or so, you can REMOVE it completely from your save – not from the game itself (if you’ll start a new game). By typing disable you deleting something from the scene.
8. ENABLING MAP MARKERS – You already know from the first steps’ mods, that you can type tmm 1 and enable all map markers. Undone it, by typing tmm 0. (It doesn’t effecting a new game; the map markers will be off as normal).
9. EASY OPENING CHESTS – So, you found yourselves in front of a door or chest, the lock is extreme difficult and you ran out from lockpicks. Type unlock and you’re done! To LOCK something (your house door for example), you can type lock!
10. EASY CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE – If you tired your look, you can type showracemanu and the character menu will show up. DO NOT change the gender or your race, you’ll screw your character!
11. EASY CHANGE YOUR RACE – But you CAN change your race, by typing player.setrace [race you want]. For example, type player.setrace Nord and you changed to Nord!
12. BOOST YOUR SKILLS – You can boost your skills, by typing player.setav [skill] [number]. For example, type setav strength 100 and your strength became 100!
13. INCREASE YOUR SPEED – You can type player.setav speedmult [insert number here] and change/boost your speed. For example, if you type player.setav speedmult 135 your speed changed from 100% (default) to 135%.

– Personally I prefer this one here to increase, than the previous one (the speed). It’s so ridiculous watching a muscular Nord jumping like a… 5 years old girl! So, increase your jump by typing in the console player.setgs fjumpHeightMin [number] and you changed your jump!
The default as you probably figured out is 100, so increase it as much as you like… but BEWARE! If you overdo it too much, you’ll jump very high… and you’ll die in the landing! I’m usually changing the jump to 135 (max).
15. LEVEL UP INSTANTLY – You can level up immediately, by typing player.advlevel [insert number]. So, if you’re 31 level and type player.advlevel 32 you just level up to 32 instantly!
16. UNLOCK ALL SPELLS – By typing psb.
17. HEAL A NPC – During in the console, if you click on an NPC, you’ll see his/her ID. Now, by typing resethealth you can heal him/her.
18. GET ANY ITEM & AMOUNT OF IT – Did you ran out of money? Fine, just type player.additem [item ID] [number] the command and the ID of money & the amount you want. So, for example, type player.additem 0000000f 100000 (0000000f = Gold ID) and now you have 100,000 gold! You can do it, obviously, with ANY item. Just simply google-it, to find each item’s ID and type the item’s ID & amount you want… Very useful in quests that asking you like the Bring me 24 Vampire Dust quest. How the hell you’ll find two dozen vampires in a single spot/area?…
19. WIPE OUT ALL ENEMIES – You’ve been surrounded by two dozen bandits that appeared from no where, while you’re on a very important mission and you don’t want to delay… So, type killall and all enemy in your vicinity are instantly dead!
20. KILL A SPECIFIC ENEMY – If you don’t have so many enemies around you OR there are harmless NPCs in the area, you can kill a specific target by clicking on the target (the target’s ID appears) and type kill.
21. RESURRECT A DEAD – So, something happen and a NPC dropped dead; and even worst, is an important one. You can bring him/her back to life, by clicking on him and type resurrect.
22. RESIZE SOMETHING – You thing a tree or a Giant or something is too smaller than you thought? Make it bigger! Type setscale [number from 1 to 10] which 1 is the normal and 10 is… huge!
23. UNEQUIPPED COMPLETELY A NPC – By clicking on a target and typing unequipall you removing everything from the targeted NPC!
24. SPAWN SOMEONE – You can spawn a copy from NPC, by typing player.placeatme [insert ID] [number]. So, by knowing the ID of the NPC, you can spawn him/her… but you can add 2-3 or more of them, by typing a number too! So, you can spawn a …platoon of Stormcloak troops just around you!
25. TELEPORT YOURSELF NEXT TO A NPC – If you want to find immediately a NPC, you can type player.moveto [insert ref-ID] and move instantly next to that person! For example, type player.moveto 0001B131 and teleport yourself next to Ulfric Stormcloak!
26. CHANGING THE WEATHER – You found yourselves to a fine scene, you wonna get a great pic…and suddenly it’s raining (bye-bye sunny day). Type in the console the command sw 10e1f2 and you CHANGING the weather to sunny day (actually, turning again the cycle of the weather types).
27. CHANGING NPC BODY WEIGHT – If you crossed a nice lady but you found her too skinny, simply click on her (with console command opened of course) and type setnpcweight [value from 0-100] and you’ll change the weight. The NPC model will probably “brake” so continue and type disable (and you’ll disappear your NPC) but DO NOT CLOSE the command, but just type now enable (and re-appear the NPC back) and the model is fine now WITH NEW weight!
Moving, re-positioning, rotating objects (perfect for decorating homes):
28. GET THE POSITION OF AN OBJECT First, you want to get the position values of an object. So, by typing Getpos x,y,z [number] you’re getting the position of an object to use it with the following command. (Obviously, as always, you need to CLICK on the object to type then the command).
29. SET THE POSITION OF AN OBJECT – You’ve got the position, now change the position of that object. Type Setpos x,y,z [number] and set the position of an object.
30. GET THE ANGLE OF AN OBJECT – You can get the angle value of an object by typing Getangle x,y,z [number].
31. SET THE ANGLE OF AN OBJECT— Now you’ve got the angle’s value of an object, you can replace the angle by typing Setangle x,y,z [number].
32. ROTATE MANUALLY AN OBJECT – You can rotate an object by typing Rotate x,y,z [number].


