Greetings to all of you.

I am “lupus_hegemonia”… Why this nickname? “Lupus” in Latin means “wolf” and I picked it because is referred to my real name – I have the name of the founder of Rome. The other part of my nickname, the “Hegemonia” (a Greek word which means “Domination”) is been taken from the most notorious massive mod ever been created for the game “Rome: Total War” – the famous “Hegemonia: City-States” mod. I was the Art Director of the original Developing Team and we worked over 3 years for that amazing mod.
So, I borrowed that word to reminds me these amazing 3 great years we’ve spend to create the “Hegemonia: City-States”…

I was born in Athens/Greece in the middle of military dictatorship during a cold autumn night of 1970, in a middle-class Greek family – I was my parents’ firstborn child.

I found myself very interesting of creating images, drawing, sketching and painting from my very very early youth, when I was about 3-4 years old. During my Primary School’s years, my teachers (and an uncle of mine, a good painter) found that I had really good talent, therefore when I had to choose a High-School class specialization I chose “Graphic Design”. When I finished this, I went to a Private College of Art (the “A.K.T.O.” college) and I finished with the “Illustrator” specialization.

Very soon, during my military tour (1992-1994), it was my “baptism of fire” by creating the official Greek Air Force poster of their 50th Anniversary; I also did their official stickers (the Greek pilot portrait, two fighters – a F-1 & a F-16), all very realistic handmade illustrations with watercolors and airbrush. Since then, I worked to many fields mostly as illustrator and cartoonist but the last 10-12 years as CGI designer – I moved from the handmade graphics to the fully computer graphics…

…I found the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim very very late, about 5+ years after the first release. I was trying to find a good RPG game to play and most of my mates keep telling me “how come you never played that before?”. So I did, I started it… and I never turned back since then! I can’t recall if I was so exited and addicted with a game! I finished everything (main game & all DLCs) in a couple months, I re-finished them again a couple more times and then, the MODDING factor started growing in me. I was crossing some bad textures in game and I was wondering “how come they did them so bad?”, so I started modding Skyrim with mods from other authors; but SOON I realized that for my taste few mods were available. Therefore, I decided to start modding the game myself. Making textures for Skyrim wasn’t so difficult to me, but I found very difficult when I started to make the textures perfectly seamless – especially for environment/landscape textures. So, I started making textures Skyrim mods for Special Edition (but I’m not using any compression, so all my textures are working fine in Skyrim LE too) and soon I have done over 50 Skyrim mods, published them in Nexus mods Community portal…

…After a strong argue with some moderators of Nexus mods Community, they thought very “logical” to ban me for ever from their portal. I found that action extremely unfair, but life itself is not fair at all; so after my first disappointment and anger, I decided to make this site: a personal portal of my modding work, for all of you!

So, enjoy the site and my work. And bring your fellas too.