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    So… since there is this “shadow over my shoulder” about I stolen graphics from other mods – which is completely ridiculous and I wrote an entire sticky for this issue – let me tell you about REAL THIEVES!

    Most of you, know and probably using the notorious Skryim 3D Trees of the author Mathy. Mathy’s reputation wouldn’t exists without that first mod “he did”, the Skyrim 3D Trees. DID HE? WAS THIS MOD HIS?…
    …NOPE! BIG, HUGE NOPE! Mathy was a nobody 1,5 yeas ago. Mathy was simply A COMMON USER on Nexus, like all of you. He liked my work and he approached me and became “friend” of me. He liked the flora mods and we’re talking about making a mod of my own, a flora mod of mine as good as we could close to Vurt’s Skyrim Flora Overhaul…

    So, he convinced me and we thought to make a tree mod based on the vanilla meshes, simply edited them a bit – making them bigger (to cover also, the Simply Bigger Trees mod!) – and create textures as great as we could to “beat” the Skyrim Flora Overhaul…. Mathy’s “work”, since he was an AMATEUR COMMON USER (like most of you) was to simply edit the tree meshes in Nifskope and make them larger (their size). THAT’S IT, that was his part.
    All the rest, the endless and hard to do graphics, was my part… and… the FORESTS OF DIBELLA was published!

    Immediately, instantly, the FORESTS OF DIBELLA became super-duper notorious, very popular! There are a dozen VIDEOS on YouTube (tributes or comparing videos) from friends of the mod! We both were so happy from the success and we’re trying to improve as best as we could the mod…
    …But soon we realized, that we won’t ever “beat” Vurt’s Skyrim Flora Overhaul, since he was using UNIQUE 3D MODELS for his trees, he had 3D SNOW MESHES on the trees’ branches, etc. So, Mathy again told me that we need to get (somehow) our OWN UNIQUE 3D trees. I asked him “who gonna work on 3D models, since I personally don’t know how?” and he replied me “Okay, let’s buy/purchase free-to-use tree models and I will edit them as much as I can, I’ll start playing with 3D programs to learn how”… So, Mathy started playing with 3D modeling programs and I started making MORE REALISTIC graphics for the “NEW GENERATION FOREST OF DIBELLA” as I found the name for our new mod…

    …Exactly when we decided that, I told Mathy to search and seek 3D free-to-use trees models to buy them. Mathy did it, found them… and I PERSONALLY PURCHASED THESE MODEL WITH MY OWN CREDIT CARD and I gave the models to him.

    After a while, after few weeks of hard work, we started having STRONG ARGUES between us. Mathy had different idea how to make OUR “NEW GENERATION FORESTS OF DIBELLA” than my opinion. He wanted AS MUCH AS PHOTO-REALISTIC we could (and he was saying – and still saying – that if not real photos all the rest textures are “painted”!), I didn’t agree too much and after few strong fights we had, we stopped communicating each other for few days… while we were almost done the new 3D mod.

    …And after few days… I saw “A NEW TREE MOD” released on Nexus… the “MATHY’S SKYRIM 3D TREES”!!!!!!!!!!
    HE STONEN OUR WORK and without ANY permission of mine, he published the mod “AS HIS”… and he “mentioned” me as “lupus did a couple textures for the mod”… when I had made THE ENTIRE MOD’s TEXTURES!!!!!
    HE TOOK MY MODELS… THE MODELS I PERSONALLY PURCHASED THEM… he edited them… HE TOOK MY TEXTURES… and he published “HIS MOD”… the “New Generation Skyrim 3D Trees mod”!!!!!

    HE EVEN STOLEN THE NAME I GAVE to the mod we’re working to publish together!!!!!!!

    …Of course, after so long time, Mathy learned to playing good with the 3D modeling programs and the NEW VERSIONS of the Skyrim 3D Trees are HIS work, no doubt. But, “HIS FIRST VERSION” WASN’T HIS, was MINE at least 60%-70%!!!! I made all the textures (me), and I purchased the 3D trees models (me)! So… the first Skyrim 3D Trees release was ALMOST ENTIRELY MINE – but HE STOLEN the mod from me and published as his!

    This is the awful truth about Mathy the “creator of Skyrim 3D Trees”.
    And now I’m learning he (Mathy) and Luxor (a good friend) are checking my textures to find if I… stolen some.

    THE THIEF (Mathy)… is investigating me for… stealing!!!!
    It’s almost hilarious!

    That’s why I’m not suggesting the Skyrim 3D Trees in my BOSS Guide, since is a STOLEN PROPERTY of mine.

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