LH’s The Roads of Skyrim UHD 2K & 4K

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This is one of the latest mods of mine that I published in Nexus, before they banned me.

Most of  the roads mods don’t have too good textures; in the best case, you can find a good 2K mod and that’s it. And even so, most of these mods are not covering everything. Therefore, I decided to create my own roads’ textures. Again, in 2K & 4K resolution, covering everything.

There are two versions, one “Vanilla” (which is changing the default vanilla roads) and the other one is for the “Blended Roads” mods – probably the best 3D meshes road mods available on Net.

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I adore this one, amazing road textures.


Seriously brother, I searched A LOT before I started making this mod.
There are AMAZING MESHES road mods, but not textures good enough for those great 3D stone roads’ meshes…

Thxs for like them.


would you like to share stone wall uhd?


I have better new.
I’ll soon release my Architecture graphs.


thank you very much for this road mod love it !!!!!!


Looks great! but I thinke its too bright…. just when you are in Riverwood… its even not rky grey… and I prefer dark stones for the roads.. Just look at Dibela’s big dark tree (near the tavern) and at the road stones…hmm? and also on the wall’s stones…. after… looks strange… Can you add rly grey dark option pls? Ths a lot for your work and Amazing mods!


I tried a lot things and tested and came to this result.
To have the road of your very bright, its not this mod of mine but what you using for lighting, weather or ENB.


reading my comment few days later…. OMG what a bad Inglish 😉 sry…
Well… I dont use ENB and I just play with Obsidian, ELE, Relight. Skyrim…
I use “Blended Roads” … and than your Mod. And when it was sunny day.. hmm…
Yea, I see your screenshot – the plays I was talking about…on your screenshot it looks better…hm. ok will check. Ths!


Like I wrote, I’ve tested the textures a lot before publishing them. All textures are been tested like that. I don’t know why your copy has bright roads. MAYBE you using meshes for the roads and they are outdated or bright (as default)? The MESHES (3D) can be VERY bright, no matter the textures you using.


superb textures ! Any chance of getting any LODs for roads ? 🙂


As far as I know, there are no LODs for the roads – and I have double checked the vanilla BSA files.
If you know something more, tell me about (and obviously I’ll make them).


6 reviews for LH’s The Roads of Skyrim UHD 2K & 4K

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    Tomas Croxatto

    Thanks, i was waiting for your comeback lh

    • lupus_hegemonia

      That’s nice to hear – that I have followers, appreciating my work.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    thx )

    • lupus_hegemonia

      You’re welcome.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing 🙂

    • lupus_hegemonia


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