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So… I was thinking long time ago, to give a try and re-texture the Stormcloaks & Holds (cities) Guards, as I did before with the Imperial arsenal. Therefore, I made all holds’ armor/helmet textures, the gloves & boots (common for all guards), the helmets (different for each hold, as the armors) and of course all the shields’ insignia logos!

The big differences/changes comparing my mod with other similar mods, are the following:

  • I made “Celtic Clans’ Tartan” clothing for each Hold! Each Hold using their own coloring/design of “tartan”.
  • I didn’t liked much those “scales” and I made all the heavier models with CHAIN-MAIL armor, while the rest remains padded leather.
  • The Windhelm Stormcloaks having totally different design than the rest Holds’ guards.
  • I didn’t placed logos on the armors’ fabric, because I found it too silly having “print-out” on the cloth! So, I made “shield-crests” on the chest and placed there the Holds’ insignias. Those Holds allied to Empire, they have the imperial “dragon” logo on the back – the others (allied to Stormcloaks) they have “Celtic” (different, each) symbol.
  • The NEW shields’ insignias (for every Hold) are VERY “Celtic-Viking-like”, although the Solitude insignia is very “Imperial” now.

I believe these textures are very nice and most important, very different and unique.
Since I made new shields, I updated also my other (older) mod I did (“LH’s Holds’ Shields Insignia HD”), because you may want to keep your current Guards’ textures and use only the shields’ insignias.




So, after a very logical comment & suggestion, I made this new patch. Well, yes, the friend had a point: it’s silly having the NORTHERN HOLDS’ Guards wearing short sleeves armors! So, I made a textures patch with LONG SLEEVES for those Northern Holds.

Remember, all the rest Holds (with more warm weather) they will still have short sleeves! I changed ONLY the Northern Holds’ armors.

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I like the new tartans, and the cut of the mail. I’m not super fond of the straps and crests … I think a belt/buckle would have been more than enough. They already carry a crested shield. If I had a wish list it would be for a version that included sleeves in places like Windhelm, DawnStar and Winterhold. Still a major improvement over vanilla but keeps the feel. Nicely done.


Yes, I’ll make these sleeves long.
About the straps and crests, I couldn’t think something else, because the default vanilla “print out” on the cloth is silly.




LONG SLEEVES for those Northern Holds – yea! that was rly cool idea! already downloaded! Thank you very much!


Hehehe, thxs.


2 reviews for LH’s Stormcloaks & Holds Guards HD & UHD

  1. Godot

    I love the look of these textures you’ve made.
    The unique Tartan designs look very nice, I have family in Scotland so it reminds me of the various Tartan designs I see up there. I’m glad chainmail was used because the scales bothered me a little too, and I prefer the look of Chainmail anyway.

    The shields look good too, the textures look like they have been painted on and I love the designs you added to each one so they all have a unique look to them, certainly reminds me of the shields you would find on the side of viking longships and adds a bit of culture to the game.
    I noticed the small changes to the helmets that look pretty nice as well, different designs for each hold helmet, I saw the design for the Markarth helmet, I already knew it belonged to markarth before reading the file name (As I just open a bunch of textures in photoshop so I don’t see the names until i’m browsing them) so these were some nice touches you made to the armour. And I’ve seen them in-game too.

    Nice work on these, they have a lot of little details that make them very nice and unique to each hold.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I’m glad you liked them.

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