LH’s Nocturnal Robe 2K – 4K

I didn’t like much the most textures available for this “dark-evil” robe.

So I made my own in 2K & 4K, but since the robe is ultra… sexy cloth, I edited the meshes and made the robe semi-transparent with UNP female body. That means, if you see a NPC with the robe or equip it yourselves, you’ll have semi-transparent cloth with nude female body beneath!



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hey lh, thank you for your great textures. i really missed you on nexus. would you be so kind to tell me from which mod the stairs in the background are? i using skyrim 2017 whiterun at the Moment and somehow my stairs appear really low res compared to the other stuff in the city. thanks i advance and keep up the good work 🙂


Thxs for your kind words.
I don’t like that Skyrim 2017-19 or other “ultra realistic” mods, because Skyrim is a 8 years old game, wasn’t created as “realistic” game (and they couldn’t, with that engine they used), has very low polygons/quality meshes, and the game textures have “painting-feeling”. (Is one of our major fights we had, me and Mathy – besides he… stolen my mod, the 3D trees).
You can’t have “ultra realistic” graphics in Skyrim, because you’ll may have very realistic flora and environment and ALL THE REST will be “painting-feeling”. So, you need very good looking (close to “realistic”) textures but LORE-FRIENDLY with the rest stuff.

Currently here (and generally, always), I’m using the “Realistic Skyrim Overhaul” as base, Noble Skyrim above, many mods of mine over them, and few others (selected files) for “finishing painting”. So, these stairs are “Realistic Skyrim Overhaul” AND Noble Skyrim (combo).


Excellent. Thanks!


I thank you.


Nice work, man. How can I install it?


Download it and… a) Manually unzip and drag-drop them into your Data folder or… b) Use your mod manager to install it automatically.


Hi there! I’m able to equip the Nocturnal Robe HD Remaster 4k but I seem to have some trouble with the semi transparent meshes. The game would just crash during the loading screen when the semi transparent meshes have been installed. Please advise. Thanks in advance!


Never ever happen to me. I’m still using the meshes and as you see in the pics, there are ingame screenshots.
Maybe the file was corrupted during the downloading? Check and try the meshes from the mod bellow, he… “borrow” (without permission, sic!) my meshes AND the textures – and they using them in this mod:




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