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    After the last official update of SSE, Bethesda “did it” again!
    Now… we have serious problems, by installing lot of mods. Here is the issue (a post by tonycubed2, in Nexus Skyrim forum):

    The issue you are having can be summarized with one number: 65,535 forms of data. Skyrim saves have a limit, and the limit is 65,535 pieces of information. The this may seem like a lot, but lets look at the findings by prior detectives. Please read the following article, and I will continue after it. It is very vital you all read it and really understand it:

    There is a limit of 65,535 bits of variable data that a Skyrim save can store (kinda makes sense there would be a finite limit if you think about it, but now we know what it is). Each bit of data that a mod needs to store will take one of the 65,535 available slots, and once your save reaches that limit it will go into that nasty ‘CTD on load’ state. Unfortunately what I would consider a base Skyrim installation (Vanilla Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfires + Dragonborn + Unofficial Legendary Patch + SkyUI + Live Another Life) will chew through 28,619 of these variables before you even start adding mods. So you have a space of just 36,916 (almost half the original space) to play with.

    Now there are two ways mods will store data. At the point the mod is loaded (base allocation), or when you encounter certain events while playing (dynamic allocation). The first is easy to test, the second is much more difficult to guess at. Since it’s virtually impossible to know how much overhead you need to support long-term play, the bottom line is that you will want to concentrate on keeping the base allocation as low as possible to allow for dynamic allocation during play. The guys that discovered this are working on testing the base allocation of various mods, and the results may surprise you. I’ll list out a few of the really heavy hitters discovered so far:

    DynDOLOD – 3714
    Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks – 1636
    Rigmor of Bruma – 1373
    Helgen Reborn – 1313
    Immersive Armors – 1027
    Morskom Estate – 803
    iNeed – 730
    Frostfall – 641
    Campfire – 576
    Convenient Horses – 535

    Testing is ongoing, and has obviously started with the more popular mods, so many of the mods we use may not yet have been tested (you can find a more full list here under “String count spreadsheets”. You can see that just using this small list of mods would leave you with just 10,000+ variables to be allocated during gameplay before reaching a dead save – 82% of the original space eaten up before you even leave the LAL starting cell! Not a play through destined for a long life.

    Now lets think about this. You install 10 mods and you are already over 1/6 out of the resource in question. And then you guys install 200 mods and wonder why the game is toast around level 30. Well, now you know.

    SO… the big problem remains… is BETHESDA’s issue (before January there was NO problem, I remember playing “Oldrim” with 500+ mods installed, without problem! )… but now “Houston, we have a problem”!!! Therefore, you must:

    STICK on the “regular” / “core” mods and then, INSTALL ONE-BY-ONE each “OPTIONAL” and test a lot (1-2 hrs of gameplay), if everything’s going fine. Personally, I advice you after EACH STEP you’re finishing here in this guide, to stop and playing for 1-2 hrs to be SURE that all are fine. Just 5-15 minutes testing (as I used to do, before) is not good enough – many problems appears after QUITE SOME TIME of playing (after 20-30 minutes or even more)!


    From the superb ebkidd, for the memory allocation:

    It is difficult to say how many more string instances you can add. Here is the reason. While you can run ReSaver and find out how many strings were running at the time of the save, it does not tell you how many strings are running during the play of the game. Strings get started and stopped during the game so you need to leave some head room above what ReSaver shows.

    The max is supposed to be 65000. Most people can get by without a problem when their string count in ReSaver is below 32000. But I show over 41000 when I make a save and look at it with ReSaver and I can run for over 2 hours without getting the corrupt save bug.

    I am beginning to think that some of the problem is related to how much RAM you have and how much you have allocated at the start of the game. However while some people have gotten relief from the corrupt save bug by allocating more RAM others have not.

    I hesitate to post it because some people say it does nothing.

    But it is a Skyrim.ini change.

    Here’s the ini tweak that seems to help. Add or change these lines:


    uExterior Cell Buffer=36
    iPreloadSizeLimit=4194304000 (If you are on a system with 8GB of RAM or more)
    bUseHardDriveCache=1 (set to 0 if you have normal, “old” hard drive” )


    If you are on a system with 16GB of RAM or more, you can use this:


    If you are on a system with 32GB of RAM or more, you can use this:


    Do not include the parts in parentheses.

    Please keep in mind that I don’t guarantee this will work or help you.


    So, after a PM I’ve got from user ebkidd, there is probably the solution for this major bug issue; check here what he post me:

    Skyrim Special Edition users of Wrye Bash 307.beta1

    Recommend you use the Utumno-WIP version 307.201711041935 (grab the Installer) which has now solved all issues with plugin Headers and Records which were not Version 44. The current consensus is that running SSE with any plugins that are not v44 slowly starts to cause problems with your game, so oldrim plugins not properly converted, AND that includes any Bashed Patch created with previous versions of Wrye Bash. When you have the development version of Wrye Bash installed, go to the mods tab, right click the Bashed Patch and rebuild it. Rebuilding it will correct any Header or Record versions to be correct for this game in the Bashed Patch – Other plugins with incorrect versioning for this game are your lookout. Apologies if this has already caused any issues, the problem could not be anticipated by Wrye Bash development, and it took time to correctly understand and solve it. This issue only applies to Skyrim Special Edition Wrye Bash.

    When 307.beta2 or 307 non beta goes live eventually .. Use that instead.

    So it seems that not having Form 43 mods in the load is probobly the problem.

    …Meaning, that IF YOU HAVE EVEN A SINGLE MOD/PLUGIN with form43 (oldrim), you’ll eventually have corrupted saves!

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