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So… I was thinking long time ago, to give a try and re-texture the Stormcloaks & Holds (cities) Guards, as I did before with the Imperial arsenal. Therefore, I made all holds’ armor/helmet textures, the gloves & boots (common for all guards), the helmets (different for each hold, as the armors) and of course all the shields’ insignia logos!

The big differences/changes comparing my mod with other similar mods, are the following:

  • I made “Celtic Clans’ Tartan” clothing for each Hold! Each Hold using their own coloring/design of “tartan”.
  • I didn’t liked much those “scales” and I made all the heavier models with CHAIN-MAIL armor, while the rest remains padded leather.
  • The Windhelm Stormcloaks having totally different design than the rest Holds’ guards.
  • I didn’t placed logos on the armors’ fabric, because I found it too silly having “print-out” on the cloth! So, I made “shield-crests” on the chest and placed there the Holds’ insignias. Those Holds allied to Empire, they have the imperial “dragon” logo on the back – the others (allied to Stormcloaks) they have “Celtic” (different, each) symbol.
  • The NEW shields’ insignias (for every Hold) are VERY “Celtic-Viking-like”, although the Solitude insignia is very “Imperial” now.

I believe these textures are very nice and most important, very different and unique.
Since I made new shields, I updated also my other (older) mod I did (“LH’s Holds’ Shields Insignia HD”), because you may want to keep your current Guards’ textures and use only the shields’ insignias.




So, after a very logical comment & suggestion, I made this new patch. Well, yes, the friend had a point: it’s silly having the NORTHERN HOLDS’ Guards wearing short sleeves armors! So, I made a textures patch with LONG SLEEVES for those Northern Holds.

Remember, all the rest Holds (with more warm weather) they will still have short sleeves! I changed ONLY the Northern Holds’ armors.

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I like the new tartans, and the cut of the mail. I’m not super fond of the straps and crests … I think a belt/buckle would have been more than enough. They already carry a crested shield. If I had a wish list it would be for a version that included sleeves in places like Windhelm, DawnStar and Winterhold. Still a major improvement over vanilla but keeps the feel. Nicely done.


Yes, I’ll make these sleeves long.
About the straps and crests, I couldn’t think something else, because the default vanilla “print out” on the cloth is silly.




LONG SLEEVES for those Northern Holds – yea! that was rly cool idea! already downloaded! Thank you very much!


Hehehe, thxs.


could there perhaps be a version of the mod that just replaces celtic esque holds guard armor with that? i like the blend of norse and celtic culture within the province of skyrim is all.. if I am correct, the reach and morthal hold are both celtic… rift as well? maybe one version with just the armor change and another where there is these banners and shield changes. just asking, if you don’t wanna do it, I understand.


But they are already Celtic. That was the idea, all along.


I think I discovered a little problem with this mod, but I’m not really sure. All female guards in my game have this very strange bug where they have black elbows while wearing the guard armor. The same applies to the player character. It only happens when I leave the mod on. Any suggestions?


Obviously you using another mod adding MESHES to those guards’ armors.
This mod works ONLY with vanilla meshes. For example, if you use the “Bikini Armor” mod, my mod looks awful. This mod works ONLY with vanilla meshes.
Black elbows means you using something (a mod) that alters the SLEEVES and making them LONG (since its winter, its logical). But Bethesda, unfortunately, they thought to have the guards with SHORT SLEEVES – all vanilla guards having NAKED elbows, not with cloth.

So, you have black elbows because your meshes “reads” more space (to cover the elbows) but my vanilla based UV textures are not covering the elbows.’
Anyways, I think I made the “Northern Holds” with longer sleeves, as much as I can recall.


Mod looks great, thanks!




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  1. Godot

    I love the look of these textures you’ve made.
    The unique Tartan designs look very nice, I have family in Scotland so it reminds me of the various Tartan designs I see up there. I’m glad chainmail was used because the scales bothered me a little too, and I prefer the look of Chainmail anyway.

    The shields look good too, the textures look like they have been painted on and I love the designs you added to each one so they all have a unique look to them, certainly reminds me of the shields you would find on the side of viking longships and adds a bit of culture to the game.
    I noticed the small changes to the helmets that look pretty nice as well, different designs for each hold helmet, I saw the design for the Markarth helmet, I already knew it belonged to markarth before reading the file name (As I just open a bunch of textures in photoshop so I don’t see the names until i’m browsing them) so these were some nice touches you made to the armour. And I’ve seen them in-game too.

    Nice work on these, they have a lot of little details that make them very nice and unique to each hold.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      I’m glad you liked them.

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