LH’s The Skyrim Horses UHD 4K

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This is my 4K UHD version of the Skyrim horses.

There are quite some mods already, for the horses – in Nexus site. But none of them is in 4K resolution; and I never understood why, since horses are very large 3D meshes and they need higher resolution than 2K.


The main file has them all, but there is an  additional file with a bit different color for the Pinto horse.



I made 4K textures Patch for the famous Realistic Horse Breeds by Kritta Kitty mod!

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Great textures! One small problem though is that there is transparency just underneath the tail. Been looking all over for a mod like this! Excellent saddles!


There is transparency in vanilla horses tail too, that’s why I placed it too.
Thxs and enjoy.


By the nines!! He strikes again, this man is guided by Talos to bring us the best textures for Skyrim! Kudos, my friend.


Thxs. To be honest with you, I made this mod because “there isn’t any 4K mod for horses” (that what I wrote on Nexus)…
…but after 2-3 years, I STOPPED MYSELF using 4Ks – only for VERY SPECIFIC objects.


4 reviews for LH’s The Skyrim Horses UHD 4K

  1. Dimitry

    best texture for horses i ever seen for skyrim! Great!

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Don’t know if they are the best, but they are THE ONLY 4K on the Net.

  2. shoyguer

    Just perfect, no words.
    You, the creator(s) are very very very talented!!!!!!
    I just think would be great if there’s a 2K textures option 🙂

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Yeah, I’ll post a 2K option, since I (myself) using a 2K ver – I dropped the 4Ks long ago.

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