LH’s HD Coin Pouch Remaster 2K

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Since I made textures for the coin, I liked to make textures for the coin pouch too.

I made THREE different material versions, one velvet, one leather and one suede (which I personally using). The velvet has 2 versions more, one green velvet and one red. It’s IDEAL for a mod (“Oldrim” as I remember) that exists and you can have DIFFERENT material/color pouch for each different amount of coins – so you can recognize by see them, if the pouch contains large amount or not.


I had also a 4K version of the pouch, but I believe i ridiculous to have 4K for a… coin pouch!

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“Better Coinpurses” is the Oldrim mod supporting multiple textures: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80896?tab=description

BTW, thank you for creating these makes and making them available after your falling out if Nexus. I personally dislike their policy of disabling mods for the most minor of infractions.


Yes, I know this mod. I’ve ported to SSE (for my personal use) and I (obviously) used all three purses versions.


Used the amazing red one with another of your mod that adds different coin purses for different amount. Good stuff.
P.S. Funny thing is, I was using your site for a month reading your guides (very helpful, you ‘ve helped me a lot with mod merging) and somehow didn’t know you have mods here XD


3 reviews for LH’s HD Coin Pouch Remaster 2K

  1. TB

    There are several high profile coin pouch retextures out there. However, this is by far my favorite. I use the red velvet version as I like the look, it seems soft and it stands out for me. Some may find it jarring after the beige colored ones that blend in a bit more. It’s all down to preference. I love the velvet red. Give it a go!

  2. Diablous_83

    The red is amazing, really makes me feel like I am in Medieval times, great work as always LH

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs a lot.

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