Forests of Dibella GRASS vanilla ReTexture 2K-1K

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I miss-spell the words “DLC01” & “DLC02” (I didn’t wrote the “0” before the numbers), so you won’t have updated the few DLC grass. So, re-download the updated mod OR rename the “DLC1” & “DLC2” to “DLC01” & “DLC02”. Sorry for that.


Well… I was always planning to do that, to make a vanilla grass replacer and a plant replacer – about to be done, soon. I made it because a lot users refuse to using the (fps eater) grass mods and they want to keep the vanilla grass textures. Some (few) of the vanilla grass textures are quite good, but most of them are horrible. So, I made my version to all of you preferring the vanilla grass.

So, even if I’m using a combo of several grass mods, I finished my own vanilla grass retexture. I covered all the 30 vanilla grass textures, plus of course the (very few) DLCs’ extra grass textures. The standing grass textures are in 1K; you don’t need more than 1K graphics for a single grass mesh (which is multiplied in thousands to cover a landscape). However, the ground grass textures (those they are flat on the ground, like Reach-grass or forest clover-field), these are in 2K resolution – since we all using 2K textures for the ground.

I kept the vanilla coloring for the textures, so for example the Riften has brown grass, the tundra has red-yellow-brown, etc. Let me know if you want to change colors, to make them more green or something – but I WON’T MAKE A “SPRING-SUMMER” version. I’m a vanilla textures modder, I want to keeping the vanilla feeling in stuff. You’ll may see a couple familiar textures, because AS WE ALL DO, we using the very same textures data bank for resources. So, for 2-3 textures I borrow similar textures with other grass mods to finish the pack.

Obviously, in the pics you see the “Forests of Dibella” trees, plus some from “SFO”. Also, you’ll see some Renthal’s plants, since I’m using all his collection. I’m also using an ENB, one of the best (for me) – “The TRUTH ENB” preset. I’m not using any weather mod – yet – because I’m not sure if I’ll re-install the Obsidian Weathers or turn to Cathedral (the best two weather mods so far), but there is also a NEW weather mod from a Greek co-country man, the “HAZE” Weather mod!

Enjoy the grass, fellas.

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Hey LH, the DLC folders have a slight naming error, they need a zero before 1 and 2.

Also, I noticed you didn’t touch tundragrassobj03 (which actually is my favorite by Bethesda), but was wondering if it would be possible to enhance it at all?


I probably missed that!
I’ll check, thxs.


Ah, yes. I found which texture you mean. Well, I like it – that’s why I didn’t make a different one. I like this tiny short grass/plant.


Done, I corrected the path names, thxs.
As for that tundra plant/grass… what can I say? I love this as it is.


Yeah, probably the best grass by Bethesda.

Thanks again, LH




AMAZING work!! you made my life a lot easier. I would to support your more, but unfortunately I’m going through hard times, anyway your mods bring me joy thank you for all your efforts.


Cheers and enjoy.


3 reviews for Forests of Dibella GRASS vanilla ReTexture 2K-1K

  1. m

    After all these years, someone finally just retextured vanilla grass – and we have LH to thank for it.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Hahaha! Thxs, man. I’m happy that some people preferring vanilla (better) stuff.

  2. Casey

    big upgrade from vanilla used this for a long time great mod

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