LH’s Bones & Skeletons UHD 4K-8K

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Bones (all of them, including the bone bridge of Sovngarde) and the Skeleton character.

I covered everything, let me know if I missed something. In ULTRA resolution, meaning 4K and the large objects (like the bridge) in 8K!


Sorry for the few pics, but I need to fast travel all over Skyrim to get all bones’ pics or via console; and I’m quite lazy guy to do so.

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4 reviews for LH’s Bones & Skeletons UHD 4K-8K

  1. Seline

    Best option for Skyrim bones.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs a lot.
      This is not one of my top mods, so keep check the rest – enjoy.

  2. Koschack

    Fantastic texture for bones! This is noticeably better than the Dragon bones by Frankly and the Skeleton by Kajuan.

    • lupus_hegemonia

      Thxs a lot, enjoy them.

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