LH’s Frost Giant 4K

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I haven’t seen a HD texture mod for this fella and so I thought to make it myself.
Generally I’m making mods for those textures I can’t find good HD replacers or what I found are not my flavor’s.

In 4Ks, since it’s a VERY large & rare creature.

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8 reviews for LH’s Frost Giant 4K

  1. Z

    Incredible work. Thank you so much! 🙂

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Some folks/friends told me about the “floating” hair/fur. Well, like I told them, I haven’t touched the MESHES (I’ll soon).
      I simply made a replacer texture. The problem is in the default/vanilla meshes, horrible UV map and bad meshes in general (for the Frost Giant).

  2. rimmymods

    Wow man… I have been looking for a Frost Giant retexture forever!! and this one is great!! It’s just insane that it is finally out in 2020… the weirdest year ever… lol
    Pls consider retexturing the Vale Deer (blackreachdeer)… it’s the only creature left that has a size big enough to make the low resolution textures pretty noticeable. All other creatures I have covered using new textures or fusafusa… but the Vale Deer has 0 mods XD

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I have already retextured ALL the actors for my personal use.
      I’ll probably post this deer soon. I’m working the NEW BOSS GUIDE now. Is been A LOT WHILE I had update it.

  3. Mathias Christensen

    Thanks alot for this, it has been sorely needed. And to second the guy above, would be really nice if you covered the deers and possibly even falmer architecture as in their huts, bridges etc. Thanks for all your mods and the free content you provide for us 🙂

    • lupus_hegemonia

      The huts and bridges have been covered, as far as I remember.
      About the deer and rest, yes of course.

  4. coolstuffthanks

    Thanks for all your work LH, never thought the DLC1 creatures would get any love

    • lupus_hegemonia


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