LH’s The Skyrim Horses UHD 4K

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This is my 4K UHD version of the Skyrim horses.

There are quite some mods already, for the horses – in Nexus site. But none of them is in 4K resolution; and I never understood why, since horses are very large 3D meshes and they need higher resolution than 2K.


The main file has them all, but there is an  additional file with a bit different color for the Pinto horse.



I made 4K textures Patch for the famous Realistic Horse Breeds by Kritta Kitty mod!

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Great textures! One small problem though is that there is transparency just underneath the tail. Been looking all over for a mod like this! Excellent saddles!


There is transparency in vanilla horses tail too, that’s why I placed it too.
Thxs and enjoy.


2 reviews for LH’s The Skyrim Horses UHD 4K

  1. Dimitry

    best texture for horses i ever seen for skyrim! Great!

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Don’t know if they are the best, but they are THE ONLY 4K on the Net.

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