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    Congrats on the new site!
    I was looking to find your mods after reading some Nexus related sources which still mention your work as very high quality stuff. I wasn’t playing/modding since 2016 and apparently I missed all the fuzz with your Nexus guide/mods and the community there 🙂
    Finally google saved the day and I was able to find your site. What can I say? Top quality stuff here.. I am in the process of downloading and try just everything and also start digging into the “notorious” BOSS guide.
    A few things you may want to consider for the future:
    1. Versioning/Last mod update. I think it is essential.
    2. Some form of notifications. Even as simple as a “News” page with what’s new or updated.
    I much appreciate your effort to get this going and share it with us, but I am afraid I will be needing a new GPU very soon 😛
    Thanks again!


    I’m considering these suggestions, the site is new and will be better.


    I so very much agree with madvool. Your mods and this site are vital to my gaming experience (and most of the folks I know, too) and I visit pretty much daily. Thank you profusely for your outstanding work.
    A change log or version or modification date on a mod’s page, anything to help us know what has been updated and when would be a great boon.


    I need time, fellas.
    As you probably know, I’m almost 50 years old, I have family, kid, a company to run, etc. So, I have 2 hrs (tops) each night to work for the site, for Skyrim itself, improve my build, etc.
    I hope now, in a week or so (that my summer vacations starts) to find time and do the things I need to do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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