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I never liked the vanilla coin texture. Especially Talos head, that is looks like… the Soviet leader Lenin!

So I made my own version. Three different cultures (Elvish, Nordic, Imperial) and three different metals (copper, silver, gold). Therefore, you can choose what “culture” you like to have (I’m personally using the “Nordic” version) and then you can choose the METAL you like (I’m using the “copper” version and a mod you can change the name from “gold” to “Septim” – because GOLDEN coins is too match for daily use).


I had created also a 2K version of these textures, but I believe is way too silly to have a so tiny object like the coin with 2K textures!!!!! Most people have 2K graphics for… bears or horses! So, 2K for coin is stupid to me…

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That Nordic! So subtle, but absolutely helps transform the game


Well… looks odd since the Empire took over… but is it not so cool?


There was 2k version on Nexus as far as i remember. So will you upload that version too?


No, I decided not to, because I thought that 2K is EXTREME resolution for SO SMALL mesh/object. So, there is no need of 2K.

…I made my own EYES, for all NPCs. In first, I made them 2K… but I realised how silly is to have 2K textures on… eyes! They are so small. The same is for the coins, they are too small objects for 2K resolution.


I too would like to see a reupload of all of the 2k coin retextures. I agree that 2k is generally excessive for a small ingame object, but a) Coins show up at a larger size in the inventory (eg using your textures as a replacer for a mod that adds multiple coin types to the game) b) I like coinery and collecting real world images of coins c) one could use the coin at a larger size as a shield-like decoration for a personal housing mod project.

Have a pleasant day.


We’ll see, I may upload the 2K version too.


From Lenin to Jesus! Seriously though, these coins are amazing and a must have! Thanks for this.


Hahaha. Thxs.


Does it retexture the coins piles too?


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1 review for LH’s Coin Medieval Retexture 1K

  1. TB

    I love this mod. I use the golden elvish version as its my personal favorite. It is superior to all the other mods around for skyrim coins, in my opinion.

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