Different purses for different money amount

Well, it was bothered me for long long time (over a year) how to make  my different purses I made, to be all visible in the game. So I found a small plugin, using 3 different textures for three different amounts. Now, ALL my different coin purses can be visible in the game, together!

A small amount of coins are in a specific purse, a medium in their own and lot money amount in a third different purse! Therefore, now you will be easily recognizing the purses you finding if they have lot money or not!


(Just to clarify it: this plugin is not mine, I didn’t created myself. I don’t remember how many years I have it stored in my library and I just found it. I tried to find it on the Net or Nexus or other places to provide the correct/original link and I didn’t succeed. The original it was an “Oldrim”; this here is converted for SSE by me).


In two resolutions, 2K (which I using) and 4K (for the… lunatics out there)!

Its an intersting Skyrim mod.

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would love to see the large purse have some more interesting textures on it, like some kind of embroidery


Its already far more interesting; is from nice green silk, with golden details.
But we’ll see…

Now, I’m fighting to finish the new Guide, while I’m working an old mod I had dropped (Banners).


Hi is “LH’s HD Coin Pouch Remaster 2K” needed for this mod?


No, there are already pouch textures in this here.



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