  • When you’ll start a new game, obviously you’ll be in that cell (“Live Another Life”) and you’ll pick a start from Mara’s statue. Don’t run at once to start the game, wait 5-7 minutes – doing nothing. It takes A LOT time for the (many!) mods to be installed and started, so… just go and make a coffee, let your character standing there for few minutes, and then start the game (by going up to the stairs on the right and click on the bed).
  • If you pick the vanilla start (why not? I do), DO NOT save at all before you enter the Keep following the Imperial officer or Ralof! When you enter, save now… and again, DO NOT save again till you escape completely from Helgen! Do you find it difficult to stay alive without saving? Not at all… leave THE REST companions doing the most of the fight and just follow them, till you get out and be free.
  • After you escape from Helgen, head for Riverwood. Just on your way, there is a bandit camp. If you have armed yourself pretty much and ALSO you have Ralof with you (or other companion), only then go ahead and attack the bandits – you’ll get PROFIT too (no further spoil)!
  • Further down the road to Riverwood, you’ll find the first “Stones” of the game, “Mage”, “Warrior” & “Thief”. No matter what style you wonna play, pick and select the “Thief” Stone! Believe me, till your 20th-30th level, you’ll need very badly the sneaking/assassin/thieving skills, above all the rest!
  • Reaching close to Riverwood, there is a Mine to your right, on a hilltop. You may enter if you dare… to set free and get one of the stand-alone companions you installed!
  • In Riverwood, after talking with Ralof’s sister etc., I suggesting you to go to the merchant shop and get his quest, to get his stolen “Golden Claw”. This quest it leads you across Riverwood on the high mountains, into a Nord ruins. When you’ll find in there that “Golden Claw”… if you CONTINUE further lower to the ruins… you’ll find a VERY important artifact, which will be asked to get if from the Whiterun’s Royal Mage, when you’ll arrive to Whiterun! So… why not to have it already with your and hand over it and not re-run back to the ruins for it?
  • In Riverwood’s Inn, the “Sleeping Giant”, you’ll find the second stand-alone companion you installed, Recorder. Obviously, you’ll get her with you, to follow you. When you’ll do it, trade things with her (open her inventory) and GET HER RING (a superb ring, especially for early stages of the game) and one of her two ebony swords – you won’t get a better sword, for long long time (a lot levels)!
  • I suggesting to play the tiny side-quest with the conflict of Faendal and the bard, for the merchant sister’s heart. I suggesting to favor Faendal, beause you won’t get a better archer for long long time in the game!
  • Don’t “stick” on the Main Quest, but also don’t drop it completely. You need the Main Quest, to go and meet the “Greys” on “Throat of World” mountain and start your training as “Dovahkiin”! After all… you are the “Dovahkiin”, you need to learn the damn drago-shouts!
  • Be members of the “Companions”, they have superb quests!
  • Be memebers of the “Thieves Guild”, also amazing quests!
  • Be members of the “Dark Brotherhood”, probably THE BEST quests of the entire game!

Go get the Estate southern of the Whiterun’s stables, you won’t find better house than this one, for your character.


My system which I made “B.O.S.S.” and run it:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit (changed to Win 10, but returned to 8.1)
  • CPU: Intel Core i54460 @ 3.20GHz (now… i7-7700K 4.20GHz)
  • RAM: 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (now… Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3000MHz)
  • MB: ASRock H97M Anniversary (now… ATX MSI Z270 Gaming Pro)
  • Watercooler System: Hydro Series H60 (new upgrade)
  • Sound Card: Xonar DX/XD (new upgrade)
  • MONITOR: Dell U2515H 2560×1440 60Hz
  • GPU: Gigabyte nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 G1 8GB 1594 MHz
  • STORAGE: Crucial MX300 525GΒ SSD – Kingston SSD V300 120GB SSD – Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA HDD – NAS Synology DS415+ – Hitachi DeskStar 8TB
  • OPTICAL: Samsung SH-224FB
  • POWER: Corsair Builder Series CX850M 80Plus Gold (new upgrade)
  • CASE: AZZA Titan 240x Tower-Gehause (new upgrade)


I would like to thank the following persons, which they pressed me to start dealing with Skyrim, others they helped me really much, others… they are my mentors:

  • zackalope (the creator of “SKYRIM S.E.P.T.I.M.” guide, which I had it as a base and create my own “B.O.S.S.” guide. Simply, amazing job he done, with “SEPTIM”. I hope to be his successor.)
  • panoc (the creator of “The Mod Project TMP “, you can YouTube it and check it. Although we had huge arguments and fights each other, I think I own to Panos too A LOT and I thank him for many suggestions and advices)
  • xtrmsnpr (a user who… woke me up from my deep “sleep” and I “found” my “drag”, Skyrim!)
  • GrantSP (from the S.T.E.P. project forum)
  • TechAngel85 (from the S.T.E.P. project forum)
  • ThePotatoSenpai (from the STEAM Community)
  • velvetsanity (from the STEAM Community)
  • Lady OfTrades & Spades (from the STEAM Community)
  • smr1957 (from the STEAM Community, an AMAZING modder!)
  • ebkidd (for giving me good & useful information for several mods)
  • dovakynskyrim or Tiberius Aurelianus (for his endless contribution to this Guide and for his ULTRA knowledge of xSSEdit)



ENJOY !