LH’s Main Menu Music Replacer – 5 choices!


I watched the good-oldie AMAZING film “Conan The Barbarian” (Arnie’s first amazing super hit movie) of 1982 and I’m so much in love with this soundtrack (made by a famous GREEK composer, he died very young), so I thought to give you a couple more choices. The “classic” opening scene track (when you watching forging the sword and the movies’ credits) and another amazing “cinematic” theme which makes my mind “travels” far away. Enjoy them…

I supposed to making textures, I’m a designer, right? But lately, I’ve started playing with the audio, music, sound effects stuff of Skyrim.

So, one of the things I started replacing was the main menu. I replaced the logo (with an animated one), I replaced the (horribly made) “smoke” with flames and I wanted to change the main menu’s music too. So, I searched a lot the Net and I think I fould 4-5 great replacers for you and I converted them to give Skyrim’s proper format. The four of them are EPIC versions of the 2-3 classic tracs (like the amazing  “One they Fear!”), the one is a HEAVY METAL version!

I personally using the “One They Fear”, which is my top favorite track from the entire game’s soundtrack…
Enjoy them!

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Seems like all of the downloads are just main menu music replacers. Will you be uploading one that replaces the main menu? It looks really good!


Yes, all they are meain menu MUSIC replacers – I wrote it in the discription.
For the entire main menu (background, etc) I’ll see what I can do.


Yes please. This is the most dope main menu replacer I’ve seen so far. I’m currently using the Posh Skyrim Main Menu Retexture but the resolutions are so lousy and the Skyrim title isn’t Gold like yours. Would love to have your Main Menu design itself, thank you!


I’ll see to it. Since I’m done with textures, I covered the entire game now! I’ll see what to do with INTERFACES, MENU, etc.



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