LH’s Realistic Field Grass HD 2K & 4K

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I wanted to make my own common grass textures, because some of the already published were too dense, others less, generally most didn’t look too realistic for my taste.


In 2K & 4K resolution, with 3 different versions to pick.

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Now this is what I call field grass!


Thxs, enjoy it.


7 reviews for LH’s Realistic Field Grass HD 2K & 4K

  1. Henry

    would be nice if you have comparison pictures between the 3 versions.

  2. TB

    I love all 3 versions. However, I personally use the version with the most clovers. It reminds me of where I grew up with green fields filled with clovers all over!

  3. St.James Hawke

    Thanks a lot. I’ve never considered using any grass mod before. I hate them in fact. But these look good.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs, enjoy.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I’ll make soon a new version.

  4. Lobstermagic

    I had been looking for something that didn’t make it look like a bunch of green carpet everywhere and this was the answer to my prayers! Very natural looking and the color matches my grass mod very well. Thank you and great work!

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs a lot.

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