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    Interior mods Guide by Diabolus83

    This is how to get all 3 interior mods working together with Skyrim Special Edition. Please note Distinct Interiors and Inncredible are not super compatible with Immersive Citizens & the Holidays Mod but won’t cause any major problems. Sadly with Immersive Citizens it’s not as simple as making a patch.
    EEK’s Whiterun Interiors has a patch for Holidays but for some reason he has made Open Cities mod a Master so until he uploads another patch I would avoid it unless you know how to fix that.

    Ok so now follow the steps below:
    1) Download and install Distinct Interiors ALL IN ONE (NOTE you could download and install Distinct Interior Fixes mod instead BUT he has removed all player homes)
    2) Download and install Inncredible
    3) Download and install EEKs Whiterun Interiors (Immersive Citizens edition if you wish)
    4) Use Loot to sort your load order and then make sure Distinct Interiors is above the other 2 mods in your load order. Now we are going to edit Distinct Interiors to remove any conflicting interiors.
    5) DO NOT RUN the game during this process.
    First we need to clean the mods
    1) Right click the mods list and ‘select none’ to un-tick them all.
    2) Tick ONLY the box next to Distinct Interiors.esp.
    3) Click Ok and wait for it to load and Auto clean.
    4) Close SSEEDIT once you see it says FINISHED, it might ask you to save so press ok.
    5) Now do this for Inncredible and EEKS Whiterun Interiors.

    Now we are going to remove conflicting interiors.
    1) Run SSEEDIT.
    2) Right click and select none.
    3) Tick the box next to Distinct Interiors, Inncredible and EEKS Whiterun interiors and press ok.
    4) Wait for SSSEDIT to finish loading.
    5) Click on Distinct Interiors then hold CTRL and select Inncredible and EEKS Whiterun Interiors.
    6) Right click and select APPLY FILTER and Tick the following boxes:
    By conflict status overall, Conflict, Critical Conflict, Flatten Blocks/Sub-Blocks, Flatten Cell Children, Conflict Status inherited by parent and then press the filter button. If you are unsure about what boxes to tick check this page
    7) Expand Distinct Interiors and expand Cell (+ button)
    8) Now to remove you simply right click on an entry and select REMOVE.
    9) Remove the following: The sleeping giant inn, Arcadia’s Cauldron, Belethor’s General Goods, The Bannered Mare, Dead man’s drink, Four Shields Tavern, Frostfruit Inn, Nightgate Inn + Cellar, Vilemyr Inn, Old Hroldan Inn, Braidwood Inn, The Frozen Hearth, Windpeak inn and Mooreside inn.
    If you’re going to use any Thieves guild mods remove those entries as well if you wish.
    10 ) Now close SSEEDIT. You will be asked to save your new Distinct Interiors.esp and to also backup the old one. Remember to save it.
    11) Run Loot again. Then make sure Distinct Interiors is above the other 2 mods in your load order.
    12) Run the game and check some interiors to make sure all is working correctly.
    Don’t stress if you made a mistake just completely uninstall the mods and start again.

    Good luck and may you die with a sword in your hand.


    Great contribution to this site, mate! Thxs a lot.


    What about THIS mod here:

    Does the same thing as your guide?


    Hi Lupus, If you look I have included this mod in my guide already but it REMOVES player homes, so that’s why I made the guide 🙂


    I see.
    Generally, I HATE player homes. I mean… player home mods & followers mods, are the MOST BORING mods they releasing. Why users they care about homes??? Are we staying in a virtual home (in Skyrim game) or are we adventuring?


    I personally using 2-3 interior mods, with personal xEdit editing to make them working fine together.

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