LH’s Natural Night Sky UHD

I was thinking long time ago, to take care the night sky’s textures. Not that I haven’t found good textures for the sky, but I wanted something special made by me for me.

So I finally did it. I made them all. The mod contains:

One “generic” texture for the distanced stars; one for the “Milky Way” Galaxy, our Solar System; two textures for planet/stars constellations; both moons (Masser & Secunda) textures, all phases; and all the North “Aurora Borealis” textures. I edited more the “Secunda” moon; the vanilla textures have the same SIZE for both moons, a full scale frame moon for both planets. But, “Secunda” supposed to be quite (a lot) smaller from the “Masser”. So, even if I used the same frame/resolution for both moons, I reduced the SIZE of the smaller moon and now actually looks smaller, lot smaller than it brother “Masser”.

For the moons, I created them following this AMAZING tutorial video (link bellow). I made two different “flat planet textures” and with that technique I made these two planets. For the stars was easy, just randomly painted “dots” here and there and added “sparks” to some of them with a custom brush I made. For the constellations I used some alien solar systems’ photos (from Astronomy sites) and made the sparking stars/planets on top of those solar pics. The Aurora was more easier, I just checked on the Net some “patterns” and made similar following the vanilla Bethesda’s technique (white diffuse, the pattern as “Alpha” Channel). The YouTube video, here:

All textures comes in THREE resolutions. One “Extreme” UHD version, with the moons in massive 8K resolution and the rest in 4K resolution. The “regular” UHD is half-sized (with the moons 4K & the rest 2K) while the HD has the moons in 2K and the rest in 1K.

Personally I’m using the “Extreme UHD” version, since these textures ARE NOT MOVING much, the motion of the stars and moons is so tiny that won’t impact your fps. The pics are taken on the Whiterun’s outskirts, just nearby that “destroyed cabin”, exactly on that spot. In these pics you see the NAT Weather System, which is by far the best and an evolution to the games weather systems. I’m not using any other since that mod’s release…

I will take care the SOVNGARDE sky as well, as soon as I’ll find some time (soon). And another mod will follow, the rest DAY sky textures (all vanilla CLOUDS in superb resolution).

Enjoy and have a superb night walks in Skyrim!

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